Jackson emerges in Iron Man thriller at Deer Creek
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September 15, 2012  |  by Jason Feldman, Post-Bulletin

SPRING VALLEY, Minn. -- Steve Jackson made the most of his first visit to Deer Creek Speedway Saturday.

The USRA Stock Car driver from Polk City, Iowa, patiently watched three other drivers battle for the lead in Saturday's feature race for the first 15 laps of the 20-lap Industrial Material Surplus Iron Man Challenge race.

Jackson moved into second place with four laps remaining, then moved up to the top of the track and passed Lynn Panos with two laps to go. Jackson remained up on the top side of the track for the rest of the race and beat Panos to the checkered flag by two car-lengths.

"The top of the track was a little slimy at first," Jackson said, "but it really came in and we had four or five good lanes to race in."

That led to some three- and even four-wide battles for positions. In fact, polesitter Darin Toot, Danny Cole and Tom Schmitt were three-wide for the lead on two consecutive laps early in the race.

The yellow flag came out for the only time before the first lap of the race could be completed. After that, it went 20 uninterrupted laps. And Jackson, who started ninth, got the best of the 22-car field.

"It got a little hairy there for a while," Jackson said of the multiple three-wide battles, "but it was a lot of fun."

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American Racer USRA Weekly Racing Series
Industrial Material Surplus Iron Man Challenge
Deer Creek Speedway, Spring Valley, Minn.
Saturday, Sept. 15, 2012


Feature: 1. Steve Jackson (Polk City, Iowa); 2. Lynn Panos (Protivin, Iowa); 3. Danny Cole (Lansing, Iowa); 4. Tom Schmitt (Independence, Iowa); 5. Kyle Falck (Decorah, Iowa); 6. Darin Toot (Albert Lea); 7. Danny Sacquitne (Decorah, Iowa); 8. Shawn Peter (Mabel); 9. Arlen Hoy (Marble Rock, Iowa); 10. Derek Dettmann (Monroe, Iowa); 11. Malcom Teachout (Granada); 12. Matt Jones (Waukon, Iowa); 13. Jake Ludeking (Decorah); 14. Ryan Goergen (Stacyville, Iowa); 15. Jake Lampert (Caledonia); 16. Casey Sebastian (Cresco, Iowa); 17. Mike Bergan (Cresco); 18. Kevin Donlan (Decorah, Iowa); 19. Darrin Korthals (Rock Rapids, Iowa); 20. Mike Mauer (Cedar Falls, Iowa); 21. Rich Gregoire (Russell); 22. Tory Reicks (Waucoma, Iowa).

Heat #1: 1. Sacquitne, 2. Korthals, 3. Toot, 4. Mauer, 5. Ludeking, 6. Teachout, 7. Bergan, 8. Lampert.

Heat #2: 1. Cole, 2. Jones, 3. Panos, 4. Goergen, 5. Peter, 6. Dettmann, 7. Gregoire.

Heat #3: 1. Reicks, 2. Schmidt, 3. Jackson, 4. Donlan, 5. Hoy, 6. Sebastian, 7. Falck.

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