Davis notches third, Kath fifth different winner at Chateau Raceway
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June 1, 2012  |  by Todd Narveson

LANSING, Minn. -- It was an absolutely beautiful night for racing at Chateau Raceway on Best Disposal and Rent-N-Save Night. The crowd witnessed some of the best feature racing so far this season. Several divisions kept up their different streaks, one driver ended a long victory lane drought and another continued to dominate.

The L&D Ag USRA B-Mod feature started with a bang when five cars tangled in turn 1. Ben Moudry suffered the worst damage and was done for the night. Trevor Hunt also went pit side with a flat tire, but returned about a half lap behind the field.

The race up front was great when Austin Schrage held off Kylie Kath for many laps. Pete Kiley and Scott Demmer had a good race of their own going for third. Kath was right on Schrage, but could not find a way to get past the leader. Finally on lap 8, Kath took to the high side and bolted past Schrage while Demmer was now third.

Kath went on for his first win at Chateau and became the fifth different winner. Schrage was second with Demmer third. Kiley ended up in fourth and Hunt made up a lot of ground to rebound for an excellent fifth-place finish.

The final race of the night was the French’s Repair & Fabrication USRA Modified 25-lap feature. Fresh off his two USMTS wins last weekend, Brandon Davis redrew the pole position with Josh Mattick alongside.

Davis stormed off the pole and led every lap of the caution-free race for his third win of the season. Davis has also won six of his last seven starts at area tracks. Jason Cummins took second on lap 4 and remained there. A.J. Wiste passed Josh Mattick on lap 12 for third while Mattick wound up fourth and Todd Scharkey was fifth.

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American Racer USRA Weekly Racing Series
Chateau Raceway, Lansing, Minn.
Friday, June 1, 2012


Feature: 1. Kylie Kath, 2. Austin Schrage, 3. Scott Demmer, 4. Pete Kiley, 5. Trevor Hunt, 6. Todd Borwege, 7. John Warrington, 8. Terry Kohnert, 9. Ben Moudry, 10. Taylor Ausrud.

Heat #1: 1. Hunt, 2. Moudry, 3. Warrington, 4. Schrage, 5. Kiley.

Heat #2: 1. Kath, 2. Demmer, 3. Kohnert, 4. Borwege, 5. Ausrud.


Feature: 1. Brandon Davis, 2. Jason Cummins, 3. A.J. Wiste, 4. Josh Mattick, 5. Todd Scharkey, 6. Jeremy Misgen, 7. Greg Jensen, 8. Michael Wytaske, 9. Joe Horgdal, 10. John Klugherz, 11. Doug Hillson.

Heat #1: 1. Cummins, 2. Davis, 3. Wiste, 4. Misgen, 5. Horgdal, 6. Hillson.

Heat #2: 1. Mattick, 2. Scharkey, 3. Jensen, 4. Klugherz, 5. Wytaske.

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