Davis, Bleess bag checkers at Deer Creek Speedway
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June 1, 2013  |  by Bill Nelson

SPRING VALLEY, Minn. -- Mother Nature tried to dampen the racers spirits again this weekend. A beautiful morning and slightly warm afternoon turned to overcast and cool evening temperatures. 112 cars pulled into the pit area to do battle on the speedway after overnight rains left the pit area damp and soft.

The first feature to pull onto the track to do battle was the Left Lane Transport USRA B-Mods. Erik Kanz, Alex Williamson set the pace for the field out of turn two. Kanz took the lead with Kylie Kath and Alan Wagner racing for third. With two down Kanz led while Dan Wheeler moved his ride into the top five. Jacob Bleess moved up to race with Wheeler for the fifth spot as a caution flew on lap seven. On the restart Kanz led while Kath pushed up in turn four starting a scramble for the third spot as Wheeler, Wagner and Bleess were three wide for the position. On the next lap Williamson pushed up allowing Wheeler and Bleess to race for second. Cole Queensland raced with Williamson for fourth. With ten complete Bleess and Wheeler pressured Kanz for the top spot as they continued to race side by side for second. Another caution flew on lap twelve and on the restart Bleess took over second behind Kanz. Bleess challenged for the lead on lap fourteen as they crossed the line side by side. Queensland moved into third and pressured Kanz for the second spot as the laps wound down. At the finish it was Bleess with the win, Kanz, Queensland, Wheeler and Williamson rounding out the top five. Kath, Brady Keefe and Shaun Walski won the heat races earlier in the night.

The final race of the night was the NAPA AutoCare USRA Modifieds with Kelly Shryock, Tommy Myer and Brad Waits battling for the lead on lap one. Waits took control of the race early as Myer and Shryock raced for second. Nate Wasmund and Brandon Davis raced for fourth early on. Davis took fourth on lap three and then moved alongside of Shryock for the third spot. Myer closed in on Waits up front as Davis held of Shryock for third. With seven down Davis started to close in on Myer in second and on lap eight took over the runner up spot. Jason Cummins cracked the top five moving past Wasmund for fifth. A caution with eleven down saw Waits lead. Davis in second with Myer close behind in third. On lap sixteen Cummins moved past Myer for the third spot as Davis worked alongside of Waits for the lead. Davis took the spot while further back twenty-third starting Adam Hensel found the top side to his liking and started to challenge Wasmund and Shryock who had been locked in a tight race for the fifth spot. With nineteen laps down Cummins moved past Waits for the second spot but was unable to gain o n Davis out front. At the checkers it was Davis with the win, Cummins, Waits, Myer and Wasmund in the top five. Heat races were won by Waits, Shryock and Todd Scharkey.

Racing resumes next week with action in all six classes at the speedway. Start time of 6:00 for the big track and slingshots racing at 3:00. For more information visit us online at www.deercreekspeedway.com or "LIKE" our Facebook Page. You can also follow us on Twitter @DeerCreekSpeed (#TheCreek) or on our YouTube Channel.


USRA Weekly Racing Series
Deer Creek Speedway, Spring Valley, Minn.
Saturday, June 1, 2013


Feature - Jacob Bleess, Erik Kanz, Cole Queensland, Dan Wheeler, Alex Williamson, Scott Demmer, Brandon Hare, Ben Moudry, Kylie Kath, Shaun Walski, Brady Keefe, Dustin Sorensen, Kadden Kath, Alan Wagner, Steve Amundson, Matt Olson, Mike Chisholm, Michael Chisholm, Jared Walters, Lee Jonsgaard, Dean Hoffman, Taylor Ausrud, Derek Clement, Cody Gardner, Steve Quinnell.

Heat 1 - Ky. K ath, Williamson, Kanz, Moudry, Jonsgaard, Clement, Mike Chisholm, Olson, Quinnell.

Heat 2 - Keefe, Wheeler, Queensland, Ka. Kath, Demmer, Hoffman, Ausrud, Walters.

Heat 3 - Walski, Bleess, Wagner, Amundson, Gardner, Hare, Michael Chisholm, Sorensen.


Feature - Brandon Davis, Jason Cummins, Brad Waits, Tommy Myer, Nate Wasmund, Kelly Shryock, Adam Hensel, Bob Timm, Tim Donlinger, Josh Angst, Jake Timm, Tom Brink, Todd Scharkey, Greg Jensen, Doug Hillson, Tyler Clark, Darwyn Karau, Jason Schlangen, Joel Alberts, Don Gerritsen Jr., Ben Moudry, Joe Horgdal, Michael Wytaske, James Parker, Steve Wetzstein, Joe Wernecke, Mike Sorensen, Chris Loberg.

Heat 1 - Waits, Alberts, Angst, Wasmund, Jensen, Brink, Gerritsen Jr., Horgdal, Parker, Loberg.

Heat 2 - Shryock, Cummins, Donlinger, Schlangen, Hillson, Clark, Wernecke, Hensel, Wytaske.

Heat 3 - Scharkey, Myer, B. Timm, Davis, Sorensen, J. Timm, Moudry, Wetzstein, Karau.

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