Davis does it again at Chateau Raceway
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June 22, 2012  |  by Todd Narveson

LANSING, Minn. -- It was a picture perfect evening along the Cedar River Friday night at the Chateau Raceway.

The L&D Ag USRA B-Mods took the green flag for their 15-lap main event. Scott Demmer led comfortably until the late stages of the race. That was when Kylie Kath closed the gap and made a run on the final lap. Demmer would take win number three, but Kath was right up alongside at the checkered flag.

After a botched start, Jacob Dahle led the French’s Repair & Fabrication USRA Modifieds with Josh Mattick and Todd Scharkey in tow. Two-time defending track champion Jason Cummins bolted to fourth and brought Brandon Davis to fifth. Cummins drove past Mattick for third and Davis wasted no time and took fourth.

Up front Dahle, Scharkey and Cummins were in close formation. Cummins dove low on Scharkey and was second on lap six and was right on Dahle. Cummins again used the low line and stole the lead on lap seven. Davis continued his charge when he got by Scharkey for third on lap nine and then passed Dahle for second on lap 11.

Cummins who is looking for his first win here this year was checked out and gone up front until lap 15 when something let loose and he coasted off the track. Davis took over and led the rest of the way for his fifth win of the season and second in a row. Scharkey finished second with Dahle, A.J. Wiste and Darwyn Karau third through fifth.

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American Racer USRA Weekly Racing Series
Chateau Raceway, Lansing, Minn.
Friday, June 22, 2012


Feature: 1. Scott Demmer, 2. Kylie Kath, 3. Jerry Young, 4. Pete Kiley, 5. Terry Kohnert, 6. Todd Borwege.

Heat: 1. Demmer, 2. Kath, 3. Kiley, 4. Young, 5. Kohnert, 6. Borwege.


Feature: 1. Brandon Davis, 2. Todd Scharkey, 3. Jacob Dahle, 4. A.J. Wiste, 5. Darwyn Karau, 6. Josh Mattick, 7. Jeremy Misgen, 8. Greg Jensen, 9. Michael Wytaske, 10. Jason Cummins, 11. Doug Hillson.

Heat #1: 1. Cummins, 2. Hillson, 3. Mattick, 4. Davis, 5. Wiste, 6. Karau.

Heat #2: 1. Dahle, 2. Scharkey, 3. Wytaske, 4. Jensen, 5. Misgen.

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