Alberts, Hale first-time winners at Deer Creek Speedway
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August 11, 2012

SPRING VALLEY, Minn. -- Saturday night at the Deer Creek Speedway, the Hinz Trucking USRA B-Mods were first on the track for their feature event with Parker Hale, Mike Jaeger and Josh Smith racing for the lead out of turn two. Hale took command of the event on lap three as Smith dropped back and Jacob Bleess moved up to challenge him for second. With four down Hale led with Bleess and Smith still side by side for the second spot as the caution flew over the field.

On the restart Hale took off out front with Bleess now into second. Smith sat in third with Ben Moudry and Brady Keefe racing for the fourth spot. On the next circuit Moudry moved past Smith for the third spot. Jerry Young now worked under Smith for the fourth spot. By lap ten Kylie Kath had moved into the top five and was pressuring Young for the fourth spot. With twelve down Hale was pulling away out front with Moudry and Bleess battling for the second spot.

Bleess kept control of the spot while Kath got pinched into the turn one wall allowing Scott Demmer to crack the top five as the laps wound down. Hale took home the victory his first feature win at Deer Creek Speedway followed by Bleess, Moudry, Young and Demmer.

Bleess and Demmer won heat races in preliminary action.

In the NAPA AutoCare USRA Modified feature Joel Alberts jumped out front with Bob Timm in second. Mike Sorensen and Mark Teske raced for the third spot early on. Sorensen worked past Timm for second with Teske following through in third. Jacob Dahle and Brandon Davis raced for the fifth spot while Lucas Schott and Steve Wetzstein joined them for a four car battle during the mid-part of the race.

Teske worked past Sorensen on lap fifteen to take over the second spot while Alberts cruised up front in the lead. Brandon Davis took over the fourth spot as Timm faded back through the field. Alberts was on a rail out front and cruised home around the bottom of the speedway to take home his first ever feature win at the speedway. Teske, Sorensen, Davis and Schott rounded out the top five with hard Charger Nate Wasmund coming from eighteenth to take home sixth.

Wetzstein, Schott and Davis were heat winners.

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American Racer USRA Weekly Racing Series
Deer Creek Speedway, Spring Valley, Minn.
Saturday, Aug. 11, 2012


Feature Parker Hale, Jacob Bleess, ben Moudry, Jerry Young, Scott Demmer, Kylie Kath, Brady Keefe, Alan Wagner, Erik Kanz, Josh Smith, Wade Wenzel, Aaron Haggerty, John Warrington, Mike Chisholm, Mike Jaeger, Kenny Boge Jr., Steve Quinnell.

Heat 1 Bleess, Moudry, hale, Kath, Keefe, Wagner, Warrington, Wenzel, Quinnell.

Heat 2 Demmer, Kanz, young, Jaeger, Smith, Chisholm, Boge, Haggerty.


Feature Joel Alberts, Mark Teske, Mike Sorensen, Brandon Davis, Lucas Schott, Nate Wasmund, Steve Wetzstein, Jacob Dahle, AJ Wiste, Josh Angst, Jake Timm, Bob Timm, Todd Scharkey, Joe Horgdal, JJ Wise, Jay Ihrke, LeRoy Scharkey, Dan Bohr, Jeremy Brogaard, Ric Fynbo, Greg Jensen, Les Duellman, James Broszeit, Billy Steinberg.

Heat 1 Wetzstein, Sorensen, Dahle, Ihrke, T. Scharkey, Wasmund, L. Scharkey, Steinberg.

Heat 2 Lucas Schott, Joel Alberts, Jake Timm, Dan Bohr, Greg Jensen, Joe Horgdal, Ric Fynbo.

Heat 3 Davis, B. Timm, Angst, Teske, Broszeit, Wise, Duellman, Brogaard.

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