Fito Gallardo first in USRA Modified feature at Southern New Mexico Speedway
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May 10, 2014  |  by Ruben Mireles

LAS CRUCES, N.M. -- A weekend a lot of mothers wont forget, because they went to the dirt track on Saturday night on Mother's day weekend! The Southern New Mexico Speedway put on a show for the fans of Southern New Mexico, as it was the 2014 season opener for the Barnett Harley-Davidson USRA Modifieds and USRA Stock Cars.

A night of full throttle entertainment continued with the USRA Stock Cars. Justin Lasiter, and Noah Hollingshead put a show! Noah Hollingshead would show the way with Justin Lasiter all over him for the lead. But Lasiter could not use the bottom of the speedway to get around Noah for the lead. Hollingshead caught up to lap traffic down the back straight, Justin was ready to bust a move. Noah taking the bottom and then Tamra Pierce went to the bottom and blocked the 3H of Hollingshead!! Justin would take the lead! Noah Hollingshead had nothing left up his sleeve. Justin Lasiter would win the main event for the USRA Stock Cars.

Twenty-Five Barnett Harley-Davidson USRA Modifieds checked in for battle, and was it a "Fire Cracker"!! At the beginning it was a Gallardo Show! It was the M16 of Rick Gallardo showing the way with Josh Gallardo in second, and Fito Gallardo in third. Fito would wheel himself to the lead. Christy Georges was tired of it being a Gallardo show, so she would work her self around Rick Gallardo, and Josh Gallardo. Royal Jones did the same. Royal played "Monkey see, monkey do" as he just followed Christy for a while. Later into the main event, Fito was gone. until it came down to the wire. with 4 laps to go it became a yellow flag fest. Gallardo on restarts had nothing to worry about until Royal Jones, and Christy Georges was starting to read his moves on the restarts. Fito would just use the bottom, Christy was to tight for the high line, Jones just had no launch. Fito Gallardo would escape, and would win the 2014 season opener for the Barnett Harley-Davidson USRA Modifieds!!

The Southern New Mexico Speedway is going to need some repairs, because we blew the roof off the place, even though we don't even have one!! A good night on a special Mother's day weekend event. What better can a mother get than that. The Southern New Mexico Speedway would like to thank all the fans, and drivers that come out and support the speedway. Tell your friends, family, workers, and everyone else you know to come on out this Saturday night for the return of the ASCS 305 Winged Sprint Cars.

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Southern New Mexico Speedway, Las Cruces, N.M.
Saturday, May 10, 2014


1. (8) G17 Fito Gallardo, Las Cruces
2. (6) 44 Christy Georges, El Paso, Texas
3. (4) 131 Royal Jones, Las Cruces
4. (20) 9 Jimmy Ray, Las Cruces
5. (3) J16 Joshua Gallardo
6. (5) 82 Sherman Barnett, El Paso, Texas
7. (15) 32 Max Sadler, Springerville, Ariz.
8. (16) 22 John Calvert Jr., Rio Rancho
9. (21) 49 Duane Murphy
10. (9) 07 Donavon Flores, Las Cruces
11. (2) 87 Lee Heiligenthal, Las Cruces
12. (23) 0 Chris Sims, Las Cruces
13. (7) 5M Eric Mcnutt
14. (10) 30 Travis Tipton, Duncan, Ariz.
15. (24) X24 Xavier Ortega, Las Cruces
16. (1) M16 Rick Gallardo, Las Cruces
17. (13) 187 Anton Salopek, Las Cruces
18. (11) 96 Dusty Riggs, Hatch
19. (12) 23 Kevin Clark, El Paso, Texas
20. (14) 65 Dustin Smith, Las Cruces
21. (19) 54 Carlos Ahumada Sr., El Paso, Texas
22. (22) 65X Carlos Ahumada Jr.,, Las Cruces
23. (18) 555 Chad Falco, El Paso, Texas
24. (17) 28 Tom Georges, El Paso, Texas
25. (25) 19 Donavon Ooley, El Paso, Texas


1. (7) 22 Justin Lasiter, Alamogordo
2. (3) 3H Noah Hollingshead, Las Cruces
3. (6) 151 Brandon Cruse, Las Cruces
4. (5) 4T Timberly Swaim, Las Cruces
5. (1) 44X George La Rose, Las Cruces
6. (2) 3D Rudy Munoz, Las Cruces
7. (8) 7 Jerrad Warhurst, El Paso, Texas
8. (4) 02 Rick Skillin, Las Cruces
9. (9) 40A Tamra Pierce, Las Cruces

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