Mid-Season Championships decided at Hancock County Speedway
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June 23, 2000

BRITT, IA (June 23, 2000) — With half of the 2000 season already in the record book, the point leaders got their chance to start at the front of the field in the Mid Season Championship race. Pepsi of Mason City was the night's sponsor and also sponsored the trophies to the feature winners.

Larry Cook of Fort Dodge, the defending back- to- back track champion in the Limited 360 Modified class, started on the pole in this feature. He led flag to flag holding off Ed Green of Ellsworth for the win. The feature win made it a clean sweep for Cook and he picked up the bonus cash for the effort. Steve Inman of Mason City, a rookie in this class, is fifteen points behind Cook in the point standings.

The Hobby Stock point leader, Dan Hanselman of Algona, took his starting position on the pole and got as far as the backstretch on the first lap of the feature before his engine scattered. Earl Webner of Garner took advantage of the situation and moved into first and held that position for the rest of the race and won the mid season title. Jason Daniels of Britt finished second with Dan Haugland in third. Hanselman still leads the pack fifteen points ahead of Webner in second and Daniels is five points behind Webner for third.

Remington Hill of Wesley claimed the motor of Rob Hughes of Humboldt after the Hobby feature. Hill later withdrew his claim and Hughes went home with his motor.

Scott Bloemke of Belmond dominated the night in the stock car feature. He started on the pole and led all laps of the twenty- lap event that went green to checkered. Bloemke earned his victory holding off the close pursuit of Kevin Opheim of Mason City and Craig Berhow of Belmond. Bloemke leads the points by eleven over Opheim and Berhow is holding down third spot just two points behind Opheim.

Travis Hoeft of Forest City won the Stock car dash and is a new qualifier for the Bud Shootout for Stock Cars event, which will be held on Friday August 11 and is sponsored by Kabrick Distributing of Britt. Hoeft was the tenth driver to qualify for the contest.

Tommy Myer and Ron Pope elected to take the "Challenge" in the mod feature and started in back of the field in an effort to pick up an extra thousand bucks above the first place prize. Since this was Mid- season that meant the point leaders were at the front and these two boys would have to do some fancy driving, to even come close. Taking advantage of two yellows and displaying their championship driving skills these two found themselves in tenth and eleventh spot at the end of the tenth lap. Plenty of time and laps left in the twenty- five lap event to get the job done.

Pope ran into car problems and exited off the back straight to the work area on the next lap and did not make it back into the contest. Myer continued his steady progress in the twenty five lap event. Five cars left to pass on the sixteenth lap. Only three remained between him and the cash after the seventeenth lap. Two laps later, Larry Portis of Nora Springs was looking at Myers back bumper.

With five laps to go there were only two cars between Myer and the $1000 bonus. The two cars were the two point leaders of the class, brothers Mike and Al Hejna. Mike started on the pole with Al to the outside. Al took over first spot on the eleventh lap from Mike and the two blazed the way for the rest of the field. Myer nipped Mike at the wire to take second spot, just short of the bonus money. Al Henja is the 2000 Modified Mid Season Champion. Portis finished in the fourth spot.

Mike Hejna continues his point lead with twenty- one point advantage over Al Hejna, This Friday June 30 is KLSS of Mason City Night. The Challenge will be $1100. Hot laps start at 7:00 Races at 7:30. For more information, log on to www.hcspeed.com.



HEAT 1 - Scott Badker, Keith Schmitz, Scott Anderson, Todd Stinehart, Kevin Hoeft, Patrick Graham, Bill Cook, Brad Bakken, Larry Portis, Mike Hejna

HEAT 2 - Ron Pope, Ross Wyatt, Rick Schuller, Jimmy Davis, Bret Hansen, Ryan Hiscocks, Shawn Plymesser, Nathan Chodur, Al Hejna, Jason Slegh

HEAT 3 - Scott Olson, Tommy Myer, Joe Schmitt, Mike Hackenmiller, Jon Wood, Mike Christians, George Gilliland, Ron Houdek, Kevin Stoa

DASH - Ron Pope, Keith Schmitz, Scott Olson, Ross Wyatt, Scott Badker, Tommy Myer

A FEATURE - Al Hejna, Tommy Myer, Mike Hejna, Larry Portis, Scott Olson, Bill Cook, Bret Hansen, Todd Stinehart, Patrick Graham, Joe Schmitt, Jimmy Davis, Keith Schmitz, Jon Wood, Brad Bakken, Scott Badker, Mike Christians, Scott Anderson, Jason Slegh, Ross Wyatt, Ryan Hiscocks, Nathan Chodur, Shawn Plymesser, Rick Schuller, Ron Pope, Mike Hackenmiller, George Gilliland, Kevin Stoa, Kevin Hoeft, Ron Houdek


HEAT 1 - Travis Hoeft, John Pletcher, Kim Schleuger, Jeff Dolphin, Todd Foster, Kevin Opheim, Lavern Carey, Darin Toot

HEAT 2 - Brent Powers, Russell Trulson, Scott Bloemke, Cody Miller, Todd Wendel, Craig Berhow, Joe Hiscocks

DASH - Travis Hoeft, John Pletcher, Scott Bloemke, Kim Schleuger, Russell Trulson, Brent Powers

A FEATURE - Scott Bloemke, Kevin Opheim, Craig Berhow, Todd Wendel, Jeff Dolphin, Darin Toot, Russell Trulson, Cody Miller, Travis Hoeft, Joe Hiscocks, Brent Powers, Lavern Carey, Kim Schleuger, Todd Foster, John Pletcher


HEAT 1 - Shane Monson, Dan Hanselman, Jeff Lodin, Randy Hadacek, Rob Hughes, Scott Anderson, Dan Stromer, Brent Hanson, Jared Dirks, Chad Doyle

HEAT 2 - Tony Smidt, Dan Haugland, Nick West, John Madson, Earl Webner, Jim Smith, Remington Hill, Jason Daniels, Todd Hildman

DASH - Dan Haugland, Shane Monson, Dan Hanselman, Nick West, Randy Hadacek, Jeff Lodin

A FEATURE - Earl Webner, Jason Daniels, Dan Haugland, Rob Hughes, Brent Hanson, Tony Smidt, Nick West, Dan Stromer, Remington Hill, Jared Dirks, Scott Anderson, Randy Hadacek, Shane Monson, John Madson, Jeff Lodin, Chad Doyle, Jim Smith, Dan Hanselman, Todd Hildman


HEAT 1 - Larry Cook, Ed Green, Josh Omans, Lance Gardner, Steven Inman, James Krejci, Chuck Gatewood, Ben Holt, John Campbell, Brad Willier

DASH - Larry Cook, Lance Gardner, Josh Omans, Ed Green, Steven Inman, James Krejci

A FEATURE - Larry Cook, Ed Green, Steven Inman, John Campbell, James Krejci, Chuck Gatewood, Ben Holt, Brad Willier, Josh Omans, Lance Gardner

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