Timm takes win, points title at Mississippi Thunder Speedway
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August 26, 2011  |  by Tracy Hager

FOUNTAIN CITY, Wis. -- Season Championship night at the Mississippi Thunder Speedway was an exciting one with a big shake-up in the USRA RHS Modifieds.

Last year’s USRA RHS Modified track champion Josh Angst secured a third-place finish in his heat only to have mechanical issues and not be able to start the feature. That dropped him from a potential second track championship. Second place point man Ben Mattick also had issues in the feature which dropped him from championship contention. It was promoter Bob Timm who scored a clean sweep and the championship.

The USRA Karl Performance Parts B-Mods hit the track in a lightning-fast race when Tyler Creeley set the pace alongside Chad Kosidowski. Creeley looked strong in the lead followed by Kosidowski and Nick Frion, but Brandon Hare had his machine geared up for some fierce competition as he bolted up high into second place.

Hare wailed past the others into the lead by lap three. Kosidowski took over second followed by Parker Hale. Creeley drifted high and lost spots before he dropped into line with the others. Hare moved to a big lead over Kosidowski, but Kosidowski developed a big push in turn two which allowed Hale, Shaun Walski and Greg Mattick the opportunity to shoot ahead of him.

Hare walked away with the win in the caution-free feature. Walski, Hale and Mattick finished second, third and fourth, respectively. Ben Anderson nipped the top five to add points to his lead. Track points are still running for the class.

Josh Angst’s pole start was not to be when he was not able to even take the green flag in the USRA RHS Modified main. As the points leader, it proved detrimental to his season and he would not repeat as track champion. John Doelle was able to capitalize on the situation as he took the early lead over Bob Timm and Andy Bohnstengel.

Doelle and Timm raced for the lead while Sorensen appeared to be harnessing a wild horse for a brief time. Sorensen got his machine under control to settle into third followed by Bohnstengel and Joel Alberts. A nearly-lapped car spun right in front of the leaders which reset the field with Doelle ahead of Timm and Sorensen. Alberts apparently broke which handed his fourth place spot to Jay Ihrke. Prior to the caution, Timm was catching Doelle.

Doelle and Timm raced high for the lead while Sorensen and Ihrke ran behind them. Leroy Scharkey had a great run going as he moved to the top five. Timm developed a huge lead over Doelle, and then Sorensen and Doelle fought for second place. Ihrke snuggled into a comfortable fourth place ride as did Scharkey in fifth. A couple more cautions with 22 laps down made it a dash to the finish, but Timm grabbed the win and the track championship. Sorensen capped a great finish in second followed by Ihrke, Doelle and Scharkey.

And now all can breathe a sigh of relief as the track points have come to a close for all except the USRA Karl Performance Parts B-Mods. Next up will be the 2nd Annual USRA Modified Nationals the weekend after Labor Day. NASCAR’s Kenny Schader will be up close and personal at the Mod Nationals as he will not only be competing, but he will also be signing autographs for a 30-minute session as well as driving the Modified two-seater for the lucky persons who win the rides. And closing up the season will be the Fall Festival in early October. Keep your eyes on www.mississippithunder.com for all the details.

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American Racer USRA Weekly Racing Series
Mississippi Thunder Speedway, Fountain City, Wis.
Friday, August 26, 2011


Feature: 1. Brandon Hare; 2. Shaun Walski; 3. Parker Hale; 4. Greg Mattick; 5. Ben Anderson; 6. Chad Kosidowski; 7. Troy Langowski; 8. Tyler Creeley; 9. Jake Timm; 10. Kylie Kath; 11. Erik Kanz; 12. Nick Frion; 13. Alex Williamson; 14. Jack Baehman; 15. Brady Keefe; 16. Matt Appel; 17. Cory Hanson.

Heat #1: 1. Anderson; 2. Timm; 3. Mattick; 4. Kosidowski; 5. Williamson; 6. Baehman.

Heat #2: 1. Kanz; 2. Hale; 3. Frion; 4. Creeley; 5. Keefe; 6. Appel.

Heat #3: 1. Kath; 2. Hare; 3. Walski; 4. Langowski; 5. Hanson.


Feature: 1. Bob Timm; 2. Mike Sorensen; 3. Jay Ihrke; 4. John Doelle; 5. Leroy Scharkey; 6. Lance Hofer; 7. Hank Rollinger Jr.; 8. Andy Bohnstengel; 9. Jeff Rollinger; 10. Cory Williams; 11. Thomas Brink; 12. Gary Wiersgalla; 13. Jake Timm; 14. Shane Wehrs; 15. Brian Albrecht; 16. Tony Vaith; 17. Phil Wernert; 18. Ron Konkel; 19. Bryan Hessler; 20. Ben Mattick; 21. Joel Alberts; 22. Josh Angst; 23. Les Duellman; 24. Josh Mattick; 25. Troy Brand.

Heat #1: 1. B. Mattick; 2. J. Timm; 3. Angst; 4. Konkel; 5. Hofer; 6. Hessler; 7. Brink; 8. Duellman; 9. Brand.

Heat #2: 1. B. Timm; 2. Ihrke; 3. Scharkey; 4. Bohnstengel; 5. Wiersgalla; 6. Williams; 7. Vaith; 8. H. Rollinger.

Heat #3: 1. Sorensen; 2. J. Rollinger; 3. Alberts; 4. Doelle; 5. Wehrs; 6. Wernert; 7. Albrecht; 8. J. Mattick.

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