Deery gets third straight Hobby Stock win; Bohr, Bidne score also; Late Models rained out
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June 6, 1999

CRESCO, IA (June 6, 1999) - Mother Nature held off for a while Sunday night at the Cresco Speedway in Cresco, but in the end she showed who was boss. H & S Motors of Cresco sponsored the nights racing action. All races but one were ran.

The Modifieds started the night's racing action off with heat wins going to Dan Bohr of Decorah, Brian Bronner of Lime Springs and Dennis Fink of Fairbanks.

The Hobby Stocks were next to test the Cresco oval with heat wins going to Jeff Vsetecka of Charles City, Lee Hansmeier of Waukon and Mike Jones of Waterville.

Picking up heat wins in the Stock Car class were Kevin Bidne of Decorah, EM Fretheim of Decorah and Mike Sweeney of Waukon. Marinus Mlady of Cresco picked up the win in the B Main.

IMCA Late Model heat wins went to Darren Ackerman of Waterloo and Chris Adams of McIntire.

In the Modified feature race, Curt Carey was looking for his first feature win at the Cresco Speedway, and he jumped out in front at the drop of the flag. Dan Bohr would not let him get too far away and the two drivers were side by side for the last five laps. Bohr took the high side off from turn 4 and made it stick, giving him the first place trophy. With the win, Bohr also moved back into first place in the points battle. Carey took second followed by Larry Schmidt, Chuck Stanton and Troy Cordes.

Roger Deery of New Hampton worked his 3d car to the front of the pack and took home his third straight Hobby Stock feature win. Lee Hansmeier, Jeff Vsetecka, Mike Jones and Jason Schlangen were close behind, finishing 2-5.

In the Stock Car feature race, Kevin Bidne and Troy Hansmeier brought the Cresco crowd to their feet with side by side racing action. In the end, Bidne pulled out the narrow victory for the second week in a row. EM Fretheim, Brian Tank and Marinus Mlady finished 3-5.

The IMCA Late Models had just taken to the track when the sky grew dark and the wind started to blow. On the side of caution, drivers and fans were told to leave with the Late Models running a double feature next week as Pepsi-Cola Bottling of Decorah sponsors the nights racing action. See you there!



Heat winners: Dan Bohr, Brian Bronner, Dennis Fink.

A Feature: 1. Dan Bohr; 2. Curt Carey; 3. Larry Schmidt; 4. Chuck Stanton; 5. Troy Cordes; 6. Brian Schrage; 7. Kyle Chiglo; 8. Dennis Fink; 9. Kevin Hoehne; 10. Brad Rain; 11. Mike Isder; 12. John Grube; 13. Jewell Losee; 14. Ken Hofner; 15. Bob Schult, 16. Scott Bauer; 17. Brian Bronner; 18. Tim Heins; 19. Rod Hinz; 20. Darin Duffy.


Heat winners: Jeff Vsetecka, Lee Hansmeier, Mike Jones.

A Feature: 1. Roger Deery; 2. Lee Hansmeier; 3. Jeff Vsetecka; 4. Mike Jones; 5. Jason Schlangen; 6. Dave Mayer; 7. Jeff Larson; 8. Brian Losen; 9. Rick Stockman; 10. Mel Tieskotter; 11. Tory Reicks; 12. Nathan Ferrie; 13. Kenny Dotzler; 14. Tony Severson; 15. Rick Byrnes; 16. Jay Schwamman; 17. Daniel Smith; 18. Troy Sobolik; 19. John Andrus.


Heat winners: Kevin Bidne, EM Fretheim, Mike Sweeney.

B Feature winner: Marinus Mlady.

A Feature: 1. Kevin Bidne; 2. Troy Hansmeier; 3. EM Fretheim; 4. Brian Tank; 5. Marinus Mlady; 6. Tony Trower; 7. Troy Scholbrock; 8. Dan McMillan; 9. Mike Sweeney; 10. Steve Holthaus; 11. Rodney Zubrod; 12. Gerald Peter; 13. Jake Ludeking; 14. Mike Bergan; 15. Brad Quirk; 16. Ron Konkel; 17. Mike Krambeer; 18. Greg Snitker; 19. Brad Blake; 20. Darrel Devries.


Heat winners: Darrin Ackerman, Chris Adams.

A Feature: Rained Out

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