Kruse nets fourth USRA B-Mod win at Huset’s Speedway
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August 25, 2013

BRANDON, S.D. -- Dustin Kruse scored his fourth win of the year in USRA B-Mod competition Sunday night at the Husetís Speedway in Brandon, S.D.

Dan Carsrud, Nick Van Belle, Miah Christensen and Jared Nytroe rounded out the top five finishers.

Racing continues next Sunday at 7 p.m. for the Labor Day special. Check out for more information.


USRA Weekly Racing Series
Husetís Speedway, Brandon, S.D.
Sunday, Aug. 25, 2013


Heat #1: 1. Dan Carsrud, Colton; 2. Dustin Kruse, Brandon; 3. Miah Christensen, Sioux Falls; 4. Ryan Walker, Kanaranzi, Minn.; 5. Darren Wendt, Sioux Falls.

Heat #2: 1. Jared Nytroe, Brandon; 2. Nick Van Belle, Luverne, Minn.; 3. Kenny Scholten, Inwood, Iowa; 4. Greg Eden, Harrisburg.

Feature: 1. Dustin Kruse, Brandon; 2. Dan Carsrud, Colton; 3. Nick Van Belle, Luverne, Minn.; 4. Miah Christensen, Sioux Falls; 5. Jared Nytroe, Brandon; 6. Ryan Walker, Kanaranzi, Minn.; 7. Kenny Scholten, Inwood, Iowa; 8. Darren Wendt, Sioux Falls; 9. Greg Eden, Harrisburg.

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