Bloemke repeats, "Challenge" increases at Britt
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July 21, 2000

BRITT, IA (July 21, 2000) — The tradition continues as the Hancock County Speedway paid tribute to a former fair board member, Draft Horse Show organizer, and Hancock County Speedway supporter and builder, in the Robert Hiscocks Memorial Fair Race last Friday (July 21). The Hiscocks family sponsored the feature trophies for the night in memory of Robert.

The Fair Race was sponsored by Hot Country K-97 of Ft. Dodge. The Hancock County Fair Board donated extra cash to the driver’s purse for the night. First place in all of the regular classes went home with an extra $100 and second place finishers took an extra $75 with them. $50 was designated as a hard luck award and was given to Cary Heinen of Algona, who took a bad roll on corner three in the hobby feature. This was Cary’s first visit to Britt in 2000.

Econo stocks were back for a return contest and Lance Deal of Ft Dodge was the victor with Greg Simmons also from Ft Dodge in second.

Larry Cook of Ft Dodge found his way back to the winner’s circle in the Limited 360 Modified class after a couple weeks absence from the winner’s column in Britt. Cook led all laps, but the first after starting from the fourth row. Brad Willier of Mason City settled for second in the feature after winning his heat and the dash. Cook leads the points battle with Steve Inman of Mason City holding onto second.

Dan Haugland of Forest City was the winner of the Hobby Stock feature. He started on the third row and moved to the front by the fifth lap and held off a hard charging Scott Anderson of Mason City who settled for second in the feature. Anderson picked up an extra $50 hard charger bonus from the Hiscocks family for advancing the most spots in the race. He moved from a ninth place start to a second place finish in the feature. Earl Webner of Garner leads Anderson in the points race.

The stock car feature found a familiar face in the winning spotlight again, as Scott Bloemke of Belmond made it two feature wins in a row. Tony Trower of New Hampton started on the pole and led the first portion of the event until Cody Miller of Mason City took over the lead on lap eight. Bloemke advanced through the field from his fifth row start and caught Miller on the sixteenth lap. Miller held on for second spot with John Pletcher of Britt in third and Todd Foster in fourth.

Bloemke leads the stock car points race with Craig Berhow of Belmond in second. Berhow had some motor problems in the heat race and borrowed Amy Woodward’s car for the feature and started in the back, trying to protect his point position. He finished eleventh and gained enough points to keep his position.

The modified class turned out in numbers for the fair race, with thirty drivers ready to claim the extra feature cash and a few itching to take home the $1400 Challenge bonus money. Fifteen cars started the B feature with Patrick Graham winning followed by Al Hejna, Ron Houdek, Scott Olson, Keith Schmitz.

Joe Schmit of Britt, last weeks feature winner accepted the Challenge and so did Kevin Stoa of Austin after winning the dash. Both drivers started in the back of the field and advanced rapidly through the first half of the field, but then the going got tougher. Schmit finished the night in twelfth and Stoa made it to seventh.

Ron Pope of Mason City got off to a flying start from his third row start in the A feature making it to the front by the fifth lap and leading through the twentieth when suddenly he lost power and had to leave the contest. Tommy Myer of Blooming Praire, MN had been keeping time with Pope and took the lead and never looked back, capturing the victory. Rob Rose of Cedar Rapids had a great night in his first visit to Britt in 2000, capturing second place. Mike Hejna point leader, protected his lead by finishing third, and Bill Cook of Algona finished in the fourth spot.

Racing into the Millennium continues this Friday July 28 with the Jason Moore Memorial. The Moore family will be adding money to the drivers purse. The challenge will be $1500. Hot laps 7:00 Races 7:30.

Mark you calendars for Thursday August 10 and Friday August 11 when the “Night of 1000 Stars” and the “Big Bud Shootout” return to Britt for the Sixth annual two day Hobo Day racing spectacular.



