Martin marches to Cresco late model triumph
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May 30, 1999

CRESCO, IA (May 30, 1999) - A beautiful night welcomed racers and fans to Cresco Speedway in Cresco as KVIKing Gold Radio sponsored the nights racing action.

Getting the action started was the Hobby Stocks with heat wins going to Kenny Dotzler of Cresco, Roger Deery of New Hampton and Lee Hansmeier of Waukon.

Picking up heat wins in the Stock Car class were Marinas Mlady of Cresco, Kevin Bidne of Decorah and Brian Tank of New Hampton. The B feature winner was EM Fretheim.

Chuck Stanton of New Hampton, Curt Carey of Ionia and Vern Jackson picked up heat wins in the Modified class.

IMCA Late Model heat wins went to Curt Martin of Independence and Greg Kastli of Waterloo.

Roger Deery held off the rest of the field to pick up his second feature win in a row in the Hobby Stock feature. Jeff Vsetecka, Rick Stockman, Lee Hansmeier and Jeff Larson finished 2-5.

Kevin Bidne turned things around from the bad luck he has experienced lately to win the Stock Car feature race followed by Mike Bergan, Marinus Mlady, Jake Ludeking and Ron Konkel.

Vern Jackson found the Cresco oval to his liking as he picked up the sweep of the Modified class winning with his first time to the speedway this year. Following Jackson to the checkers were Chuck Stanton, Brian Bronner, Tim Heins and Ken Hofner.

In the IMCA Late Model feature, points leader Curt Martin held off Greg Kastli, Kevin Kirkpatrick, Darin Burco and Chris Adams to pick up the win.

Be sure to join us next week for more racing action at the Cresco Speedway. See you there!



Heat 1: Kenny Dotzler, Jay Schwamman, Mel Tieskotter, Tory Reicks, Rick Stockman, Nathan Ferrie, Brad Peterson

Heat 2: Roger Deery, Jeff Vsetecka, Mike Jones, Jeff Larson, Tony Severson, Jeff Weedesmeiere, Pat Kelly

Heat 3: Lee Hansmeier, Jason Schlangen, Dave Mayer, Shawn Erickson, Corry Usher, Rick Byrnes

A Feature: Roger Deery, Jeff Vsetecka, Rick Stockman, Lee Hansmeier, Jeff Larson, Tory Reicks, Mel Tieskotter, Shawn Erickson, Tony Severson, Jason Schlangen, Nathan Ferrie, Jeff Wedemeiere, Jay Schwamman, Pat Kelly, Kenny Dotzler, Mike Jones, Brad Petersen, Rick Byrnes, Corry Usher, Dave Mayer


Heat 1: Marinus Mlady, Rodney Zubrod, Ron Kondel, Mike Bergan, Mike Sweeney, Darrell Devries, Brad Quirk, Todd Watts

Heat 2: Kevin Bidne, Gerald Peter, Jake Ludeking, Steve Holthaus, Loren Shriver, Greg Snitker, Jerry Tank, EM Fretheim

Heat 3: Brian Tank, Troy Scholbrock, Tom Schmitt, Don McMillan, Dennis Solberg, Matt Albert

B Feature: EM Fretheim, Darrell Devries, Brad Quirk, Greg Snitker, Matt Albert, Jerry Tank, Todd Watts, Tony Trower

A Feature: Kevin Bidne, Mike Bergan, Marinus Mlady, Jake Ludeking, Ron Konkel, Tom Schmitt, Steve Holthaus, Gerald Peter, Brian Tank, Troy Scholbrock, EM Fretheim, Rodney Zubrod, Darrell Devries, Dan McMillan, Mike Sweeney, Greg Snitker, Dennis Solberg, Brad Quirk, Matt Albert, Loren Shriver


Heat 1: Chuck Stanton, Brian Bronner, Ken Hofner, Mike Isder, Larry G. Hall, Bob Schult, Jewell Losee

Heat 2: Curt Carey, Scott Bauer, Dennis Fink, Kyle Chiglo, Dan Bohr, Mark Swancatt

Heat 3: Vern Jackson, Tim Heins, Jason Weiss, Brad Rain, Todd Suhr, Troy Hale

A Feature: Vern Jackson, Chuck Stanton, Brian Bronner, Tim Heins, Ken Hofner, Kyle Chiglo, Curt Carey, Jason Weiss, Dan Bohr, Mike Isder, Bob Schult, Mark Swancatt, Todd Suhr, Brad Rain, Scott Bauer, Dennis Rink, Troy Hale


Heat 1: Curt Martin, Les Verly, Ben Schaeffer, Kevin Kirkpatrick, Chris Adams, Jim Gallery, Brian Hunter, Shane Metz

Heat 2: Greg Kastli, Darin Burco, Dave Kirchner, Dale Hackwell Jr., Darren Ackerman, Bob Fisher, Jason Weiss

A Feature: Curt Martin, Greg Kastli, Kevin Kirkpatrick, Darin Burco, Chris Adams, Les Verly, Darren Ackerman, Ben Schaeffer, Brian Hunter, Dave Kirchner, Bob Fisher, Dale Hackwell Jr., Jason Weiss, Jim Gallery

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