Crapser collects USRA B-Mod laurels at Lansing
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May 23, 2014  |  by Todd Narveson

LANSING, Minn. -- An absolutely beautiful night for racing graced Chateau Raceway for the 17th Annual Mike Guttormson Memorial race. A big crowd was on hand and a great field of cars checked into the pit area ready to put on a show.

Dustin Sorensen held the early lead in the L&D Ag USRA B-Mod feature with A.J. Zvorak and Cory Crapser close at hand. They went three wide twice as they diced for the lead. Crapser shot out front while Sorensen and Zvorak continued their battle for second. Several cars dropped out in the 15-lap race with assorted maladies.

Crapser would lead the rest of the way and picked up the win. Sorensen finished in second with Zvorak in the third position. Kadden Kath raced from eighth to fourth and Michael Wytaske would finish out the top five. Only eight of the fourteen starters were around at the finish.

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Chateau Raceway, Lansing, Minn.
Friday, May 23, 2014


Feature: Cory Crapser, Dustin Sorensen, A.J. Zvorak, Kadden Kath, Michael Wytaske, Blake Arndt, Taylor Ausrud, Rick Utley, David Henderson, Tanner Johnston, Mark Wytaske, A.J. Johnston, Josh Mattick, Raey Hastings IV.

First Heat—Kath, Crapser, Mattick, T. Johnston, Ausrud, Hastings IV, A. Johnston.

Second Heat—Sorensen, Zvorak, Arndt, Mark Wytaske, Utley, Henderson, Michael Wytaske.

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