Bauer, Losen, Martin, Hale nail down Cresco victories
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July 11, 1999

CRESCO, IA (July 11, 1999) - Gordy's Repair & Implement of Stacyville, Iowa, welcomed drivers and fans to the Cresco Speedway Sunday night.

There was a tight battle for the lead in the stock car feature as Marinus Mlady and Scott Bauer fought it out until the end. Bauer edged out Mlady to take first.

In the hobby stock feature, Brian Losen took over first in the third lap and held on to take the checkered flag.

There was much passing in the IMCA late model feature as Curt Martin moved from 8th place straight to the front of the pack for the win.

In the modified feature, there was a lot of excitement as the race started with 20 cars and ended with 10. After four yellow flags and a disqualification, Troy Hale came away with the win.

Join us next week as Hanson Tire, Cresco and Squier Distribution sponsor the night's racing, plus Goodyear's "Best of the Best" for stock cars.



Heat winners: Mike Bergan, Troy Scholbrock and Scott Bauer.

B Feature winner: Dan McMillan.

A Feature: 1. Scott Bauer, 2. Marinus Mlady, 3. Lavern Carey, 4. Ron Konkel, 5. Kevin Bidne, 6. Mike Sweeney, 7. Mike Bergan, 8. Steve Holthaus, 9. Troy Hansmeier, 10. Brian Tank, 11. Paul Kottschade, 12. Troy Scholbrock, 13. Don Rude, 14. Gerald Peter, 15. Dan McMillan, 16. Todd Watts, 17. Mike Kelly, 18. Mike Tripp, 19. Darrel Devries, 20. jake Ludeking.


Heat winners: Lee Hansmeier and Brian Losen.

A Feature: 1. Brian Losen, 2. Jeff Vsetecka, 3. Lee Hansmeier, 4. John Andrus, 5. Jeff Larson, 6. Mel Tieskotter, 7. Jason Schlangen, 8. Kevin Donlan, 9. Rick Stockman, 10. Dave Mayer, 11. Jay Schwamman, 12. Pat Kelly, 13. Corry Usher, 14. Lisa Krumwiede, 15. Tory Riecks, 16. Kenny Dotzler.


Heat winners: Chris Adams and Greg Kastli.

A Feature: 1. Curt Martin, 2. Greg Kastli, 3. Chris Adams, 4. Dale Hackwell Jr., 5. Darren Ackerman, 6. Jim Gallery, 7. Shane Metz, 8. Greg Bruening, 9. Ben Schaefer, 10. Brian Hunter, 11. Bob Fisher, 12. Dave Kirchner.


Heat winners: Troy Hale, Kevin Hoehne and Brian Bronner.

A Feature: 1. Troy Hale, 2. Dan Bohr, 3. Ken Hofner, 4. Todd Suhr, 5. Tim Heins, 6. Nate Wasmund, 7. Dennis Fink, 8. Rod Hinz, 9. Mark Swancatt, 10. John Grube, 11. Jamie Aikey, 12. Jewell Losee, 13. Bub Schult, 14. Kyle Chiglo, 15. Chuck Stanton, 16. James Richardson, 17. Wallace Bustad, 18. Jason Weis, 19. Kevin Hoehne.

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