Hanson, Toot first-time visitors to Britt victory lane
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June 16, 2000

BRITT, IA (June 16, 2000) — The full moon was a good omen for several drivers last Friday (June 16) and they found themselves in victory lane for the first time at the Hancock County Speedway. Brent Hanson of Mason City finished in the top spot in the Hobby feature and Darin Toot of Albert Lea, MN. won the stock car feature. Kiefer Built of Kanawha and Schroeder & Terhark Trailer Sales of Garner sponsored the event.

Three inches of rain fell on the track in the days prior to the event and made for some very fast racing conditions. The Hobby stock feature became a wild affair with almost half the field going to the trailer early. Brent Hanson started on the pole and did not falter although he was closely pursued by Scott Anderson of Mason City, Dan Haugland of Forest City, and Dan Hanselman of Algona. Hanson kept his cool and his car held together to give his the first trip to the winner’s circle in Britt. Hanselman finished second and Jim Smith of Belmond was third.

The Econo stock class visited Britt with eleven cars accepting the invitation. Todd Wilson of Eagle Grove was the winner of the feature.

Darin Toot started second row inside for the stock feature and grabbed the lead on the first lap from pole setter John Pletcher of Britt. Jeff Dolphin of Forest City slid into third spot and these three drivers battled it out for the entire twenty-lap event with Toot the victor, and Pletcher finishing a strong second and Dolphin third. Darin’s victory included a Clean Sweep bonus for taking his heat, the dash, and the feature.

Larry Cook of Ft Dodge continues to dominate the Limited 360 Modified field. Lance Gardner of Garner was giving Cook all he could handle, winning the heat and the dash and in contention for the “sweep bonus”. Mechanical problems sidelined Gardner early in the feature closing the door on that bid. Josh Omans and Alex Webner, both of Garner finished in the second and third spots for the night.

Mike Hejna of Clear Lake, modified point leader, took the “challenge” and so did Kevin Stoa of Austin MN. Stoa was also in line for a clean sweep if he could take the feature win. The challengers were flying on the fast track, but so were the lead cars. Ron Pope of Mason City picked up the lead after a few laps and looked very strong pulling away from the field. A couple yellows tightened up the field and gave the pursuers the chance they were waiting for.

Tommy Myer, back in the drivers seat after an injury to his hand took the lead from Pope with seven laps to go. At this point in the race Stoa had worked himself into fourth spot. Only Pope and Al Hejna were between Stoa and Myer and a chance for the extra cash. Stoa did not have the extra on this night to pass the leaders and the checkers found Myer there first, with Pope, Al Hejna, and Stoa following him in. Mike Hejna finished ninth.

Friday June 23 is Mid Season Championship sponsored by Pepsi of Mason City. Hot laps are at 7:00 with Races at 7:30. Speedway website is www.hcspeed.com.



Heat 1: Kevin Stoa, Mike Christians, Patrick Graham, Tommy Myer, Carl Allbee, Mike Hackenmiller, Ryan Hiscocks, Jon Wood

Heat 2: Keith Schmitz, Todd Stinehart, Mike Hejna, Kevin Hoeft, Larry Portis, Joe Mcbirnie, Jimmy Davis, Ross Wyatt, Scott Anderson, Brad Bakken

Heat 3: Ron Pope, Scott Badker, Jason Slegh, Al Hejna, Bill Cook, Todd Schaufenbuel, George Gilliland

Dash: Kevin Stoa, Ron Pope, Todd Stinehart, Scott Badker, Mike Christians, Keith Schmitz

A Feature: Tommy Myer, Ron Pope, Al Hejna, Kevin Stoa, Todd Stinehart, Mike Hackenmiller, Larry Portis, Scott Badker, Mike Hejna, Bill Cook, Todd Schaufenbuel, Ross Wyatt, Ryan Hiscocks, Carl Allbee, Scott Anderson, Jason Slegh, Kevin Hoeft, Jimmy Davis, Patrick Graham, Mike Christians, Jon Wood, Joe Mcbirnie, George Gilliland, Keith Schmitz, Brad Bakken


Heat 1: Craig Berhow, John Pletcher, Scott Bloemke, Jeff Dolphin, Jim Mitchell, Brent Powers, Russell Trulson

Heat 2: Darin Toot, Travis Hoeft, Kevin Opheim, Kim Schleuger, Todd Foster, Bob Sutherland, Todd Wendel

Dash: Darin Toot, Craig Berhow, Travis Hoeft, Scott Bloemke, John Pletcher, Kevin Opheim

A Feature: Darin Toot, John Pletcher, Jeff Dolphin, Kevin Opheim, Todd Foster, Craig Berhow, Bob Sutherland, Scott Bloemke, Russell Trulson, Jim Mitchell, Todd Wendel, Kim Schleuger, Brent Powers, Travis Hoeft


Dash: Jim Smith, Earl Webner, Tony Smidt, Brent Hanson, Dan Haugland, Rob Hughes

Heat 1: Dan Haugland, Jim Smith, Earl Webner, Jared Dirks, Jason Daniels, Nick West, John Madson, Dan Stromer, Remington Hill

Heat 2: Brent Hanson, Rob Hughes, Tony Smidt, Randy Hadacek, Dan Hanselman, Scott Anderson, Jeff Lodin, Chad Doyle, Shane Monson

A Feature: Brent Hanson, Dan Hanselman, Jim Smith, Nick West, Jared Dirks, Dan Stromer, Earl Webner, Dan Haugland, John Madson, Remington Hill, Tony Smidt, Chad Doyle, Randy Hadacek, Rob Hughes, Jeff Lodin, Scott Anderson, Shane Monson, Jason Daniels


Heat 1: Lance Gardner, Alex Webner, Ed Green, Larry Cook, Josh Omans, James Krejci, Nathan Chodur, Steven Inman, Chuck Gatewood, Kent Anderson

Dash: Lance Gardner, Larry Cook, Ed Green, Josh Omans, James Krejci, Alex Webner

A Feature: Steven Inman, Ed Green, James Krejci, Nathan Chodur, Lance Gardner, Larry Cook, Josh Omans, Alex Webner, Chuck Gatewood, Kent Anderson


Heat 1: Greg Manson, Lance Deal, Herry Armstrong, Todd Wilson, Jason Vansikel, Nathan Weig, Greg Simmons, Dan Teske, Rick Nelson, Aaron Link, Wes Hooser

A Feature: Todd Wilson, Dan Teske, Lance Deal, Nathan Weig, Greg Simmons, Aaron Link, Rick Nelson, Wes Hooser, Greg Manson, Jason Vansikel, Herry Armstrong

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