Foss, Walski sweep into victory lane at Mississippi Thunder Speedway
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October 7, 2011  |  by Tracy Hager

FOUNTAIN CITY, Wis. -- With the season finale at Mississippi Thunder Speedway came over 160 cars to compete at the Western Wisconsin oval. National Championships were being chased for the USRA Karl Performance Parts B-Mods in which the top three contenders – Brandon Hare, Jake Timm and Shaun Walski – were in attendance.

Keith Foss topped the USRA RHS Modified division over the 44 cars that entered the night’s event. Walski also had a much-needed sweep in the USRA Karl Performance Parts B-Mods.

The USRA Karl Performance Parts B-Mods hit the track for their feature as cars bounced off each other and a complete restart was in order. Tyler Creeley and Walski set the pace, but it was Walski to take command right away.

Ben Anderson, Timm and Parker Hale raced for second while Troy Langowski wavered behind. Walski was nearly to the win when a caution with two to go reset the field for a green-white-checkered finish.

Walski notched the win over Anderson, Timm, Hale and Kylie Kath.

Doug Hillson and Brad Waits set the pace for the USRA RHS Modified main event while Lucas Schott and Foss raced behind.

Foss took the lead and won the event over Schott, Waits, Kelly Shrock and Robby Bunkelman.

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American Racer USRA Weekly Racing Series
Mississippi Thunder Speedway, Fountain City, Wis.
Friday, October 7, 2011


A-Main: Shaun Walski, Ben Anderson, Jake Timm, Parker Hale, Kylie Kath, (full results unavailable at press time).

B-Main: Keefe, Mitchell, Mattick, Mahlstedt, Halverson, Gesell, Terry Kohnert, Randy Jonsgaard, Lee Jonsgaard, Jeff Matejka.

Heat #1: Kath, Langowski, Reutzel, Anderson, Williamson, Steinberg, Mahlstedt, Matejka, Gesell, R. Jonsgaard.

Heat #2: Walski, Breitung, Creeley,Kosidowski, Frion, Anderson, Keefe, Halverson, L. Jonsgaard.

Heat #3: Timm, Demmer, Hare, Hale, Baehman, Appel, Kohnert, Mitchell, Mattick.


A-Main: Keith Foss, Luke Schott, Brad Waits, Kelly Shryock, Robby Bunkelman, Jason Cummins, Doug Hillson, Steve Wetzstein, Les Duellman, Hank Rollinger Jr., Brent Larson, Mike Sorensen, Josh Mattick, Bob Timm, Jake Timm, Ben Mattick, Jay Ihrke, Mike Gibson, Curt Myers, Mike Anderson, Clayton Wagamon, Josh Angst, Todd Scharkey.

B-Main #1: Mattick, Lavasseur, John Doelle, Bob Fort, Jeff Rollinger, Leroy Scharkey, Brandon Aggen, Luke Schilling, Troy Brand, Jonathan Brown, Tim Johnson, Chet Atkinson.

B-Main #2: B. Timm, T. Scharkey, Dave Mass, Shane Wehrs, Jake Hartung, Joel Alberts, Chris Gilbertson, Troy Hovey, Tony Vaith, Steve Bangart, Bryan Hessler, Phil Wernert.

Heat #1: Cummins, Hillson, Ihrke, Wagamon, Lavasseur, Wehrs, J. Rollinger, Vaith, Schilling.

Heat #2: Foss, H. Rollinger, B. Mattick, Anderson, Gilbertson, Atkinson, Wernert, Brown, T. Scharkey.

Heat #3: Schott, Waits, Sorensen, Myers, Fort, Hovey, Brand, Bangart, Johnson.

Heat #4: Wetzstein, Shyrock, Duellman, Angst, B. Timm, Doelle, Hartung, Aggen, Alberts.

Heat #5: Gibson, Bunkelman, Larson, J. Timm, J. Mattick, Mass, L. Scharkey, Hessler.

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