Johnny Scott sails to USRA RHS Modified win at Southern New Mexico Speedway
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June 18, 2011  |  by Bryan Hulbert

LAS CRUCES, N.M. -- With 76 cars in the pits, the USRA RHS Modifieds headlined the night's racing action with 30 drivers from New Mexico, Arizona and Texas set to do battle.

With the field set, the USRA RHS Modifieds hit the Southern New Mexico Speedway for 30 laps of racing with Roger Owens getting the jump into the race lead from the pole. On the war path, Donovan Flores stormed into the top spot with Christy Georges fighting to third and looking for second.

Pulling side by side with Owens, Owens and Georges pull three-wide for the race lead with Flores still holding the top spot. From the tenth starting position, Johnny Scott took over third from Owens with Jacob Gallardo and Fito Gallardo sneaking by Owens to round out the top five.

Fighting to the bottom of the track, Scott made it a three-wide battle for the lead with Flores managing to hold the top spot on the high line as the caution waved for a spun Owens with 22 laps left to run. Timing the start, Scott took away the top spot, leaving Flores to battle with Georges before the caution waved.

With 20 to go, the green would fall to caution, and then red in an instant as Flores spun coming off of turn 4 for the green, collecting as many as 12 cars in the process.

With the field lined up for the restart, Georges and Jimmy Ray lined up directly behind Scott. With neither driver able to get the run need to get by, Scott began to pull away before the caution brought the field back to an idle with 16 laps to run.

Taking away second on the restart, Ray went to work on Scott for the race lead. Getting a wheel in, Ray was unable to get the run needed to challenge. With rubber starting to go down on the track, the field raced to 10 laps to go with Scott still leading. With a line of rubber wide enough to race on, the battle on the track was for fourth between Brian Clark and Terry Tipton.

Seven laps to go and Scott continued enjoying his homecoming, running away on the restart only to have to do it again as the caution flag continued to haunt the main event, this time for a two-car spin.

Six laps to run and the green flag was back out with Royal Jones this time with problems as the car refused to turn, sending him off the high line to try and avoid yet another caution. Running away with the race lead, Scott went unchallenged to the checkered flag while Ray, Georges, Brian Clark and Sherman Barnett rounded out the top five.

The Southern New Mexico Speedway is located 11 miles west of Las Cruces at the Southern New Mexico State Fairgrounds. Take exit 132 off I-10, turn left to Robert Larson Blvd., and then head west to the Speedway. For turn by turn directions, log onto

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American Racer USRA Weekly Racing Series
Southern New Mexico Speedway, Las Cruces, N.M.
Saturday, June 18, 2011


Heat #1: 1. Jimmy Ray; 2. Brian Clark; 3. Pat Carney; 4. Donavon Ooley; 5. James Fleming; 6. Kenny Medina; 7. Holly Jones; 8. Mercedes Harris.

Heat #2: 1. Jacob Gallardo; 2. Roger Owens; 3. Chad Falco; 4. Stormy Scott; 5. Joe Lackey; 6. Melissa Gorham; 7. Carlos Ahumada; 8. Billy Johnson.

Heat #3: 1. Fito Gallardo; 2. Royal Jones; 3. Donavon Flores; 4. Sherman Barnett; 5. Duane Murphy; 6. Randy Knott.

Heat #4: 1. Johnny Scott; 2. Christy Georges; 3. Greg Jenkins; 4. Terry Tipton; 5. Chris Sims; 6. Dickie Gorham; 7. Rick Ortega.

Dash: 1. Fito Gallardo; 2. Jimmy Ray; 3. Jacob Gallardo.

Feature: 1. Johnny Scott; 2. Jimmy Ray; 3. Christy Georges; 4. Brian Clark; 5. Sherman Barnett; 6. Greg Jenkins; 7. Dickie Gorham; 8. Holly Jones; 9. Terry Tipton; 10. Stormy Scott; 11. Roger Owens; 12. James Fleming; 13. Chris Sims; 14. Billy Johnson; 15. Duane Murphy; 16. Donavon Ooley; 17. Joe Lackey; 18. Chad Falco; 19. Rick Ortega; 20. Royal Jones; 21. Fito Gallardo; 22. Jacob Gallardo; 23. Donavon Flores; 24. Pat Carney.

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