Heat 1 - Kevin Hoeft, Mike Hejna, Rob Rose, Brad Bakken, Bret Hansen, Patrick Graham, Jon Wood, Rick Schuller, Ron Houdek, Mike Christians

Heat 2 - Ron Pope, Ryan Hiscocks, Jimmy Davis, Joe Schmitt, Carl Allbee, Mike Hackenmiller, Rick Smith, Ross Wyatt, Scott Olson, Nathan Chodur

Heat 3 - Kevin Stoa, Tommy Myer, Bill Cook, Scott Anderson, Todd Stinehart, Al Hejna, Dean Mahlstedt, Kevin Sutton, George Gilliland, Keith Schmitz

Dash - Kevin Stoa, Ron Pope, Mike Hejna, Tommy Myer, Ryan Hiscocks

B Feature - Patrick Graham, Al Hejna, Ron Houdek, Scott Olson, Keith Schmitz, Kevin Sutton, Nathan Chodur, Mike Christians, Jon Wood, George Gilliland, Ross Wyatt, Mike Hackenmiller, Rick Smith, Rick Schuller, Dean Mahlstedt

A Feature - Tommy Myer, Rob Rose, Mike Hejna, Bill Cook, Scott Anderson, Ron Houdek, Kevin Stoa, Patrick Graham, Jimmy Davis, Al Hejna, Scott Olson, Joe Schmitt, Keith Schmitz, Jon Wood, Brad Bakken, Nathan Chodur, Kevin Sutton, Mike Christians, Todd Stinehart, Bret Hansen, Ryan Hiscocks, Ron Pope, Carl Allbee, Kevin Hoeft


Heat 1 - Cody Miller, Travis Hoeft, Darin Toot, Tony Trower, Joe Hiscocks, Todd Foster, Amy Woodward, Craig Berhow, Russell Trulson

Heat 2 - John Pletcher, Jeff Dolphin, Scott Bloemke, Todd Wendel, Brent Powers, Jerry Besch Jr, Curt Moore, Kim Schleuger, Kevin Opheim

Dash - John Pletcher, Cody Miller, Travis Hoeft, Scott Bloemke, Jeff Dolphin, Darin Toot

A Feature - Scott Bloemke, Cody Miller, John Pletcher, Todd Foster, Tony Trower, Jeff Dolphin, Joe Hiscocks, Kevin Opheim, Todd Wendel, Kim Schleuger, Craig Berhow, Curt Moore, Brent Powers, Russell Trulson, Darin Toot, Travis Hoeft, Jerry Besch Jr, Amy Woodward


Heat 1 - Scott Anderson, Jim Smith, Randy Hadacek, Earl Webner, Brent Hanson, Jared Dirks, Cary Heinen, John Madson, Jeff Lodin

Heat 2 - Shane Monson, John Simpson, Dan Haugland, Rob Hughes, Karol Moore, Jason Daniels, Tony Smidt, Dan Stromer, Chad Doyle

Dash - Shane Monson, Scott Anderson, John Simpson, Jim Smith, Randy Hadacek, Dan Haugland

A Feature - Dan Haugland, Scott Anderson, Rob Hughes, Randy Hadacek, Earl Webner, Shane Monson, John Simpson, Brent Hanson, Tony Smidt, Jim Smith, Dan Stromer, John Madson, Jared Dirks, Jason Daniels, Chad Doyle, Jeff Lodin, Cary Heinen, Karol Moore


Heat 1 - Brad Willier, Josh Omans, Lance Gardner, Chuck Gatewood, Ed Green, Jared Boumaster, Larry Cook, Kent Anderson, Ryan Ruter, Steven Inman

Dash - Brad Willier, Lance Gardner, Jared Boumaster, Chuck Gatewood, Ed Green, Josh Omans

A Feature - Larry Cook, Brad Willier, Steven Inman, Lance Gardner, Jared Boumaster, Kent Anderson, Ryan Ruter, Chuck Gatewood, Josh Omans, Ed Green


Heat 1 - Lance Deal, Nathan Weig, Aaron Link, Greg Simmons, Josh Olson, Jeff Deal

A Feature - Lance Deal, Greg Simmons, Aaron Link, Josh Olson, Nathan Weig, Jeff Deal

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