Hejna, McCollough top NKF Tour fields at Hancock County
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May 29, 2000

BRITT, IA (May 29, 2000) — Mike Hejna of Ventura rewarded his crew with a victory after their hard work on his Modified during the National Kidney Foundation Heartland Tour for a Cure visit to the Hancock County Speedway in Britt Monday night. In Hobby Stock action the top three drivers in the Tour point standings wound up in the top three on the track as Doug McCollough of Webster City picked up the win.

Hejna won the first Modified heat race and then was looking strong in the Cash Dash when his motor let go. With the Modified main event only a few races ahead on the schedule, his crew frantically changed motors and sent the current track point leader to staging just in the nick of time. Keith Schmitz paced the field for the first twelve laps from his pole position start, but Hejna’s new powerplant was a rocket as he quickly advanced from his eighth starting spot. After a couple of challeneges, Hejna was able to charge to the front on lap thirteen and he held off Schmitz for the $500 victory. Jimmy Davis finished third, Kevin Stoa came from the eleventh row to take fourth while Pat Graham completed the top five.

McCollough out-dragged pole-sitter Allen Dixon for the early lead in the Hobby Stock finale. The race was a Webster City affair for the most part with McCollough, Dixon and Ryan Griffith dicing it out up front. Current Tour point leader Dan Hanselman joined the battle for the lead late in the race as McCollough and Griffith swapped the lead in the closing laps. At the checkers it was McCollough by a car length over Griffith with Hanselman close behind in third. Dixon finsihed fourth followed by Shane Monson.

The NKF Heartland Tour Modifieds and Hobby Stocks return to action on Tuesday night, June 6th, when they visit Nordic Speedway in Decorah.

Larry Cook of Fort Dodge continues his winning ways in the Limited 360 Modified class making it two wins in a row and a total of three wins for the season at Britt in 2000. He started fourth row inside and managed to get by leader Don Reimers of Rockwell halfway through the event. Lance Gardner of Garner challenged Cook throughout the race starting in the spot right behind Cook. He grabbed second place with five laps left in the contest, but could not get by the leader. Alex Webner of Garner edged out Reimers on the last lap to take third spot and Reimers settled for fourth.

Ed Wolf of Algona started front row and led all laps of the twenty lap Jennifer Steinlicht "Friends of Racing" Memorial stock car feature. Wolf was fiercely pursued by the entire field of stock cars as they jockeyed for position in the event. Scott Bloemke of Belmond grabbed second spot on the third lap, but could not get by Wolf who was flying on the smooth racing surface. Craig Berhow of Belmond took home the third place finish and Jerry Besch, Jr. of West Bend, the pole setter finished in fourth.

Trophies for the Memorial Day special were sponsored and presented by the Steinlicht Family in memory of Jennifer Steinlicht.

Friday June 2 is Kid's night at Britt. Kids rides in the racecars are being offered as the kids are invited to come out to the track early and help the drivers pack the track at 6:30. Hot Laps start at 7:00 Races 7:30.



Heat 1: Mike Hejna, Keith Schmitz, Rick Schuller, Bill Cook, Scott Olson, Brad Bakken, Ryan Hiscocks, George Gilliland, Mike Hackenmiller, Scott Anderson

Heat 2: Patrick Graham, Carl Allbee, Jeff Feaster, Mike Christians, Scott Badker, Matt Donald, Al Hejna, Kevin Stoa, Dyke Ehrhardt

Heat 3: Jimmy Davis, Larry Portis, Troy Cordes, Jon Wood, Jason Slegh, Greg Elliott, Dean Mahlstedt, Ross Wyatt, Dennis Prochaska

Dash: Keith Schmitz, Patrick Graham, Jimmy Davis, Rick Schuller, Mike Hejna, Carl Allbee

A Feature: Mike Hejna, Keith Schmitz, Jimmy Davis, Kevin Stoa, Patrick Graham, Troy Cordes, Jon Wood, Dean Mahlstedt, Brad Bakken, Jason Slegh, Ross Wyatt, Dennis Prochaska, George Gilliland, Jeff Feaster, Matt Donald, Carl Allbee, Scott Olson, Al Hejna, Larry Portis, Mike Christians, Ryan Hiscocks, Rick Schuller, Scott Badker, Bill Cook, Greg Elliott, Mike Hackenmiller, Dyke Ehrhardt


Heat 1: Travis Hoeft, Kim Schleuger, Jeff Dolphin, John Pletcher, Joe Hiscocks, Darin Toot, Jon Groven

Heat 2: Ed Wolf, Craig Gray, Kevin Opheim, Jerry Besch Jr, Curt Moore, Cody Miller, Amy Woodward

Heat 3: Skeeter Paris, Craig Berhow, Scott Bloemke, Brent Powers, Todd Wendel, Reid Keller, Mark Holstad

Dash: Craig Gray, Craig Berhow, Ed Wolf, Skeeter Paris, Travis Hoeft, Kim Schleuger

A Feature: Ed Wolf, Scott Bloemke, Craig Berhow, Jerry Besch Jr, Kevin Opheim, Travis Hoeft, Craig Gray, Skeeter Paris, Joe Hiscocks, John Pletcher, Reid Keller, Brent Powers, Darin Toot, Curt Moore, Jon Groven, Amy Woodward, Cody Miller, Kim Schleuger, Jeff Dolphin, Todd Wendel, Mark Holstad


Heat 1: Lance Gardner, Alex Webner, Steven Inman, Don Reimers, James Krejci, Nathan Chodur

Heat 2: Josh Omans, Larry Cook, Ryan Ruter, John Campbell, Ed Green, Chuck Gatewood

A Feature: Larry Cook, Lance Gardner, Alex Webner, Don Reimers, Steven Inman, Ryan Ruter, Josh Omans, John Campbell, James Krejci, Ed Green, Chuck Gatewood, Nathan Chodur


Heat 1: Brent Hanson, Shane Monson, Dan Hanselman, Jared Dirks, Tony Smidt, Dan Stromer, Ben Hoesing, Chad Doyle, Kevin Schmauss

Heat 2: Rob Hughes, Scott Anderson, Doug Mccallough, John Madson, Rodney Slagle, Jim Smith, Ron Stein, Tim Entner, Jamie Jones

Heat 3: Allen Divon, Brian Stein, Jerry Dixon, Dan Haugland, Randy Hadacek, Nick West, Ryan Lund, Gerald Santee

Heat 4: Rod Miller, Earl Webner, Ryan Griffith, Jason Daniels, Ben Becker, Jeff Lodin, Michael Weitzel, Remington Hill

First B: Feature Randy Hadacek, Ben Becker, Nick West, Michael Weitzel, Jeff Lodin, Gerald Santee, Ryan Lund, Remington Hill, Jamie Jones

Second B: Feature Tony Smidt, Jim Smith, Rodney Slagle, Ben Hoesing, Ron Stein, Kevin Schmauss, Dan Stromer, Chad Doyle

A Feature: Doug Mccallough, Ryan Griffith, Dan Hanselman, Allen Divon, Shane Monson, Earl Webner, Rod Miller, Jerry Dixon, Dan Haugland, Jim Smith, Randy Hadacek, Rodney Slagle, Jared Dirks, Tony Smidt, Brian Stein, Jason Daniels, Ben Hoesing, John Madson, Ben Becker, Rob Hughes, Scott Anderson, Brent Hanson, Michael Weitzel, Nick West, Tim Entner

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