Kath sweeps both USRA B-Mod mains at Chateau Raceway
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July 20, 2012  |  by Todd Narveson

LANSING, Minn. -- Race fans got their money's worth this week with six features from last week’s rainout plus a full regular show on tap. The 27-race program saw Kylie Kath sweep the USRA B-Mods, while the other classes all saw different winners.

Terry Kohnert jumped out and led the first six laps of the L&D Ag USRA B-Mod make-up feature. Then Kylie Kath put up a strong challenge and made the pass on lap seven. Kath would hold on even with a couple of yellows for his third win of the season. Josh Mattick was second with Scott Demmer and Terry Kohnert the only cars left of the eight-car field.

Jason Cummins looked like he was going to run away and hide during the French’s Repair & Fabrication USRA Modified make-up feature. Cummins had a big advantage while Doug Hillson worked past A.J. Wiste for second. A late-race yellow would bring the pack back to Cummins.

Hillson gave Cummins a couple of scares, but Cummins held off his charge to win his first of the season with Hillson right on the doorstep at the end. Joel Alberts finished third with Brandon Davis fourth and Wiste was fifth.

After preliminary heat races were run and the candy drop for the kids was handled it was time to crank up the remainder of the program.

Kath won his second main event of the night and fourth of the season in the USRA B-Mod feature. Demmer made a late-race pass of Mattick for second while Justin McMahan was third, John Warrington fourth and Kohnert fifth.

Cummins and Greg Jensen led the 17-car field to the green in the USRA Modified feature. Cummins took off with Todd Scharkey and Bobby Swanson second and third. Jensen dinged off the wall and brought out the yellow flag. Ninth starter Davis took off on the restart and got by Scharkey and Swanson for second on lap 3.

Cummins was seven car-lengths out front when Davis got to second. Swanson and Scharkey had a good battle going for third. Davis reeled in Cummins and on lap 7 was within a car-length. Cummins ran the bottom and Davis took to the top and the race for the lead was on.

They went side by side on laps 12-13, but Cummins held on. Davis regrouped and again pulled even with the leader on lap 16. Davis drove past and pulled away until the leaders entered heavy lapped traffic with just a couple of laps left.

Cummins gave it one last run on the final lap, but Davis held on for eighth win and made it five in a row. Swanson’s good run ended in third while Scharkey was fourth and Mattick finished fifth.

There is no racing at Chateau Raceway next Friday, July 27. Racing will resume on Friday, Aug. 3.

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American Racer USRA Weekly Racing Series
Chateau Raceway, Lansing, Minn.
Friday, July 20, 2012


Make-Up Feature (from July 13): Kylie Kath, Josh Mattick, Scott Demmer, Terry Kohnert, Pete Kiley, Justin McMahan, Todd Borwege, John Warrington.

Feature: Kylie Kath, Scott Demmer, Josh Mattick, Justin McMahan, John Warrington, Terry Kohnert, Todd Borwege, Pete Kiley.

Heat: Kath, Mattick, Demmer, Warrington, McMahan, Kohnert, Borwege, Kiley.


Make-Up Feature (From July 13): Jason Cummins, Doug Hillson, Joel Alberts, Brandon Davis, A.J. Wiste, Todd Scharkey, Jeremy Misgen, Greg Jensen, David Schuster, Josh Mattick, Darwyn Karau, Joe Horgdal, Brian Shaw, Dave Wytaske Jr.

Feature: Brandon Davis, Jason Cummins, Bobby Swanson, Todd Scharkey, Josh Mattick, Doug Hillson, Jacob Dahler, A.J. Wiste, Darwyn Karau, Joel Alberts. Brian Shaw, Joe Horgdal, Billy Steinberg, Davis Schuster, Jeremy Misgen, Dave Wytaske Jr., Greg Jensen.

Heat #1: Wiste, Scharkey, Hillson, Steinberg, Alberts, Dahle.

Heat #2: Mattick, Misgen, Swanson, Jensen, Wytaske Jr.

Heat #3: Davis, Karau, Cummins, Horgdal, Schuster.

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