Lakeside Speedway victory lane visited by Bidinger, Smith
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September 6, 2013  |  by J.D. Green

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Seeburg Muffler Night brought out a great racing surface on a beautiful Friday night at Lakeside Speedway in Kansas City, Kan.

The USRA Modifieds had a little bit of everything during the 25 laps around the half-mile race track.  Kansas City native Bubba Harvey drove his red #3 machine to the front of the field to start the feature.  Great side by side action happened all the way through the field as Nic Bidinger made his was through towards the front.  Once on the top of the world, Harvey was forced to go to the rear of the field due to his window net coming unlatched.

The 14-year-old  baby-faced hot shoe and USMTS Rookie of the Year, Trevor Hunt, made his way to the front and battled Bidinger. Hunt had his shot at Bidinger two different times as caution flags flew, but was not able to make the pass. Bidinger found his way into victory lane yet again in 2013.

The USRA B-Mods were three- and four-wide throughout the night with Brad Smith picking up yet another win in his white and blue #99.  The man of the hour was Randal Schiffelbein Jr. out of Topeka. In his first year in a USRA B-Mod, Schiffelbein held off the likes of Gene Claxton, Mike Higley and Aaron Marrant for 14 of 15 laps of the feature, all while giving Smith all he could handle.

Schiffelbein slipped up out of turn 2 on lap 4 and slipped back to finish fourth however a very positive night for the young driver. Higley came home second with Chad Feather coming home in third.

"Racing on the River’s Edge” continues every Friday night through October with the USRA Modifieds and USRA B-Mods plus Grand Nationals and Factory Stocks.  Gates open at 5 p.m., hot laps at 6:45 and the first race gets underway at 7:30.  Adult ticket prices are $12, kids ages 7-12 are $6 and children 6 and younger are admitted free. Seniors and military personnel are admitted for $10.

Tickets are now on sale for the inaugural Sunflower Showdown set for Wednesday-Saturday, Oct. 2-5, at the Lakeside Speedway in Kansas City, Kan. The crown jewel event will feature co-sanctioned USRA and USMTS Modifieds all four nights, culminating with a $10,000-to-win finale on Saturday night. Factory Stocks, Grand Nationals and USRA B-Mods will race on Wednesday and Thursday. The Lucas Oil MLRA Late Models join the party on Friday and Saturday with a $5,000 top prize at stake Saturday night.

To order tickets, call 515-832-7944 or 515-832-6000, Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Central time.

The Lakeside Speedway is a half-mile slightly-banked dirt oval located 1.0 mile west of I-435 (exit 18) on SR 5 (northwest of Kansas City, Kan.). The track hotline is 913-299-9206 or check out the track’s website at


USRA Weekly Racing Series
Lakeside Speedway, Kansas City, Kan.
Frriday, Sept. 6, 2013


Heat #1: 1. Aaron Marrant, 2. Gene Claxton, 3. Aron Rottinghaus, 4. Matt Pugh, 5. Paul West, 6. David Hartman, 7. Kenny Howard, 8. Chase Galvin.

Heat #2: 1. Brad Smith, 2. Mike Higley, 3. Gregg Truelove, 4. Tim Powell, 5. Kelby Ostrander, 6. Dean Galvan, 7. Troy Carlyle, 8. Shane Patch.

Heat #3: 1. Sam Schuler Jr., 2. Randal Schiffelbein Jr., 3. Luke Nieman, 4. J. Genail, 5. Mike Taylor Jr., 6. Ryan Caldwell, 7. Shelby Manthe, 8. Nick Newton.

Heat #4: 1. Jake Richards, 2. Chad Feather, 3. Matt Herring, 4. David Holcomb, 5. Anthony Maucelli Jr., 6. Robert Isabell Iii, 7. Raven Justice, 8. Tony Powell.

"B" Feature: 1. Nick Newton, 2. David Hartman, 3. Shelby Manthe, 4. Dean Galvan, 5. Robert Isabell III, 6. Ryan Caldwell, 7. Kenny Howard, 8. Troy Carlyle, 9. Chase Galvin, 10. Raven Justice, 11. Shane Patch, 12. Tony Powell.

"A" Feature: 1. Brad Smith, 2. Mike Higley, 3. Chad Feather, 4. Randal Schiffelbein Jr., 5. Gene Claxton, 6. Aaron Marrant, 7. Jake Richards, 8. Nick Newton, 9. Tim Powell, 10. Matt Pugh, 11. Luke Nieman, 12. Sam Schuler Jr., 13. J. Genail, 14. Dean Galvan, 15. Matt Herring, 16. David Hartman, 17. Aron Rottinghaus, 18. Shelby Manthe, 19. Kelby Ostrander, 20. David Holcomb, 21. Mike Taylor Jr., 22. Gregg Truelove, 23. Paul West, 24. Anthony Maucelli Jr.


Heat #1: 1. Mark Hoover, 2. Kerry Davis, 3. Darron Fuqua, 4. Tyler Schmidt, 5. Don Crnkovich, 6. Tim Karrick.

Heat #2: 1. Nic Bidinger, 2. Justin Johnson, 3. Jason Bodenhamer, 4. Jason Park, 5. Nick Newton, 6. Donnie Burlington Jr.

Heat #3: 1 Bubba Harvey Jr., 2. Darren Bennett, 3. Terry Schultz, 4. Tom Grist, 5. Jerry Liston Jr., 6. Ryan Schaffer.

Heat #4: 1. Trevor Hunt, 2. Aaron Marrant, 3. Mark Schafman, 4. Kirby Stiens, 5. Scott Crystal, 6. Terry Bruner.

Feature: 1. Nic Bidinger, 2. Trevor Hunt, 3. Terry Schultz, 4. Aaron Marrant, 5. Justin Johnson, 6. Mark Schafman, 7. Tim Karrick, 8. Darron Fuqua, 9. Scott Crystal, 10. Don Crnkovich, 11. Tom Grist, 12. Jerry Liston Jr., 13. Darren Bennett, 14. Mark Hoover, 15. Jason Bodenhamer, 16. Tyler Schmidt, 17. Kerry Davis, 18 Bubba Harvey Jr., 19. Ryan Schaffer, 20. Jason Park, 21. Kirby Stiens, 22. Terry Bruner, 23. Nick Newton, 24. Donnie Burlington Jr.

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