Davis, Kath hot at Chateau
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June 7, 2013  |  by Todd Narveson

LANSING, Minn. -- For the first time this season weather was not a factor at Chateau Raceway. It was a nice night for the kids “Gold Rush” night sponsored by French’s Repair and Fabrication along with Rent-N-Save.

The L&D Ag USRA B-Mod feature had a terrible time just trying to get the first lap in. There were three consecutive yellows, the last of which for a five-car pile-up. A single file start was necessary to get things going. Kylie Kath redrew the pole and dominated the 15-lap race for his third win in a row. Jerry Young worked by Mike Yeager for third on lap seven to finish second. Brandon Hare also passed Yeager for third while Yeager finished fourth and Kadden Kath was fifth.

Todd Scharkey and Darwyn Karau redrew the front row for the French’s Repair & Fabrication USRA Modified finale. They had the opportunity to forfeit their draw to start in the back. But neither driver was up to the Brew Pub Pizza Front Row Challenge so they kept their front row spots. Scharkey would take off up front but Keith Foss was on the move.

Foss started eighth and drove past Greg Jensen for fourth on lap four. The next circuit Foss bolted past Joe Horgdal for third as Brandon Davis raced from 10th to fifth. Foss continued his assault towards the front and passed Karau for second on lap nine. Davis was now fourth while Foss took off after Scharkey.

Foss reeled in Scharkey on lap 14 and Davis was up to third at this point. Foss was all over Scharkey up front on laps 17-19 and Davis closed in on the lead duo. Joe Wernecke went off of turn two and the yellow flag came out in lap 19. On the restart, Davis slipped past Foss for second and then challenged Scharkey for the lead.

Davis then zipped past Scharkey for the lead on lap 20 and drove on for his second win in a row and three in a row with the USMTS win on Thursday. Foss would get by Scharkey for second with Horgdal fourth and Greg Jensen was fifth. The Brew Pub Pizza Front Row Challenge now goes up to $800 next Friday which along with the feature win pay would total $1,400 it of is claimed.

Next Friday, June 14 is Fan Appreciation Night at the speedway. All fans will receive free admission in a special event sponsored by L&D Ag, Farm Boy BBQ and Misgen Auto Parts. Fans are also reminded of the new 7:00 p.m. start time this season. For more information please visit www.chateauraceway.net


USRA Weekly Racing Series
Chateau Raceway, Lansing, Minn.
Friday, June 7, 2013


Feature—Brandon Davis, Keith Foss, Todd Scharkey, Joe Horgdal, Greg Jensen, Darwyn Karau, Tyler Clark, Damon Haslip, Jeremy Misgen, Joe Wernecke.

First Heat—Scharkey, Davis, Foss, Wernecke, Misgen.

Second Heat—Karau, Jensen, Clark, Haslip, Horgdal.


Feature—Kylie Kath, Jerry Young, Brandon Hare, Mike Yeager, Kadden Kath, Josh Mattick, Jesse Baer, Jared Boumeester, Terry Kohnert, Brad Minske, Rick Utley, John Warrington, Justin McMahan, Jaiden Bastyr, A.J. Johnston (DNS).

First Heat—Kylie Kath, Mattick, Boumeester, Utley, Yeager, Baer, Bastyr.

Second Heat—Kadden Kath, Young, Hare, Warrington, Kohnert, Minkse, McMahan.

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