Johnny Scott on front row for USRA Fall Nationals finale
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October 18, 2013

LAS CRUCES, N.M. -- On his home track, Johnny Scott bounced back from a rough night Thursday to win the preliminary feature Friday night and earn himself a front row starting spot for Saturday's $10,000-to-win USRA Modified main event at the 14th Annual USRA Fall Nationals.

Scott, the 2009 winner of the event, will start next to defending race champion Terry Phillips who won Thursday's prelim at the Southern New Mexico Speedway.

Johnny Bone Jr., Chris Dawson, Dereck Ramirez and Philip Houston finished second through fifth, respectively, and also locked themselves into the outside row for the start of Saturday's finale.

In USRA Stock Car action, Brandon Cruse capture the main event victory.

Racing starts at 7 p.m. Mountain Time.

Live coverage continues on for those unable to attend. Flag-to-flag coverage of Saturday's blockbuster finale is available for just $19.95. Visit to catch the action.


United States Racing Association - USRA Weekly Racing Series
14th Annual USRA Fall Nationals - Night #2 of 3
Southern New Mexico Speedway, Las Cruces, N.M.
Friday, Oct. 18, 2013


Heat #1: 1. Justin Lasiter, 2. Jon McDaniel, 3. George Baisden, 4. Keith Ford, 5. Rudy Munoz, 6. Eric Honeyfield.

Heat #2: 1. Donavon Flores, 2. Paul Telles, Jr., 3. Brandon Cruse, 4. Noah Hollingshead, 5. Stevie Gutierrez, 6. Christian Showers, 7. Rick Skillin.

Heat #3: 1. Jason Ziehl, 2. Jerrad Warhurst, 3. George Ross, 4. Jeffrey Maag, 5. Sullivan Scott, 6. Robert Trujillo.

"A" Main: 1. Brandon Cruse, 2. Justin Lasiter, 3. Jerrad Warhurst, 4. Jon McDaniel, 5. George Baisden, 6. Donavon Flores, 7. Stevie Gutierrez, 8. Jeffrey Maag, 9. Paul Telles, Jr., 10. Rick Skillin, 11. George Ross, 12. Rudy Munoz, 13. Keith Ford, 14. Jason Ziehl, 15. Noah Hollingshead, 16. Christian Showers, 17. Sullivan Scott, 18. Eric Honeyfield, 19. Robert Trujillo.


Heat #1: 1. Johnny Scott, 2. Tom Georges, 3. Jay Rosales, 4. Bumper Jones, 5. Austin Bonner, 6. Terry Tipton, 7. Nick Herrera, 8. Stormy Scott, 9. Sherman Barnett.

Heat #2: 1. Jimmy Ray, 2. Austin Adams, 3. Scott Logston, 4. Butch Reid, 5. Rick Gallardo, 6. Mike Petersillie, 7. Donavon Ooley, 8. Dusty Riggs, 9. Nick O'Neil.

Heat #3: 1. Chris Dawson, 2. Royal Jones, 3. Fito Gallardo, 4. Wayne Brooks, 5. Richie Davies, 6. Todd Harper, 7. Duane Murphy, 8. Chris Sims, 9. Roy Don Mason.

Heat #4: 1. Philip Houston, 2. Johnny Bone Jr., 3. Chad Falco, 4. Luigi Truden, 5. Rick Beebe, 6. Zane Devilbiss, 7. Jared Perez, 8. Jake O'Neil, 9. Bryan Rowland.

Heat #5: 1. Dana Fite, 2. Dereck Ramirez, 3. Allen Sharpensteen, 4. Josh Cain, 5. Christy Georges, 6. Max Sadler, 7. John Calvert Jr., 8. Lee Heiligenthal.

"B" Main #1: 1. Fito Gallardo, 2. Chris Dawson, 3. Zane Devilbiss, 4. Rick Beebe, 5. Terry Tipton, 6. Jake O'Neil, 7. Dusty Riggs, 8. Rick Gallardo, 9. Sherman Barnett, 10. Luigi Truden, 11. Wayne Brooks, 12. John Calvert Jr., 13. Christy Georges, 14. Roy Don Mason, 15. Jared Perez, 16. Donavon Ooley.

"B" Main #2: 1. Bumper Jones, 2. Josh Cain, 3. Stormy Scott, 4. Mike Petersillie, 5. Richie Davies, 6. Scott Logston, 7. Lee Heiligenthal, 8. Austin Bonner, 9. Chad Falco, 10. Todd Harper, 11. Duane Murphy, 12. Chris Sims, 13. Nick Herrera, 14. Max Sadler, 15. Nick O'Neil, 16. Bryan Rowland.

"A" Main: 1. Johnny Scott, 2. Johnny Bone Jr., 3. Chris Dawson, 4. Dereck Ramirez, 5. Philip Houston, 6. Royal Jones, 7. Fito Gallardo, 8. Bumper Jones, 9. Jimmy Ray, 10. Allen Sharpensteen, 11. Zane Devilbiss, 12. Stormy Scott, 13. Dana Fite, 14. Rick Beebe, 15. Jake O'Neil, 16. Terry Tipton, 17. Josh Cain, 18. Tom Georges, 19. Scott Logston, 20. Richie Davies, 21. Dusty Riggs, 22. Austin Adams, 23. Mike Petersillie, 24. Jay Rosales.

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