Davis, Cummins take USRA Modified features, Bleess tops USRA B-Mods at Deer Creek Speedway
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June 29, 2013

SPRING VALLEY, Minn. -- A field of 127 cars checked into the back gate for the AgStar Financial Firecracker Special at Deer Creek Speedway Saturday night. Once again the track crew had to work hard after an overnight soaker hit the track. The crew provided a good hard surface during the heat races and then reworked the track before the features to give the drivers the best racing surface of the season. Thanks to Mother Nature last week there was a little unfinished business as the final feature of the night was rained out.

The first feature of the night on the speedway was the makeup NAPA AutoCare USRA Modified feature. Nate Wasmund jumped out front on the initial start only to have the caution fly as Lucas Schott, Bob Timm, Brad Waits, Jason Schlangen, Darwyn Karau and Brandon Davis all involved in a pile-up in turn 2. On the restart Jason Cummins took advantage of the yellow to jump out to the early lead. Wasmund sat in second with Dan Bohr in third. Brad Waits and Steve Wetzstein battled for fourth. Bohr started to challenge Wasmund for the second spot as Wasmund suddenly slowed with front end problems. On the restart, Cummins blasted out front again while Wetzstein and Waits still raced for the third spot behind Bohr. Tommy Myer and Mike Sorensen raced for the fifth spot. With nine laps completed Josh Angst moved up to race with Myer and Sorensen for the fifth spot. Cummins pulled out to a straight-away lead by lap 15 while Waits and Wetzstein still dueled for third. On lap 18, Wetzstein finally took over the third spot while Myer rounded out the top 5. Cummins cruised home to a half-lap lead over Bohr, Wetzstein, Waits and Myer.

The Left Lane Transport USRA B-Mods pulled onto the track and put on an entertaining show as well. Jacob Bleess got the good draw and started on the pole and led lap 1 while Kylie Kath and Parker Hale raced for the second spot early on. The field reset on a lap-3 caution with Kath taking the lead. Hale and Bleess raced for second while Cole Queensland moved into fourth. Bleess took over the second spot and then passed Kath for the lead on lap 4. Another restart on lap five saw Bleess leading while Queensland and Kath battled for second. Queensland took over the second spot and set sail on Bleess up front. With eight laps down, Queensland got a good run and took the lead from Bleess just as the caution flew over the speedway again. Bleess led on the restart with Queensland in second just ahead on Brian Mahlstedt. Erik Kanz and Ben Moudry raced for the fourth spot. As the checkers flew, Bleess held on for the win over Queensland, Mahlstadt, Moudry and Kanz.

Brad Waits led the high-powered NAPA AutoCare USRA Modifieds to the green flag with Josh Angst close behind in second. Lucas Schott was close behind in third. Schott moved up to race with Angst as the two split Waits to race for the lead. Schott took control of the race on lap 3 while Mike Sorensen moved past Waits for third. A restart on lap 5 saw Schott leading, Sorensen now into second with Angst and Brandon Davis racing for third. With seven down Davis took over third. On lap 11, Davis worked under Sorensen for the second spot. A restart on lap 12 saw Davis power outside of Schott for the lead. Tommy Myer and Sorensen were racing for third. Myer took the spot on lap 14 and then on lap 17 pulled alongside of Schott for the second spot. Myer took second while Jason Cummins worked into the top 5. Davis was all alone up front and checked out from the field to take home the win. Myer, Schott, Cummins and Sorensen rounded out the top 5. Steve Wetzstein, Waits, Schott and Greg Jensen took home the heat race action.

Racing action resumes next weekend with the annual Gopher 50 featuring the World of Outlaws Late Model Series and the USRA Modifieds.

Deer Creek Speedway is a high-banked three-eighths-mile clay oval located 11.3 miles south of I-90 (exit 209) on SR 16, then 0.7 mile north on US 63. For more information visit us online at www.deercreekspeedway.com or "LIKE" our Facebook Page. You can also follow us on Twitter @DeerCreekSpeed (#TheCreek) or on our YouTube Channel.


USRA Weekly Racing Series
Deer Creek Speedway, Spring Valley, Minn.
Saturday, June 29, 2013


"A" Feature: Jacob Bleess, Cole Queensland, Brian Mahlstadt, Ben Moudry, Erik Kanz, Cory Crapser, Parker Hale, Brady Keefe, Dustin Sorensen, Alex Williamson, Mark Motl, Shaun Walski, Dan Hovden, Steve Amundson, Kylie Kath, Josh Mattick, Jeremy Labeau, Alan Wagner, Mike Jaeger, Kenny Boge Jr., Derek Clement, Cody Gardner.

"B" Feature: Williamson, Sorensen, Walski, Amundson, John Warrington, Mike Chisholm, Jesse Baer, Matt Olson, Rick Utley.

Heat #1: Moudry, Queensland, Keefe, Kadden Kath, Wagner, Walski, Sorensen, Williamson.

Heat #2: Mahlstadt, Hare, Kanz, Jaeger, Clement, Olson, Chisholm.

Heat #3: Crapser, Hale, Hovden, Motl, Gardner, Warrington, Utley.

Heat #4: Bleess, Kylie Kath, Mattick, Labeau, Boge, Amundson, Baer.


Make-Up Feature (from June 22): Jason Cummins, Dan Bohr, Steve Wetzstein, Brad Waits, Tommy Myer, Mike Sorensen, Josh Angst, Greg Jensen, Mike Steensma, Bob Timm, Robert Franklin, Joel Alberts, Brian Albrecht, Parker Brumm, Tim Donlinger, Doug Hillson, nate Wasmund, Shaun Olson, Lucas Schott, Jake Timm, Jason Schlangen, Joe Horgdal, Brandon Davis, Darwyn Karau, Don Shaw, Tyler Clark.

Feature: Brandon Davis, Tommy Myer, Lucas Schott, Jason Cummins, Mike Sorensen, Josh Angst, Steve Wetzstein, Dan Bohr, Eric Dailey, Darwyn Karau, Keith Foss, Mike Steensma, Joel Alberts, Tom Brink, Dwaine Hanson, Parker Brumm, Jason Schlangen, Robert Franklin, Jay Ihrke, Greg Jensen, Doug Hillson, Brad Waits, Brian Albrecht, Shaun Olson, Nate Wasmund, Jake Timm, Bob Timm, Tim Donlinger, Joe Horgdal.

Heat #1: Wetzstein, Wasmund, Angst, Alberts, Dailey, Hillson, Schlangen, B. Timm.

Heat #2: Waits, Sorensen, Brink, Bohr, Brumm, Franklin, Donlinger.

Heat #3: Jensen, Myer, Davis, Cummins, Foss, Ihrke, Albrecht.

Heat #4: Schott, Karau, Steensma, Hanson, Olson, J. Timm, Horgdal.

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