Sanders, Higley top of their class Sunday at Lakeside Speedway
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April 28, 2013  |  by Bob Libbey

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Rodney Sanders wasn’t going to stop by Lakeside Speedway this afternoon. He was on his way back home to Happy, Texas. A USMTS regular, he was ready to make a bee-line back south but instead he let a fellow competitor convince him that he needed to race at Lakeside. As it turns out it’s was a good thing he did as he took home the hardware in the 20-lap USRA Modified feature.

Starting inside row 4, it took Sanders half the circuits to maneuver through the field but he still wasn’t catching the early leader, Aaron Marrant. Then a caution came on lap 12 that bunched the field together. On the restart Sanders was able set the right rear on the cushion and overtake Marrant coming out of four. Marrant gave chase and was able to use the same move to regain the lead on lap 15 and the two then battled side by side for the remaining 5 laps. Sanders would regain the lead and eventual win but only by a bumper.

Not to be outdone, the battle for third, fourth and fifth was every bit as entertaining. Darron Fuqua, Austin Siebert and Chad Lyle were at times three wide for the last half of the race. Lyle, who was running third at the beginning of the race, could not hold off the advances of either Fuqua or Siebert and would settle for fifth, behind both at the drop of the checkers.

When 44 USRA B-Mods show up it can be anybody’s race. Today that anybody was Kansas City, Mo.’s Mike Higley. Higley, who qualified for the feature by winning the fifth heat, needed both a fast running car and a bit of luck to register his eighth career win in the USRA B-Mod division. While it took him 8 of the 12 laps to catch up to and finally pass early race leader, Aaron Marrant, it was a hood pin rattling loose on the last lap that almost cost him the race. As the white flag was being displayed and with the hood now bent up and partially obstructing his view, Higley’s speed decreased and Marrant was able to do like he had done in the A-Mod feature…gain ground on the leader at the very end. Had he had one more lap Marrant may have taken the win but instead settled for a second, second-place finish of the night.

For the second week in a row Jake Richards was able to find some last lap speed to go from sixth to fourth at the line, finishing right behind defending champion, Nick Newton. Steve Goodman would round out the top five, finishing at the door of Richards.

Racing on the rivers edge continues every Friday night through October with the USRA Modifieds and USRA B-Mods plus Grand Nationals and Factory Stocks. Gates open at 5 p.m., hot laps start at 6:45 and the first race gets under way at 7:30.

For more information on special events or ticket information call the Lakeside Speedway office at 913-299-9206 or visit


USRA Weekly Racing Series
Lakeside Speedway, Kansas City Kan.
Sunday, April 28, 2013


1 (7) 20 Rodney Sanders, Happy, Texas
2 (1) 34a Aaron Marrant, Orrick, Mo.
3 (12) 87 Darron Fuqua, Mayetta
4 (8) 16 Austin Siebert, Grandview, Mo.
5 (2) 96 Chad Lyle, Oak Grove, Mo.
6 (11) 1k Tim Karrick, Basehor
7 (9) 8 Mark Hoover, Maryville, Mo.
8 (13) 90 Terry Schultz, Sedalia, Mo.
9 (16) 77 Cody Agler, Emporia
10 (5) 88d Matt Dotson, Sturgeon, Mo.
11 (19) 3 Larry Harvey Jr., Kansas City
12 (15) 99 Tim North Jr., Olathe
13 (10) 3b Nic Bidinger, Perry
14 (17) 81 Dan Charles, Basehor
15 (23) 9 Don Marrs, Shawnee
16 (22) 28 Jerry Liston Jr., Kansas City
17 (3) 99h Trevor Hunt, Kearney, Mo.
18 (18) 56r Brian Troxel, Centralia, Mo.
19 (20) 28L Nick Little, Plattsburg, Mo.
20 (14) 16s Mike Ryun, Pleasant Valley, Mo.
21 (4) 68 Kerry Davis, Parkville, Mo.
22 (6) 0 Joe Cobb, Kansas City
23 (21) 92 Tyler Grooms, Trenton, Mo.
DNS - 26 Steve Hanna, Kansas City


1 (6) 11 Mike Higley, Kansas City, Mo.
2 (1) 70 Aaron Marrant, Orrick, Mo.
3 (5) X33 Nick Newton, Kansas City
4 (7) 4J Jake Richards, Edwards
5 (2) 22g Steve Goodman, Meriden, Mo.
6 (11) 99 Brad Smith, Belton, Mo.
7 (10) 11x Tim Setzer, Archie, Mo.
8 (9) 73b Shad Badder, Oak Grove, Mo.
9 (8) 42 Gene Claxton, Kansas City, Mo.
10 (19) 21c Chad Clancy, Smithville, Mo.
11 (4) 181 Luke Nieman, Nortonville
12 (3) 44x Sam Schuler Jr., Kansas City
13 (16) 5 Dakota Foster, Gardner
14 (12) 17 Dean Galvan, Bonner Springs
15 (14) 38 Matt Pugh, Overland Park
16 (18) 28s Dave Holcomb, Kansas City
17 (17) 57s Royce Stanley Jr., Kansas City
18 (20) 44c Troy Carlyle, Kearney, Mo.
19 (23) 11jr Randal Schiffelbein Jr., Tecumseh
20 (15) 74 Rodney Schweizer, Kansas City
21 (24) 44m Mike Mccullough, Kansas City
22 (13) 3j Joe Pete Brugnoni, Kansas City, Mo.
23 (21) 0 Richard Layne, Kansas City, Mo.
24 (22) 18 Frank Littrell, Claycomo, Mo.

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