Waits ends Davis’ win streak at Chateau Raceway
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June 21, 2013

Brad Waits celebrates in victory lane after his USRA Modified feature win on Friday, June 21, at the Chateau Raceway in Lansing, Minn.

LANSING, Minn. -- The race program went on Friday night at the Chateau Raceway despite heavy rains all around the Lansing area. A season high 101 cars signed in to race on Albert Lea Steel and The New Smitty’s Tavern Night.

A season-high 27 L&D Ag USRA B-Mods turned out this week and 20 of them took the green flag for their 15-lap feature. Unfortunately that was about the only action the green flag would see. Two quick yellows before lap 2 could be completed slowed things down. Then Scott Demmer got turned and collected six cars for another yellow flag.

Kadden Kath and Chad Dugan raced for the lead, but then Kath spun after contact by Dugan for yet another yellow on lap two. On the restart three cars piled up in turn one for the fifth yellow and that chopped five laps off the length of the race. The green stayed out long enough for Kylie Kath to take the lead on lap 3 and Jacob Bleess slipped to second. Demmer stalled on lap three for the sixth caution flag.

That brought a green-white-checkered finish for what would be a five-lap main event. Kath held on for his fourth win of the season with Bleess in second. Kadden Kath was third while Brian Schrage finished fourth and Dan Hovden was fifth.

Kadden Kath (pink 83), Kylie Kath (green 83) and Jacob Blees (21) battle during the USRA B-Mod feature.

Kylie Kath in victory lane after his USRA B-Mod feature win on Friday, June 21, at the Chateau Raceway in Lansing, Minn.

Darwyn Karau and Josh Angst drew the first row of the USRA Modified feature. Both drivers rejected their shot at the Brew Pub Pizza Front Row Challenge, so next week the potential bonus to race from the back to the front goes to $1,000.

The race was called back on the initially as it was a ragged start and then Karau bolted off the front row for the lead. The race was slowed on lap 2 when Joe Wernecke and Josh Angst tangled to trigger a six-car pile-up. Karau took off while Brad Waits moved to second. Waits challenged Karau on laps 3 and 4 as Brandon Davis was up to third.

Karau pulled away and was in command until a broken U-joint ended his tremendous run. Waits took over from there and drove smoothly through lapped traffic for his first win of the season and that ended Davis’ three-race win streak. Davis finished second with Kevin Stoa third, Don Shaw fourth and Damon Haslip was fifth.

Brad Waits (24) works the inside of Jacob Dahle (left), Todd Scharkey (middle) and Brandon Davis (top).


USRA Weekly Racing Series
Chateau Radceway, Lansing, Minn.
Friday, June 21, 2013


"A" Feature: Kylie Kath, Jacob Bleess, Kadden Kath, Brian Schrage, Dan Hovden, Jon VanMinsel, Dustin Sorensen, Mike Wiltse, Charlie Steinberg, John Warrington, Tim Heins, Kyle Anderson, Scott Demmer, Chad Dugan, Max Anderson, Todd Schaufenbuel, Terry Kohnert, Brian Mahlstedt, Justin McMahan, Mike Yeager.

"B" Feature: K. Anderson, Hovden, Wiltse, Yeager, Tanner Johnston, Jesse Baer, Josh Mattick, Brady Keefe, Taylor Ausrud, Brad Minske, Rick Utley.

Heat #1: Mahlstedt, Heins, Dugan, Kohnert, Wiltse, Keefe, Utley.

Heat #2: Kadden Kath, VanMinsel, Kylie Kath, Sorensen, Mattick, K. Anderson, Yeager.

Heat #3: Bleess, McMahan, Schrage, Schaufenbuel, Baer, Minske, Hovden.

Heat #4: M. Anderson, Warrington, Demmer, Steinberg, Johnston, Ausrud.


Feature: Brad Waits, Brandon Davis, Kevin Stoa, Don Shaw, Damon Haslip, Josh Angst, Todd Scharkey, Tyler Clark, Greg Jensen, Jeremy Misgen, Joe Wernecke, Darwyn Karau, Craig Shaw, Jacob Dahle, Joe Horgdal, Mike Sorensen (DNS).

Heat #1: Angst, Stoa, Davis, Wernecke, Clark, Shaw.

Heat #2: Haslip, Dahle, Horgdal, Scharkey, Jensen.

Heat #3: Sorensen, Karau, Waits, Shaw, Misgen.

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