Moody captures pole for CMS Memorial Day special
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May 25, 2014  |  by Sam Stoecklin

WARRENSBURG, Mo. -- An afternoon of abundant sunshine and late May heat turned into an even hotter night of racing at Central Missouri Speedway (CMS) on Sunday for the first night of USRA Modified inside row starting position qualifications in preparation for Monday’s $3,000 finale.

A field of 98 drivers checked into the pits at CMS for racing on the high-banked clay oval as fans came out in to support their favorite drivers for the annual holiday weekend special event, which was delayed by one day into Sunday for night one of the two-day event.

Twenty-one USRA Modifieds took to the track for three preliminary heat races with Kearney, Missouri driver Zack Sanders, Lewis Jackson from Wellsville, Kansas and Odessa, Missouri driver, Jim Moody emerging as the heat winners to start the process to set the field for the 20-lap scramble to determine the inside row qualifiers for Monday’s finale.

As the weather threatened late in the evening, the modified 20-lap scramble was on the line as Moody, along with Jon Sheets and Jason Thompson ran inside the top three to lead the way early in the race. Moody was the strong car throughout the evening with Sheets attempting to find a way into the lead. No one really ever challenged Moody’s lead as he finished the night with the pole position to lead the inside row qualifiers.

Sheets wound up in second followed by Thompson with a nice run to third. Zack Sanders, Shad Badder, Tim Karrick, Jason Bodenhammer, Tyler Schmidt, Trevor Hunt, Terry Schultz, Lewis Jackson and Brian Troxel filled the final twelve starting positions. However, Hunt and Schultz later relinquished their positions and will attempt to re-qualify on Monday evening when Modifieds compete in an all-new round of qualifying in an all-new race program.

Nick Pence and Tyler Shaw earned a spot in the final two starting spots for Monday night by virtue of Hunt and Schultz requalifying. Modifieds will compete in another round of heat race action and a 20-lap scramble on Monday to sort out the outside row qualifiers for the 40-lap main event.

Another excellent field of 27 USRA B-Mods battled through four heat races to start their night. Kearney, Missouri’s Troy Carlyle took heat one. Ethan Isaacs from Bonner Springs, Kansas grabbed the win in heat two as Luke Nieman from Nortonville, Kansas followed with a victory in heat three. Heat four was a close one with Warrensburg driver, Dean Wille claiming the win. In the b-main event, Jason Billups from Holt, Missouri takes the checkered flag.

Up next were the USRA B-Mods for their 15-lap event. Wille and Jake Richards battled throughout this event with Wille maintaining his slim lead. Richards attempted to pass him on the low side several times but no avail. Just behind them, Cody Brill and Jacob Ebert were in a run for third when Brill slipped a little and Ebert moved up. Troy Carlyle also looked good early in the race but slipped back later on while Nieman also had some problems on his race machine and had to depart the track with right-front damage.

In the end, Wille claimed his second win in a row just in front of Richards at the checkers, Jacob Ebert, Cody Brill, Ethan and Lucas Isaacs rounded out the top six. In victory lane, Wille once again thanked his SAE UCM pit crew for all of their hard work on the car this season.

Night two takes place on Monday, May 26 with USRA Modifieds returning for qualifying spots to make up the outside row starting grid for the 40-lap finale at the end of the night. ULMA Late Models return for a second night of action with USRA B-Mods and Street Stocks also competing. Night two on Monday evening the B-Modifieds once again have USRA sanctioning. There are no track registration fees in any class other than USRA and ULMA licensing for the applicable classes.

On a night where many in the stands remembered and honored the fallen servicemen and women who paid the ultimate price by sacrificing their lives for our freedom, several drivers took part in a “pass the helmet” event for Aaron Marrant and his family, who recently lost their house in the Orrick, Missouri tornado. Drivers helped earn over $800 for their fellow driver in a strong outpouring of support of fans in the stands.

Pricing for Sunday is special-event pricing. General admission for adults $15, military w/I.D. and senior citizens 65 years and up $12, kids ages six to twelve $5, children $5 and under free. Pit Gates open at 4:30, grandstands at 5, driver’s, meeting at 6:30, hot laps at 7, and racing at 7:30. Be sure to visit for all the latest news and information. Pit Passes are $30 for all except USRA Modified drivers are $25.

‘Mighty’ Modifieds compete for $3,000 to win on Monday, May 26. Support classes are regular purses for the other participating car classes and may be found on the main CMS website under “Driver” link at

Check out CMS online at for all the latest schedule updates, news, and information! On race day, be sure to call the Track Report Line for general information at (660) 747-2166. Follow us on Twitter @CMSgoing_green. Like us on Facebook at CMS may also be found on Instagram.

Primary sponsors for CMS this season include Cliff Harris Warrensburg Ford, Budweiser, Sunoco Race Fuels, Good Time Oldies 1450 KOKO/98.5 FM The Bar, Pepsi, KMMO FM 102.9, Midwest Coatings, Better Country KIX 105.7 FM, Comfort Inn Warrensburg Station, 610 Sports Radio Kansas City, KRLI Country 103.9 FM, Heartland Waste, and 'Today's New Hit Country' 95.3 FM KDKD.

