Foster's first NAPA Series win comes at Hancock County
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August 12, 1999

BRITT, IA (August 12, 1999) - Todd Foster won the first NAPA Winner Series feature of his career Thursday night, during the Harris Auto Racing Night of 1,000 Stars at the Hancock County Speedway.

A regular on the circuit since he moved into the I.M.C.A. Sunoco Stock Car division in 1996, Foster has since been able to enjoy the victory via video.

"That was a darn good race,"he said, after watching the tape of the race Saturday night. "It was a good race to be in, especially up at Britt. It's a pretty fast race track and it's a good place to win."

Foster, from Webster City, started on the outside of the front row, next to Mason City's Kevin Opheim. He took the lead on the opening circuit and began to pull away before home-town friend and chassis builder Mark Elliott caught up.

Elliott has dominated the series thus far, winning six of the first nine events.

He threatened to make it seven out of 11, taking a brief lead on lap 16. Foster regained the point, however, and further showed his mettle by holding onto the front spot after a lap 22 restart.

"At one time I had about half a straightaway lead. They were coming off two and I was going into three a couple times, but as the race progressed Mark caught up to me," Foster said. "Fortunately, everything happened to work out just right."

Elliott scooted in second, ahead of Opheim, Kevin Bidne of Decorah and Brian Blessington of Breda.

Heat winners were Foster, Opheim and Larry Silbaugh of Jefferson.

Tilton Engineering and Midwest Motorsports contingencies went to the winner. Elliott got awards from Midwest, Justice Brothers and Isky Racing Cams and Opheim received the KSE and Schoenfeld Headers prizes.

JB packets also went to Blessington and Rick Campbell. Bidne and Steve Inman both pocketed AERO Race Wheels awards and Blessington earned a REAL Racing Wheels contingency.

Jeff Wollam won the Excel Race Wheels award. Robert Stofer received the JR Motorsports mystery position award and Joe Karge got the Racemart Hard Luck award.



Feature: 1. Todd Foster, Webster City; 2. Mark Elliott, Webster City; 3. Kevin Opheim, Mason City; 4. Kevin Bidne, Decorah; 5. Brian Blessington, Breda; 6. Jeff Wollam, Marshalltown; 7. Steve Inman, Mason City; 8. Tom Schmitt, Independence; 9. Lavern Carey, Ionia; 10. Rick Campbell, Boone; 11. Rick Brown, Kellogg; 12. Bob Restock, Franklin, Minn.; 13. Bobby Bowman, Winterset; 14. Ken Tietz, Belle Plaine, Minn.; 15. Robert Stofer, Jefferson; 16. Tony Trower, New Hampton; 17. Larry Silbaugh, Jefferson; 18. Scott Bloemke, Belmond; 19. Jim Howe, Mason City; 20. John Pletcher, Britt; 21. Ross McCombs, Oskaloosa; 22. Joe Karge, Des Moines; 23. Todd Wendel, Clear Lake.

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