Davis, Fecht score at Deer Creek
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July 14, 2012

SPRING VALLEY, Minn. -- Trevor Fecht jumped into the early lead with Parker Hale in second during the Hinz Trucking USRA B-Mod feature. Shaun Walski sat in third while a three wide race for fifth ensued. A caution flew on lap three slowing the field with Fecht leading on the restart followed by Hale and Walski. Walski took over second while Hale and Jacob Bleess raced for the third spot. Another caution on lap five slowed the field and on the restart Fecht jumped back out front while Kylie Kath, Hale and Bleess were three wide for second. With seven complete they were still three wide for second until Hale took control of the spot. Another caution with eight down saw Fecht leading again with Kath jumping into the second spot. Kath started to work the high side and slowly gained ground on Fecht up front. Kath was able to pull up to Fecht a couple times but unable to complete a pass. Fecht came home with his first career feature win followed by Kath, Hale, Brady Keefe from twentieth and Scott Demmer.

Todd Scharkey blasted past Jake Timm on the opening lap of the NAPA AutoCare USRA Modified feature event with Brandon Davis moving into third. On lap three Davis and Lucas Schott were side by side for the second spot. Schott took the spot on lap four. Schott moved up to race for second and on lap nine was all over the back bumper of Timm. On lap eleven Davis moved up to join the race for second as they exited turn four three wide for the spot. With Davis in second Schott took a strong move to the outside of Timm for the third spot. They touched bringing out the caution and sending Schott to the rear. On the restart Scharkey held a slight edge with Davis working down low. Davis pulled alongside on lap eighteen and then took control of the race. Jason Cummins and Mike Sorensen worked past Timm to move into third and fourth as the laps wound down. At the finish it was Davis with the win ahead of Scharkey, Cummins, Sorensen and Timm.

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American Racer USRA Weekly Racing Series
Deer Creek Speedway, Spring Valley, Minn.
Saturday, July 14, 2012


Feature: Trevor Fecht, Kylie Kath, Parker Hale, Brady Keefe, Scott Demmer, Ben Moudry, Erik Kanz, Alan Wagner, Jacob Bleess, Tony Vaith, Justin McMahan, Patrick McCarthy, Mike Chisholm, Kasey Knutson, Jerry Young, Josh Smith, Matt Buddenberg, John Warrington, Shaun Walski, Tucker Breitung, Matt Olson, Leigh Volkman, Taylor Ausrud, Dean Hoffman.

Heat #1: Kath, Fecht, Walski, Volkman, Olson, Vaith, Breitung, Moudry.

Heat #2: Hale, Bleess, Demmer, Hoffman, Buddenberg, Smith, Keefe, Knutson.

Heat #3: Young, Kanz, Wagner, Ausrud, McMahan, Chisholm, McCarthy, Warrington.


"A" Feature: Brandon Davis, Todd Scharkey, Jason Cummins, Mike Sorensen, Jake Timm, Mark Teske, Nate Wasmund, J.J. Wise, Joe Horgdal, Bobby Swanson, Dan Bohr, Lucas Schott, Joel Alberts, Josh Angst, Kurt Krauskopf, Troy Hovey, Cole Queensland, Les Duellman, Doug Hillson, Mick Glenn, Brandon Hare, Lance Hofer, Greg Jensen, Luke Schilling, Darwyn Karau, James Broszeit.

"B" Feature: Queensland, Broszeit, Glenn, Jensen, Schilling, Hillson, Brian Shaw, Don Gerritsen Jr., Bill Clemens, Mark Noble, Mike Gibson, Ric Fynbo, LeRoy Scharkey.

Heat #1: Bohr, Wise, T. Scharkey, Wasmund, Hare, Broszeit, Glenn, Noble, Gibson.

Heat #2: Schott, Teske, Alberts, Duellman, Hofer, Jensen, Gerritsen Jr., Fynbo.

Heat #3: Cummins, J. Timm, Angst, Hovey, Horgdal, Queensland, Schilling, Shaw.

Heat #4: Davis, Sorensen, Krauskopf, Swanson, Karau, Clemens, Hillson, L. Scharkey.

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