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August 30, 1998

Hobby Stocks
Heat winners: 1. Dan Jones; 2. Tory Reicks; 3. Todd Halverson; 4. Paul Malli.

B feature: 1. Dean Vrba; 2. Mike Vsetecka; 3. Brent Tweten; 4. Mike Jones; 5. Reicks; 6. Greg Mitchell; 7. Jeremy Oakes; 8. Dennis Boyer; 9. Kevin Donlan; 10. Bryan Webb; 11. Tony Trower; 12. Tom Kessel.

A feature: 1. Steve Holthaus; 2. Troy Scholbrock; 3. Brian Losen; 4. Mike Kelley; 5. Jeff Vsetecka; 6. Mike Weber; 7. George Watson; 8. Dave Mayer; 9. Jason Schlangen; 10. Jeff Larson; 11. Malli; 12. Halverson; 13. Mel Tieskotter; 14. Kenny Dotzler; 15. Tony Severson; 16. Lee Hansmeier; 17. Dennis Solberg; 18. Roger Derry; 19. D. Jones.

Bud Challenge: 1. Scholbrock.

Heat winners: 1. Brad Rain; 2. Dean Braaten; 3. Larry Schmidt.

B feature: 1. Jason Rohde; 2. Bob Schult; 3. John Grube; 4. Tom Beddow; 5. Jewel Losee.

A feature: 1. Chuck Stanton; 2. Chris Adams; 3. Schmidt; 4. Owen Grube; 5. Randy Geisler; 6. Todd Suhr; 7. Troy Hale; 8. Jordan Steier; 9. Brian Schrage; 10. Dan Bohr; 11. Larry Grube; 12. Ken Hofner; 13. Jason Weis; 14. Tim Heins; 15. Dean Reiss; 16. Kyle Chiglo; 17. Curt Carey.

Bud Challenge: 1. Adams.

Stock Cars
Heat winners: 1. Rodney Zubrod; 2. Gregg Engen; 3. Darrell Devries.

A feature: 1. Lavern Carey; 2. Troy Hansmeier; 3. Kevin Bidne; 4. Devries; 5. Jake Ludeking; 6. Ron Konkel; 7. Marinus Mlady; 8. Greg Snitker; 9. Dan McMillan; 10. Terry Quam; 11. Paul Kottschade; 12. Zubrod; 13. Gerald Peter; 14. Engen; 15. Tom Hovey; 16. Brian Tank; 17. Mike Krambeer; 18. Mike Bergan; 19. Don Rude.

Bud Challenge: 1. Bidne.

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