Gorham sweeps final weekend at Southern New Mexico Speedway
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November 12, 2011

LAS CRUCES, N.M. -- The USRA Western Flyer HotMods helped to end out the final racing weekend of the year at the Southern New Mexico Speedway on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 11-12, with Greg Gorham piloting the Rickís Performance Center #93 to a weekend sweep.

Night 1 saw Gorham charge from the sixth starting position to battle with Donald Gorham. Using lapped traffic in the middle potion of the A-Main, Greg used slower cars as picks to sneak his way into the top 3.

Running down Paddy Rush for the runner-up spot, the battle for the top spot split in and out of lapped cars with Donald Gorham holding off several charges from Rush and Greg Gorham. Moving to the final five laps, the caution presented the opportunity for Greg Gorham to take the advantage on the high line, but the caution forced him back into third with Rush taking advantage of the restart and switching to the high side in the double-file restart.

From the bottom grove, it was a drag race into turns 1-2 as both Gorhams went side by side with Greg taking a slight advantage but not without Donovan Flores utilizing a good restart to make it a three car fight at the front. Taking second in the final two laps, Flores was unable challenge as Greg Gorham took the nightís $300 payday with Flores, Donald Gorham, Rush and Pat Carney rounding out the top 5.

On to night #2, Grg Gorham found himself in great position, going from the outside of the front row with Rush leading the field to the green. Getting the jump into the top spot, Gorham quickly ran away as Rush worked to hold off the charge of Flores.

Pulling to just under a straight-away lead, Gorham saw his lead turned to nothing as the caution waved with 12 laps to run. Back to green and challenges for the lead were quickly put to rest as the battle on the track was for third as Rick Gallardo charged to the high line but it would be Carney on the inside line taking third as Rush spun into the infield.

Staying green, Carney stole second from Flores with Gorham in his sights. Side by side with just over five laps to run, Gorham had to fight with everything he had as Carney battled wheel to wheel with the leader.

To five laps to run, the battle intensified but the caution turned the race for the lead into an early end as the restart yielded a hard pile-up after a tie-rod on Brady Albersonís #241 snapped as the young racer worked the high line to advance from fifth to third.

With cars torn up and the weather becoming a factor, the checkered flag was called for, handing the $1,000 win to Gorham. Carney, Flores, Gallardo and Tom Connor rounded out the top 5.

Friday's Results:

Heat #1: 1. Donald Gorham, 2. Jonathan Barcena, 3. Levi Roberts, 4. Joshua Gallardo, 5. Brian Kleine, 6. Pat Carney, 7. Rick Gallardo, 8. Hector Prigione.

Heat #2: 1. Jeremy Navarro, 2. Tom Conner, 3. Billy McDaniel, 4. Donavon Flores, 5. Robby Haaland, 6. James Fleming, 7. Phil Locke, 8. Sergio Chao, 9. Dustin Smith.

Heat #3: 1. Kenny Medina, 2. Greg Gorham, 3. Paddy Rush, 4. Miles Widmer, 5. Melissa Gorham, 6. Troy Phillips, 7. Dylan Alberson, 8. Greg McCoy, 9. Larry Tolliver II.

A-Main: 1. Greg Gorham, 2. Donavon Flores, 3. Donald Gorham, 4. Paddy Rush, 5. Pat Carney, 6. Jeremy Navarro, 7. Joshua Gallardo, 8. Tom Conner, 9. Dustin Smith, 10. Jonathan Barcena, 11. Troy Phillips, 12. James Fleming, 13. Melissa Gorham, 14. Levi Roberts, 15. Miles Widmer, 16. Billy McDaniel, 17. Phil Locke, 18. Hector Prigione, 19. Greg McCoy, 20. Kenny Medina, 21. Dylan Alberson, 22. Robby Haaland, 23. Brian Kleine.

Saturday's Results:

Heat #1: 1. Paddy Rush, 2. Pat Carney, 3. Joshua Gallardo, 4. Troy Phillips, 5. Melissa Gorham, 6. Hector Prigione, 7. Phil Locke.

Heat #2: 1. Greg Gorham, 2. Dustin Smith, 3. Donald Gorham, 4. Kenny Medina, 5. Billy McDaniel, 6. Greg McCoy, 7. Steven Villegas.

Heat #3: 1. Tom Conner, 2. Levi Roberts, 3. Jesse Patterson, 4. Jonathan Barcena, 5. Miles Widmer, 6. Larry Tolliver II, 7. Brian Kleine.

Heat #4: 1. Donavon Flores, 2. Jeremy Navarro, 3. Brady Alberson, 4. James Fleming, 5. JR Bonesteel, 6. Charles Belt.

A-Main: 1. Greg Gorham, 2. Pat Carney, 3. Donavon Flores, 4. Rick Gallardo, 5. Tom Conner, 6. Dustin Smith, 7. Steven Villegas, 8. Melissa Gorham, 9. Joshua Gallardo, 10. Jonathan Barcena, 11. James Fleming, 12. Brady Alberson, 13. Kenny Medina, 14. JR Bonesteel, 15. Jeremy Navarro, 16. Donald Gorham, 17. Billy McDaniel, 18. Troy Phillips, 19. Miles Widmer, 20. Paddy Rush, 21. Hector Prigione, 22. Jesse Patterson, 23. Phil Locke, 24. Levi Roberts.

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