Fan Appreciation draws huge crowd at Chateau
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June 14, 2013  |  by Todd Narveson

LANSING, Minn. -- A beautiful day drew a huge crowd at Chateau Raceway for fan appreciation night. Every person that came out took advantage of the free front gate admission and they jammed the speedway full. L&D Ag of Hartland, Farm Boy BBQ of St. Ansgar, IA and Misgen Auto Parts of Ellendale sponsored the evening and made the fan appreciation night possible.

Two cautions started the L&D Ag USRA B-Mod feature. Jerry Young led until lap two when Kylie Kath zipped by. Jerad Boumeester moved to third with Kadden Kath and Josh Mattick right on him. Mattick drove to third and then challenged Young for second on lap seven and eight. Kadden Kath moved to third past Boumeester as older brother Kylie still led the pack.

Kylie Kath led until he spun with a flat left rear tire to trigger a caution. Mattick was then the leader with Kadden Kath all over him for the lead. They ran close on laps 11 and 12 until Kath stole the lead. The 14-year old Kath led the pack to the checkered flag for his first career win. Mattick was second and Young placed third. Boumeester finished fourth and Charlie Steinberg had a great run in fifth.

The most dramatic race of the night was the French’s Repair and Fabrication USRA Modified feature. Front row starters Jacob Dahle and Todd Scharkey both declined the Brew Pub Pizza Challenge so that bonus will rise to $900 next week. Scharkey took off from row one and left the field in his wake while Dahle, Tommy Myer and Damon Haslip tried to keep up.

Brandon Davis slipped in the top five and then slipped past Haslip on lap five to take fourth. Myer was right on Dahle for second while Scharkey was long gone up front. Dahle and Myer continued their battle while Davis reeled them in. Myer got to second on lap nine and now Davis caught Dahle for third. Davis took over on lap 14 and Joe Horgdal worked his way to fourth.

Scharkey still held a big lead as Davis caught Myer for second on lap 23. Davis was really hooked up on the low side of the track and got Myer for second shortly before the white flag. Scharkey was seven car lengths ahead when Davis took second. Davis really cranked it up and as the white flag flew and was three cars lengths behind.

Scharkey ran the top groove the entire race and negotiated around Jeremy Misgen onm the final lap. Davis got an incredible run down the backstretch and zoomed to the inside of Scharkey as they entered turn four. Davis motored by Scharkey as the crowd went absolutely beserk as Davis crossed under the checkered flag first. Myer would finish third with Horgdal fourth and Haslip fifth.


USRA Weekly Racing Series
Chateau Raceway, Lansing, Minn.
Friday, June 14, 2013


Feature: Kadden Kath, Josh Mattick, Jerry Young, Jared Boumeester, Billy Steinberg, Jesse Baer, Ryan Stebbins, Mike Chisholm, Jeremy Lebeau, Rick Utley, Brad Minske, Tanner Johnston, Max Anderson, Jared Walters, Kylie Kath, Terry Kohnert, Mike Jonsgaard, John Warrington, Matt Olson.

First Heat: Kylie Kath, Steinberg, Warrington, Olson, Lebeau, Baer, Walters.

Second Heat: Boumeester, Kadden Kath, Mattick, Utley, Chisholm, Johnston.

Third Heat: Anderson, Young, Stebbins, Jonsgaard, Kohnert, Minske.


Feature: Brandon Davis, Todd Scharkey, Tommy Myer, Joe Horgdal, Damon Haslip, Darwyn Karau, Jacob Dahle, Joel Alberts, Greg Jensen, Kevin Stoa, Jeremy Misgen, Craig Shaw, Joe Wernecke.

First Heat: Myer, Alberts, Dahle, Horgdal, Jensen, Shawm Wernecke.

Second Heat: Davis, Scharkey, Haslip, Karau, Misgen, Stoa.

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