Davis holds off Cummins for Lansing laurels
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May 11, 2012  |  by Todd Narveson

LANSING, Minn. -- After losing three of the last four shows to Mother Nature, the Chateau Raceway was finally able to get some racing done this week. It was $5 Pack The Stands Night and a good crowd was on hand. Tonight’s racing presented by French’s Repair & Fabrication along with S&S Auto Salvage and Repair.

Scott Demmer zipped to the lead in the 10-car L&D Ag USRA B-Mod feature with Ben Moudry and Nate Chodur in pursuit. A couple of cautions early on kept everyone bunched up tight. Demmer was in control but the race heated up behind him when Kylie Kath entered the picture.

Kath drove past Chodur for third and then went after Moudry for second. Kath would make the pass on lap 7, but Moudry put pressure on after that. Demmer was strong out front and took his first win of the season and a sweep to boot. Kath would finish second and Chodur got by Moudry for third and John Warrington finished fifth.

The best race of the evening was saved for last with the French’s Repair and Fabrication USRA Modified 25-lap finale. Todd Scharkey took the lead from the pole, but it was Doug Hillson’s power move on the low side of turn four that took the lead at the completion of lap one.

Brandon Davis was right on the led duo as Mark Noble, Bobby Swanson and Jason Cummins were locked in a good race for the top five. Davis snuck past Scharkey for second and Cummins was up to fourth on lap three. Cummins maneuvered low on Scharkey to steal third.
Hillson led but Davis and Cummins snarled behind him for second. Davis took to the top of turns three and four as Hillson ran the bottom. Scharkey rebounded back by Cummins, but Darwyn Karau slowed and collected Joel Alberts to bring out a caution flag.

On the restart, Cummins got back to third and now the race was on up front. Noble, Swanson and A.J. Wiste were three wide for fifth when Noble’s rear suspension broke forcing him out and the field took evasive action to miss the slowing car when Noble limped off the track.

The race up front was a classic as Hillson, Davis and Cummins put on a great show for the fans. Davis took the lead on lap 17 and Cummins moved to second. Davis slowed a tad and Cummins bolted by for the lead on lap 20. They exchanged the lead a couple of times each lap. Cummins was the leader on lap 20, Davis on lap 21 and 22. Cummins again took the lead on lap 23, but Davis returned the favor in turn two of the lap 24.

Cummins made once last ditch charge on the final lap as the crowd went wild. Davis held him off for his second win of the season. Hillson finished third while Scharkey was fourth and Bobby Swanson rounded out the top five.

This Friday, May 18, will be the first “Car Ride” night for the kids at 7:00 p.m. Bring the kids out to get a ride in their favorite drivers car before the races get underway. For more information please go to www.chateauraceway.net.

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American Racer USRA Weekly Racing Series
Chateau Raceway, Lansing, Minn.
Friday, May 11, 2012


Feature: Scott Demmer (Ellendale), Kylie Kath (Owatonna), Nate Chodur (Lake Mills, IA), Ben Moudry (Cottage Grove, IA), John Warrington (Toeterville, IA), Justin McMahan (Dodge Center), Peye Kiley (Austin), Todd Borwege (Blooming Prairie), John Klugherz (Mankato), Terry Kohnert (New Richland).

First Heat: Demmer, Moudry, Kohnert, Warrington, Klugherz.

Second Heat: Chodur, Kath, Borwege, Kiley, McMahan.


Feature: Brandon Davis (Medford), Jason Cummins (New Richland), Doug Hillson (Blooming Prairie), Todd Scharkey (Kasson), Bobby Swanson (Kasson), A.J. Wiste (Adams). Josh Mattick (Austin), Joel Alberts (Mantorville), Joe Horgdal (Kasson), Jeremy Misgen (New Richlans), Kenny Wytaske (Lansing), Greg Jensen (Albert Lea), Mark Noble (Blooming Prairie), Darwyn Karau (Kasson).

First Heat: Jensen, Wiste, Scharkey, Swanson, Misgen, Wytaske, Horgdal.

Second Heat: Cummins, Davis, Karau, Noble, Hillson, Mattick, Alberts.

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