Storms knock out Chateau Raceway features
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July 1, 2011  |  by Todd Narveson

LANSING, Minn. -- It has been more often that not that Mother Nature has tried to crash the party at Chateau Raceway this season. The party was not only crashed, but the doors were blown open just when the night’s first feature race was on the track Friday night.

The heat races clicked off in a hurry, and after a very brief break to give away some prizes the skies grew darker by the second and lightning bolts shot across the western skies. Severe weather warnings were issued for the area and a huge gust came through that sent the crowd scrambling for cover.

With the predictions of high winds and large hail possible, the program was postponed at that point. Shortly after the cancellation the storm sirens wailed to warn of the incoming weather.

So next Friday, July 8, race fans will literally get a big bang for their dollar at Chateau Raceway. Already on the schedule will be the annual fireworks, which are pretty incredible in their own right. Afterward there will be double features in all six divisions also which will make for a busy night.

Hot laps will get underway at 7 p.m. with racing action to follow. Please visit for more information.

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American Racer USRA Weekly Racing Series
Chateau Raceway, Lansing, Minn.
Friday, July 1, 2011


Heat #1: 1. Brandon Davis, Medford; 2. Jason Cummins, New Richland; 3. Todd Scharkey, Kasson; 4. Bobby Swanson, Kasson; 5. Joe Wernecke, Dodge Center; 6. Jacob Dahle, Morristown; 7. Darwyn Karau, Kasson; 8. Dustin Steinbrink, Austin.

Heat #2: 1. Joel Alberts, Mantorville; 2. A.J. Wiste, Adams; 3. Steve Wetzstein, West Concord; 4. Doug Hillson, Blooming Prairie; 5. Dennis Hillson, Blooming Prairie; 6. Jeremy Misgen, Ellendale; 7. Wally Bustad, Austin.

Feature: Rained out, postponed to July 8.

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