Schott, Bleess back on top at Deer Creek Speedway
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August 18, 2012

SPRING VALLEY, Minn. -- With 110 cars checked into the back gate on Hartland Fuels and Minnesota Port Producers Night at the Deer Creek Speedway, the fans rolled into the stands and the racing action was set to begin.

Erik Kanz jumped out front in the Hinz Trucking USRA B-Mods with Josh Smith in second. Jerry Young ran in third early on. Jacob Bleess moved around Young for the third spot on lap two. With three complete Bleess started to pressure Smith for the second spot as a caution flew over the field. On the restart Bleess pressured Kanz from the drop of the green and took the lead on lap four. Kylie Kath followed Bleess into the second spot and on lap seven pulled alongside to challenge for the lead. Kath led lap eight as Shaun Walski moved into the top five. On the next lap Brady Keefe moved past Walski for the fifth spot while up front Bleess kept close to Kath up front. With twelve down Keefe worked into fourth with Walski moving into fifth right behind him. Bleess pulled alongside of Kath up front as the white flag flew over the speedway. Bleess made the bottom stick and took home the win ahead of Kath, Kanz, Keefe and Walski. Young and Bleess took home the heat race wins.

In the NAPA AutoCare USRA modfieds Brandon Aggen took the early lead with Lucas Schott and Jay Ihrke racing for second ahead of Mike Sorensen. Schott took over second on lap two with Ihrke regaining the spot on lap three. Sorensen started to challenge Schott for third on lap three while Joel Alberts and Brandon Davis raced for fifth. A restart on lap four saw Aggen leading with Sorensen and Schott racing for second. Schott took the second spot while Mark Noble raced Alberts for fifth. With fourteen down Schott started to close up on Aggen up front and Sorensen close behind in third. On lap sixteen they closed up on slower cars and while working slower traffic Sorensen moved low to work around a car leaving Ihrke enough room to fly by into third. With twenty two laps completed Schott got the lower line working and pulled alongside of Aggen for the lead. Schott took the lead on lap twenty two and held on for his first win of the season at the speedway. Aggen stayed in second ahead of Ihrke, Sorensen and Alberts.

Racing action resumes next weekend with the Point Champions being crowned in all six classes at the speedway. Racing action is set to start at 6:00.

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American Racer USRA Weekly Racing Series
Deer Creek Speedway, Spring Valley, Minn.
Saturday, Aug. 18, 2012


Feature: Jacob Bleess, Kylie Kath, Erik Kanz, Brady Keefe, Shaun Walski, Parker Hale, Josh Smith, Alan Wagner, Scott Demmer, Josh Mattick, Brandon hare, Taylor Ausrud, Steve Qunnell, Jerry Young, Mike Chisholm, Kenny Boge Jr., Matt Olson.

Heat #1: Young, Mattick, Walski, Kath, Smith, boge Jr., Hare, Chisholm, Olson.

Heat #2: Bleess, Wagner, Kanz, hale, Demmer, Keefe, Ausrud, Quinnell.


"A" Feature: Lucas Schott, Brandon Aggen, Jay Ihrke, Mike Sorensen, Joel Alberts, Mark Noble, Mark Teske, Josh Angst, Ryan Ruter, nate Wasmund, Willy Kraft, Steve Wetzstein, Jacob Dahle, Tommy Myer, Jeremy Brogaard, Jake Timm, JJ Wise, Joe Horgdal, Cole Queensland, Tom brink, Chris Gilbertson, Greg Jensen, Brian Albrecht, LeRoy Scharkey, Brandon Davis, Todd Scharkey.

"B" Feature: Horgdal, brink, T. Scharkey, Brogaard, Jensen, Brian Albrecht, Phil Wernert, Ric Fynbo, James Parker, Josh Mattick, Brian Shaw.

Heat #1: Sorensen, Ihrke, Wise, Kraft, Dahle, T. Scharkey, Brink, Albrecht.

Heat #2: Schott, Aggen, Ruter, Wetzstein, Timm, Horgdal, Fynbo. Shaw.

Heat #3: Queensland, Teske, Alberts, Wasmund, Gilbertson, Mattick, Jensen, Parker.

Heat #4: Noble, Davis, Angst, Myer, L. Scharkey, Brogaard, Wernert.

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