Cresco "Septemberfest": Ludeking, Bohr and Sweeney score
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September 20, 1998

CRESCO, IA (September 20) - Cresco Speedway presented "Septemberfest" for the final racing action of the year, Sunday night.

In the stock car feature race, Jake Ludeking and Dan Trimble battled the entire race with Ludeking holding on for the victory. Dan McMillan, Mike Bergan and Troy Hansmeier finished third through fifth. Heat wins went to Trimble, Paul Kottschade and Don Rude.

Dan Bohr worked his way through the field to take over Troy Hale with three laps remaining in the modified feature race and picked up the win. Ed Thomas, Brian Schrage and Owen Grube rounded out the top five. Heat race checkers fell for Thomas, Jack Mitchell and Hale.

The hobby stock drivers saved the best show for last. With cars running three-wide around the track, fans were kept on the edge of their seats. In the end, Mike Sweeney held off Steve Holthaus and Dennis Solberg to pick up a very exciting win. Blair Benzing and Jason Schlangen were also among the top five. Heat winners were Benzing, Schlangen and Dan Jones.

Septemberfest concluded the 1998 season at the Cresco Speedway. See you next year!


Stock Cars: 1. Jake Ludeking; 2. Dan Trimble; 3. Dan McMillan; 4. Mike Bergan; 5. Troy Hansmeier; 6. Lavern Carey; 7. Paul Kottschade; 8. Marinus Mlady; 9. Tom Hovey; 10. Greg Snitker; 11. Don Rude; 12. Darrell Devries; 13. Brian Tank; 14. Mike Krambeer; 15. Kevin Bidne; 16. Rodney Zubrod; 17. Scott Halverson; 18. Greg Haug; 19. Chad Hauber.

Modifieds: 1. Dan Bohr; 2. Troy Hale; 3. Ed Thomas; 4. Brian Schrage; 5. Owen Grube; 6. Jack Mitchell; 7. Larry Portis; 8. Kevin Hoehne; 9. Ken Hofner; 10. Chuck Stanton; 11. Todd Suhr; 12. Tim Heins; 13. Kyle Chiglo; 14. Rich Leabner; 15. Jon Ludemann; 16. Bob Schutt; 17. Brian Bronner; 18. Keith Pittman; 19. Darin Duffy; 20. Curt Carey; 21. Larry Hall; 22. Darrel Losee; 23. Brad Anderson; 24. John Grube; 25. Brad Rain; 26. Doug Girgaud.

Hobby Stocks: 1. Mike Sweeney; 2. Steve Holthaus; 3. Dennis Solberg; 4. Blair Benzing; 5. Jason Schlangen; 6. Dan Jones; 7. Dave Mauer; 8. Mike Kelly; 9. Jeff Larson; 10. Jeremy Oates; 11. Todd Halverson; 12. Kory Reicks; 13. Lee Hansmeier; 14. Shaun Erickson; 15. Todd Watts; 16. Mike Tollefson; 17. Dean Vrbas; 18. Tony Trower; 19. Brian Losen; DNS-Mel Tieskotter.

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