McMackin, Dunn make some noise at RPM Speedway
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June 14, 2013

USRA Weekly Racing Series
RPM Speedway, Crandall, Texas
Friday, June 14, 2013


Make-up Feature (from May 24): 1. Clyde Dunn Jr., 2. Matt Deaver, 3. Kevin Sustaire, 4. Charlie Smith, 5. Bobby Ruffin, 6. Lee McCullough, 7. Jim Knight, 8. Elliott Davis, 9. Richard Wray, 10. Johnny Philpot, 11. Dennis Zimmerman, 12. Tristan Dycus, 13. Sean Jones, 14. Scotty Brown, 15. Doug Byrns, 16. Steve McMackin, 17. Billy Brierton, DNS - Archie Whitt Jr., William Gould, Michael Needham, Darrell Turner, Bobby Malcus.

Heat #1: 1. Matt Deaver, 2. Steve McMackin, 3. Jim Knight, 4. Richard Wray, 5. Chris Huckeba, DNS - Dennis Zimmerman, Doug Byrns.

Heat #2: 1. Bobby Ruffin, 2. Chaz Exum, 3. Lee McCullough, 4. Billy Brierton, DNS - Elliott Davis, Tristan Dycus, Kevin Sustaire.

Heat #3: 1. Clyde Dunn Jr., 2. Johnny Philpot, 3. Scotty Brown, 4. Charlie Smith, DNS - Cody Smith, Sean Jones.

Feature: 1. Steve McMackin, 2. Clyde Dunn Jr., 3. Bobby Ruffin, 4. Charlie Smith, 5. Matt Deaver, 6. Chaz Exum, 7. Jim Knight, 8. Tristan Dycus, 9. Scotty Brown, 10. Chris Huckeba, 11. Lee McCullough, 12. Johnny Philpot, 13. Doug Byrns, 14. Billy Brierton, 15. Richard Wray, 16. Elliott Davis, DNS - Sean Jones, Kevin Sustaire, Dennis Zimmerman, Cody Smith.

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