Huset’s Speedway suffers break-in, offers $600 reward for information
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January 6, 2012  |  by John Gibson,

BRANDON, S.D. -- Anyone who has ever had their home or garage broken into understands just how frustrating it is to come home and find your place ran-sacked. Like that commercial says the thief not only stole your belongings, they also stole your peace of mind. You canít hardly hear a creak in the house without wondering if someone is trying to break in again.

Unfortunately for the very popular 3/8-mile Husetís Speedway in Brandon, S.D., they recently suffered a break-in. But instead of just upgrading their alarm and security systems they are trying to find justice!

On the tracksí Facebook fan page they posted this:

ďHusetís Speedway is offering a reward of up to $600 plus a 2012 season pass for anyone who supplies information leading to the arrest and conviction related to a recent break-in, theft and damage to property at the speedway. To offer a tip, please contact Shawn Neisteadt via email at

We donít have any information yet on what was damaged or stolen from the speedway. But we are trying to do our part and spread the word. So if you have any information that could lead to the arrest of the criminal then please contact the track!

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