"Showtime '99" drivers honored at Britt
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October 31, 1999

BRITT, IA (October 31, 1999) - The Hancock County Speedway honored drivers and crew members at its annual awards banquet on Saturday October 23 at the Duncan Hall. Over 300 racers and fans attended the event.

Tom Terwilliger, track announcer, was Master of Ceremonies for the event. Highlights and statistics from the 1999 season were presented by track promoter Dan Danielsen. Brett Root, representative from IMCA, was present and addressed the group. Stacey Redmond from Grawmondbeck's of Mason City provided some information on an upcoming seminar at his shop.

Bob and Donna Brown from the Des Moines Area Racing Association presented promoters Dan & Sandy Danielsen with an Award of Honor for their involvement in the "Mr. Midwest Modified" event at the Drivers' Dream Race V on September 5, 1999.

Al Hejna and Wade Eastman were named as the two drivers that will represent Hancock County Speedway at the November 13 Iowa State Cyclone "Salute to Racing" at Ames.

Perfect Attendance awards were presented to all drivers who attended and competed in all point races during the season:

LIMITED 360 MODIFIED: Larry Cook, Brad Willer, Bryan Frayne, Josh Omans.

IMCA HOBBY STOCK: Earl Webner, Shane Monson, Brad Bakken, John Simpson, Steve Smith, Rob Flugge, Randy Hadacek, Jason Daniels, Scott Anderson, Tony Smidt, Jared Dirks, Dan Flugge.

IMCA STOCK CAR: Wade Eastman, Scott Bloemke, Jeff Dolphin, Russ Trulson, Travis Hoeft, Kelly Tapper, Craig Berhow, John Pletcher, Kevin Opheim.

IMCA MODIFIED: Larry Portis, Mike Hejna, Keith Schmitz, Al Hejna, Rich Lewerke, Ron Pope, Scott Olson, Kevin Hoeft, Rick Schuller, Mike Hackenmiller.

Rookie of the Year honors went to:

LIMITED 360 MODIFIED: Bryan Frayne # 50 of Garner

IMCA HOBBY STOCK: Jared Dirks #51 of Belmond

IMCA STOCK CAR: Cody Miller #60 of Mason City

IMCA MODIFIED: Derek Cink #3C of Britt

Driver of the Year awards were presented in each division to the driver voted by the other drivers in that division to receive the award:

LIMITED 360 MODIFIED: Larry Cook #10C of Ft Dodge

IMCA HOBBY STOCK: Shane Monson #25 of Clear Lake

IMCA STOCK CAR: Kelly Tapper #85 of Boone

IMCA MODIFIED: Jon Wood #21 of Woden

Sign Pro of Mason City awarded third place Hobby stock point driver Jason Daniels with a certificate for lettering his race car for next season.

Ron Pope of Mason City #45 was recognized for his second Hancock County Speedway "Modified Challenge" win. Still the only driver to successfully meet the challenge.

Door prizes were donated by Grawmondbeck's, Schroeder Racing Products, Minneapolis Auto Auction, Mid States Racing News, IMCA, Hot Country K-97, Land of Hob Auto Parts, Britt Super Value, Keith Schmitz Racing, Driver Dream Race V, Aero Race Wheels, Taylor Vertex, Crane Cams, Lincoln Electric Welder, High Velocity Heads, Contingency Connection, VCR Action Video, Dekalb, Exide, National Dirt Truck Racing, Kiefer-Built and the National Speedway Directory.

The top 10 drivers in each division received trophies and point fund checks. Winnebago Motorsports of Forest City and Schroeder Racing Products of Iowa Falls contributed to the amount awarded to the drivers point fund.

LIMITED 360 MODIFIED trophies were sponsored by Unicover, Inc. of Britt:

10. Ben Holt #4 277

9. Don Reimers #12R 311

8. Kevin Jorgenson #11K 316

7. James Krejci #71 326

6. Alex Webner #94 329

5. Matt Assink #11A 415

4. Josh Omans #79 454

3. Bryan Frayne #50 469

2. Brad Willier #11W 471

1. Larry Cook #10C 487

Pit crew award plaques were presented to Larry Cook's crew: Kevin Ferrell, Bruce Bendixen, Justin Ferrell and Jennifer Ferrell.

IMCA HOBBY STOCK trophies were sponsored by Sundet, Omdahl Insurance of Algona:

10. Steve Smith #35 359

9. Tony Smidt # 32 372

8. Dan Haugland #2H 384

7. Randy Hadacek #5 390

6. Brad Bakken #50 411

5. John Simpson #72 412

4. Rob Hughes #41 427

3 Jason Daniels #31 443

2. Shane Monson #25 451

1. Earl Webner #94 457

Pit crew award plaques presented to Earl Webner's crew: Alex Webner, Jeramy Voortman and Todd Hauge.

IMCA STOCK CAR trophies were sponsored by KLGA Radio of Algona:

10. Steve Inman #7 351

9. Travis Hoeft #21 386

8. Kevin Opheim #44K 397

7. Russell Trulson #25 403

6 John Pletcher #52 413

5. Jeff Dolphin #2 416

4. Craig Berhow #5 439

3. Scott Bloemke #80 447

2. Kelly Tapper #85 468

1. Wade Eastman #17 501

Pit crew award plaques were presented to Wade Eastman's crew: Brent Medlin, David Morud and Taran Eastman.

IMCA MODIFIED trophies were sponsored by KLSS & KRIB of Mason City:

10. Kevin Hoeft #77 397

9. Mike Hackenmiller #3 404

8. Scott Olson #8X 408

7. Mike Hejna #7II 440

6. Ron Pope #45 446

5. Rich Lewerke # 97 447

4. Larry Portis #59 454

3. Tommy Myer #65 455

2. Keith Schmitz #25 472

1. Al Hejna #7 474

Pit crew award plaques were presented to Al Hejna's crew: Jerry Hejna, Tom Skellenger, Mitch Skellenger, Jeff Gatton, Kyle Hejna, Dwight Harlan, Zach Monson and Doug Jensen.

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