Mississippi Thunder Speedway Fall Festival features to Cummins, Kath
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October 8, 2011  |  by Tracy Hager

FOUNTAIN CITY, Wis. -- The pits were bursting at the seams for the final weekend of racing at Mississippi Thunder Speedway on Saturday night.

Jason Cummins capped his weekend off with a win in the USRA RHS Modifieds and Kylie Kath made a late-race pass to win the USRA Karl Performance Parts B-Mod feature.

The top 3 in the USRA Karl Performance Parts B-Mod national points standings were on hand. Brandon Hare, Jake Timm and Shaun Walski finished third, fourth and seventh, respectively, to add to their points run in the division.

The USRA Karl Performance Parts B-Mods set sail with Hare and Ben Anderson at the helm. Timm moved into contention for the lead with Anderson and Kath while Parker Hale seemed to be steaming ahead into the top 5.

Timm attempted to shoot under Hare for the lead, but Hare battled back. Again, Timm raced hard in second while Anderson and Kath closed in. Timm finally grabbed the lead from Hare, but Hare took it back at the line.

Timm finally made the pass stick as he led over Hare, Anderson, and Kath. Kath then split between Hare and Anderson to take over second. Timm continued his lead while Kath and Anderson raced side by side for second.

Walski entered the picture for the top five when Kath and Anderson caught up to race three-wide for the lead with Timm with only two laps to go. Kath charged ahead and held the lead to win the final race over Anderson, Timm, Walski and Kyle Anderson.

Bob Fort and Bob Timm set the pace in the USRA RHS Modified main event, but Kelly Shryock moved in to battle Timm followed by Jason Cummins and Jay Ihrke. Fort dropped back quickly while Shryock and Timm raced side by side for the lead.

Keith Foss and Joel Alberts entered the top 5 and with only five laps down the first caution came out. After the restart, Shryock was able to pull away from Timm. Cummins raced Timm for second and took second place while Foss continued to charge into the top spots.

With 15 laps down, the fourth caution set up a green-flag race to the finish with Shryock, Foss, Cummins, Timm and Alberts out front. At lap 20, Cummins took the high side on Shryock to battle for the lead.

Shryock’s machine began to show some smoke, but Shryock kept his foot in it to race for the lead. Brad Waits moved into third place with Foss while Timm held on to fifth place.

With two laps to go, Cummins secured the lead over Shryock and Waits. The win belonged to Cummins and Shryock managed to hold on to second while Waits, Foss and Timm rounded out the top 5.

The 2011 season is a done deal at the Mississippi Thunder Speedway. Stay tuned to the track website at www.mississippithunder.com for details on the season banquet as well as other announcements for the upcoming season.

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American Racer USRA Weekly Racing Series
Mississippi Thunder Speedway, Fountain City, Wis.
Saturday, October 8, 2011


A-Main: Kylie Kath, Ben Anderson, Jake Timm, Shaun Walski, Kyle Anderson, Greg Mitchell, Brandon Hare, Scott Demmer, Greg Mattick, Parker Hale, Brandon Reutzel, Jacob Bleess, Brady Keefe, Brian Mahlstedt, Billy Steinberg, Chad Halverson, Josh Gesell, Tucker Breitung, Junior Boyer, Tyler Creeley, Nick Frion, Jon Vanminsel, Troy Langowski, Jeff Matejka.

B-Main: Keefe, Breitung, Steinberg, Creeley, Vanminsel, Matejka, Taylor Knudtson, Lee Jonsgaard, Terry Kohnert, Alex Williamson, Matt Appel.

Heat #1: Hare, Anderson, Kath, Mattick, Hale, Mahlstedt, Keefe, Knutson, Kohnert, Appel.

Heat #2: Anderson, Boyer, Walski, Langowski, Gesell, Halvorson, Breitung, Jonsgaard, Williamson, Steinberg.

Heat #3: Frion, Mitchell, Timm, Demmer, Bleess, Reutzel, Creeley, Matejka, Vanminsel.


A-Main: Jason Cummins, Kelly Shryock, Brad Waits, Keith Foss, Bob Timm, Jay Ihrke, Joel Alberts, Luke Schott, Steve Wetzstein, Josh Angst, Jake Timm, Brandon Aggen, Nick Herrick, Steve Lavasseur, Doug Hillson, Troy Hovey, Dave Mass, Shane Wehrs, Curt Myers, Troy Brand, Brent Larson, Bob Fort, Hank Rollinger Jr., Mark Hanson.

B-Main #1: Aggen, Angst, Les Duellman, Mike Gibson, Chet Atkinson, Bryan Hessler, Tim Johnson, Phil Wernert, Ben Mattick, Clayton Wagamon, Josh Mattick, Tim Donlinger.

B-Main #2: Schott, Myers, Greg Jensen, Jeff Rollinger, Robby Bunkelman, Tony Vaith, Shawn Kelley, Jonathan Brown, Steve Bangart, Jake Hartung, Mike Anderson, Todd Scharkey.

Heat #1: Cummins, Hanson, H. Rollinger, Herrick, Aggen, Jensen, Atkinson, Bangart, Donlinger.

Heat #2: J. Timm, Fort, Brand, Lavasseur, Schott, J. Mattick, J. Rollinger, Gibson, Kelley.

Heat #3: Alberts, Ihrke, Waits, Wehrs, Duellman, Hartung, Wagamon, Anderson, B. Mattick.

Heat #4: Shryock, B. Timm, Larson, Hillson, Myers, Johnson, Vaith, Hessler.

Heat #5: Mass, Foss, Wetzstein, Hovey, Angst, Bunkelman, Wernert, Scharkey, Brown.

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