Stoa wins Modified Challenge at Britt
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April 28, 2000

BRITT, IA (April 28, 2000) — Friday night was Stoa, Stoa, Stoa, at the Hancock County Speedway as he swept the modified class winning his heat, dash and the feature. Not only did he sweep the field, he accepted the modified challenge after winning the dash and came from the back of the field to win the extra $700 dollars taking home a nice $1200 payment in return for his nights efforts.

Stoa joins Ron Pope in the exclusive club of a mere two members to have ever successfully taken the "Challenge". Pope won once in '98 and once in '99 and now Stoa has won in 2000 with only three nights into the race season. The Challenge will be $500 next Friday.

The modified feature had a new leader at the front for much of the twenty five lap event. Larry Portis started on the pole and led for four laps when Bill Cook #33 from Algona took over. Bill had his car dialed in and looked impressive holding his line and warding off constant challenges from Tommy Myer and Stoa who had worked his way to second spot by lap fifteen. On lap 18 all three cars of Cook, Myer, and Stoa went into turn one dead even. Myer clipped the tire on the infield when he ran out of room on the bottom and was towed off.

Cook slipped up slightly on corner four on the lap after the restart and that is all Stoa needed to get around Cook for the lead followed by Mike Hejna of Clear Lake. That is how it ended Stoa, Hejna, and Cook. Todd Stinehart of Waseca, last week's feature winner, also accepted the challenge and came from the back to finish in fourth.

The stock car class had a new feature winner with Jeff Dolphin from Forest City taking his first victory. Travis Hoeft also of Forest City jumped out to an early lead in the contest and ran a fast smooth race, leading for seven laps. Coming down the backstretch on lap eight, Travis was suddenly airborne and rolled over and ended up in the field right off the backstretch. He walked away from the incident, but his car was towed away.

Dolphin, running second at the time, inherited the lead, but he did not inherit the victory. He earned it. Scott Bloemke and Craig Gray were right behind Dolphin for the rest of the race trying to get by, but could not get the job done. Gray edged out Bloemke for second spot with three laps to go and that was the finish: Dolphin, Gray, Bloemke, and Craig Berhow in fourth. Scott Bloemke is a new qualifier for the Bud Shootout.

Jason Daniels of Britt won the Hobby Stock feature, his first win of the season. Daniels came from the fifth row start and captured the lead with two laps to go, overtaking leaders Shane Monson and Tony Smidt. Monson had to leave the race with mechanical problems and Smidt finished in second spot. Scott Anderson was third and Rob Hughes finished fourth.

The Limited 360 Modified class also found a new face in the winner's circle. Lance Gardner of Garner won his first feature in this class and also won the heat. Lance led flag to flag starting on the pole. Josh Omans also of Garner was second with rookie driver John Campbell of Belmond finishing third.

The night was sponsored by Britt News-Tribune/ Forest City Summit and they also sponsored and presented the trophies to the feature winners. Next Friday May 5 is Race Day in Britt, sponsored by the Britt Chamber of Commerce. There will be a car show on main street from 2-5 pm in the afternoon. A Best of Show will be awarded in each class. A Pit Crew Tire Change Contest will be held at 4:00pm downtown. Pit gates will open at 5:00 Hot Laps 7:00 Races 7:30. Race fans of all ages are invited to come and view the cars and get drivers autographs and perhaps get a picture with your favorite driver at the show.

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HEAT 1 - Ron Pope, Al Hejna, Mike Hejna, Bill Cook, Rick Schuller, Ryan Hiscocks, Charlie McKenna, George Gilliland.

HEAT 2 - Kevin Hoeft, Jimmy Davis, Larry Portis, Jason Slegh, Todd Stinehart, Carl Allbee, Ross Wyatt.

HEAT 3 - Kevin Stoa, Tommy Myer, Jon Wood, Brad Bakken, Keith Schmitz, Mike Hackenmiller, Mike Christians.

DASH - Kevin Stoa, Ron Pope, Tommy Myer, Mike Hejna, Jimmy Davis, Al Hejna.

FEATURE - Kevin Stoa, Mike Hejna, Bill Cook, Todd Stinehart, Ron Pope, Jon Wood, Keith Schmitz, Larry Portis, Carl Allbee, Rick Schuller, Jason Slegh, Charlie McKenna, George Gilliland, Tommy Myer, Kevin Hoeft, Jimmy Davis, Brad Bakken, Mike Hackenmiller, Ryan Hiscocks, Al Hejna, Mike Christians.


HEAT 1 - Kevin Opheim, Scott Bloemke, John Pletcher, Jeff Dolphin, Craig Berhow, Russell Trulson, Jerry Coorman, Cody Miller.

HEAT 2 - Travis Hoeft, Todd Wendel, Craig Gray, Joe Hiscocks, Curt Moore, Kim Schleuger, Jon Groven, Darin Toot.

DASH - Scott Bloemke, Craig Gray, Travis Hoeft, Todd Wendel, John Pletcher, Kevin Opheim.

FEATURE - Jeff Dolphin, Craig Gray, Scott Bloemke, Craig Berhow, Cody Miller, Todd Wendel, Russell Trulson, Curt Moore, Kim Schleuger, Joe Hiscocks, John Pletcher, Travis Hoeft, Kevin Opheim, Darin Toot, Jon Groven, Jerry Coorman.


HEAT - Lance Gardner, John Campbell, Josh Omans, Larry Cook, Brad Willier, Alex Webner, Ryan Ruter, Steven Inman, Don Reimers.

FEATURE - Lance Gardner, Josh Omans, Larry Cook, Steven Inman, Brad Willier, Alex Webner, Ryan Ruter, John Campbell, Don Reimers.


HEAT 1 - Tonay Smidt, Rob Hughes, Earl Webner, Jared Dirks, Jim Smith, Joseph Willier, Dan Stromer, Brent Hanson.

HEAT 2 - Shane Monson, Randy Hadacek, Scott Anderson, Jay Goosmann, Remington Hill, Tim Tickel, Tim Miller, John Madson.

HEAT 3 - Dan Hanselman, Ben Becker, Jason Daniels, Jeff Lodin, Chad Doyle, Todd Noble, Nick West, Gerald Santee.

DASH - Rob Hughes, Randy Hadacek, Scott Anderson, Ben Becker, Dan Hanselman, Shane Monson.

FEATURE - Jason Daniels, Tonay Smidt, Scott Anderson, Rob Hughes, Dan Hanselman, Randy Hadacek, Brent Hanson, Jared Dirks, Jay Goosmann, Tim Tickel, Ben Becker, Dan Stromer, John Madson, Tim Miller, Chad Doyle, Todd Noble, Shane Monson, Remington Hill, Joseph Willier, Jeff Lodin, Jim Smith, Nick West, Earl Webner, Gerald Santee.

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