Scharkey returns, Mattick makes first trip to Chateau Raceway winners circle
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July 5, 2013  |  by Todd Narveson

Todd Scharkey won the USRA Modified feature on Friday, July 5, at the Chateau Raceway.

LANSING, Minn. -- A huge crowd turned out for the annual fireworks night presented by Dahle Enterprises and Minerís Outdoor & Rec.

The L&D Ag USRA B-Mod feature was another caution festival this week. Kadden Kath led early with Charlie Steinberg second. Josh Mattick was cranked up on the top of the track and entered the top 5 on lap 3. All of this went on despite the yellow flag flying twice.

Kath broke on lap 5 and sent the field in a big scramble and the yellow was out again. Steinberg was the leader on the restart with Josh Mattick second. Kylie Kath made a big move on the inside from third as he tried to take the lead. Kath and Steinberg connected and the yellow came out yet again with Steinberg being sent to the tail. That was the fifth yellow on lap 9 and five laps were cut from the 15-lap race to make it a green-white-checkered race to the finish.

Mattick was now the leader and he held on to take his first career USRA B-Mod feature win. Kath finished in second with Scott Demmer third. Dustin Sorensen was fourth and Ryan Stebbins was fifth. Stebbins also picked up a $99 bonus from Action Builders for being the ninth-place car on lap 9 in memory of the legendary Dick Trickle.

Josh Mattick won the USRA B-Mod feature on Friday, July 5, at the Chateau Raceway.

Darwyn Karau and Todd Scharkey drew the front row and both turned down the chance at the Brew Pub Pizza Front Row Challenge bonus. Scharkey and Karau drove hard up front as Scharkey stormed to the lead. Scharkey checked out while Karau settled into second as Greg Jensen fended off Pat Graham for third. Mike Sorensen moved to fourth and Keith Foss was in the top 5.

The race's lone yellow flag came out on lap 18 and that tightened the pack for the restart. Scharkey held the lead, but Karau hung right on him. Foss came alive and passed Sorensen and then Greg Jensen for third. Foss then made things interesting and he got close to Karau.

Scharkey scored his first win of the season and his 47th career triumph at the Chateau Raceway. Karau had another great run and held off Foss for second. Sorensen finished in fourth and Jensen was fifth.

Next week the Brew Pub Front Row Challenge for the USRA Modifieds goes up to $1,200. The drivers that draw the front row have the opportunity to give that spot up and go to the back. If they can race their way from the tail and win the feature, they take home the big bonus plus the $600 feature winner money. To date no driver has even attempted the challenge, but as the money increases someone will take the bait and give it a shot.


USRA Weekly Racing Series
Chateau Raceway, Lansing, Minn.
Friday, July 5, 2013


Feature: Josh Mattick, Kylie Kath, Scott Demmer, Dustin Sorensen, Ryan stebbins, Brian sChrage, Max Anderson, Terry Kohnert, Steven Amundson, Mike Jonsgaard, Alan Wagner, Charlie Steinberg, Tanner Johnston, Brad Minske, Kadden Kath, Jesse Baer, Rick Utley, Lee Jonsgaard, John Warrington.

Heat #1: Mattick, Demmer, Wagner, Steinberg, L. Jonsgaard, Stebbins, M. Jonsgaard.

Heat #2: Kylie Kath, Kadden Kath, Warrington, Schrage, Kohnert, Sorensen.

Heat #3: Amundson, Anderson, Baer, Minske, Johnston, Utley.


Feature: Todd Scharkey, Darwyn Karau, Keith Foss, Mike Sorensen, Greg Jensen, Jacob Dahle, Joe Horgdal, Damon Haslip, Pat Graham, Jeremy Misgen, Martin Bennett, Craig Shaw, Billy Johnson.

Heat #1: Graham, Jensen, Misgen, Dahle, Shaw, Haslip, Johnson.

Heat #2: Sorensen, Karau, Fossm Scharkey, Bennett, Horgdal.

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