This year’s list of outstanding business partners includes: Victory Trophies & Plaques, Roundabout Café, Batliner Recycling, Blue Springs Chiropractic, OK Tire Stores, Rick Darling Performance, Reece Nichols Realty LLC, Bodee's Racers Auction, Finish Line Performance, Economy Lumber and Hardware, Brooks Automotive LLC, Eickleberry Concrete & Construction, JA Performance, Kleinschmidt's Western Store, Rod End Supply, Quality Home Improvements, Wolf Tire Service, Miller Lite, Goody’s Steakburgers, The Cornerstone Agency, Impact Signs Awnings and Wraps, Lek-Tro-Mek Service Co., Seeburg Mufflers, and

CMS is located 3.5-miles north of Warrensburg, MO from the junction of Highways 50 and 13 in Warrensburg just north of the new Hwy 13 by-pass round-a-bout, or from the Higginsville exit off I-70, head south on Highway 13 for twelve and half miles.

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Central Missouri Speedway, Warrensburg, Mo.
Sunday, May 25, 2014


Heat Race #1:
1. 44 Troy Carlyle, Kearney
2. 6 Lucas Isaacs, Bonner Springs, KS
3. 96 Cody Brill, Harrisonville
4. 33j Jason Billups, Holt
5. 12 Olen Stephens, Warrensburg
6. 34F Tony Filbert, Topeka, KS
7. 28s Shawn Burns, Overland Park, KS

Heat Race #2:
1. 66 Ethan Isaacs, Bonner Springs, KS
2. 33s Ben Stockton, Kansas City
3. 73 Cody Frazon, LaMonte
4. 125 Jake Maddox, Wood Heights
5. 5E Ethan Mullins, Green Ridge
6. 11s Chris Stout, Oak Grove
7. 03 Chris Brockway, Warrensburg

Heat Race #3:
1. 181 Luke Nieman,
2. 7j Jake Richards, Edwardsville, KS
3. 94 Jacob Ebert, Oak Grove
4. 23B Curtis Berry, Raymore
5. 11p Jeremy Price, Independence
6. 27c Jordan Clemons, Kearney
7. 5x Dakota Foster, Gardner, KS

Heat Race #4:
1. 68m Dean Wille, Warrensburg
2. 3B Richard Brainard, Sedalia
3. 45 Dustin Thulin, Topeka, KS
4. 14k Kameron Grindstaff, Independence
5. 60s Stubby Morris, Centerview
6. R33 Austen Raybourn, Odessa

"B" Feature :
1. 33j Jason Billups, Holt
2. 60s Stubby Morris, Centerview
3. 11p Jeremy Price, Independence
4. 27c Jordan Clemons, Kearney
5. 28s Shawn Burns, Overland Park, KS
6. 11s Chris Stout, Oak Grove
7. 34F Tony Filbert, Topeka, KS
8. 03 Chris Brockway, Warrensburg
9. 12 Olen Stephens, Warrensburg
10. R33 Austen Raybourn, Odessa

"A" Feature :
1. 68m Dean Wille, Warrensburg
2. 7j Jake Richards, Edwardsville, KS
3. 94 Jacob Ebert, Oak Grove
4. 96 Cody Brill, Harrisonville
5. 66 Ethan Isaacs, Bonner Springs, KS
6. 6 Lucas Isaacs, Bonner Springs, KS
7. 44 Troy Carlyle, Kearney
8. 33j Jason Billups, Holt
9. 33s Ben Stockton, Kansas City
10. 23B Curtis Berry, Raymore
11. 28s Shawn Burns, Overland Park, KS
12. 3B Richard Brainard, Sedalia
13. 27c Jordan Clemons, Kearney
14. 11p Jeremy Price, Independence
15. 34F Tony Filbert, Topeka, KS
16. 11s Chris Stout, Oak Grove
17. 60s Stubby Morris, Centerview
18. 5E Ethan Mullins, Green Ridge
19. 181 Luke Nieman,
20. 14k Kameron Grindstaff, Independence
21. 125 Jake Maddox, Wood Heights
22. 73 Cody Frazon, LaMonte
23. 45 Dustin Thulin, Topeka, KS
DNS - 03 Chris Brockway, Warrensburg


Heat Race #1:
1. 69 Zach Sanders, Kearney
2. 14s Jon Sheets, Nevada
3. 1k Tim Karrick, Basehor, KS
4. 99H Trevor Hunt, Kearney
5. 32p Nick Pence, Raymore
6. 14w Dustin Walker, Peculiar
DNS 34A Aaron Marrant, Orrick

Heat Race #2:
1. 3 Lewis Jackson, Wellsville
2. 67D Isaac Dotson, Lathrope
3. 73B Shad Badder, Oak Grove
4. 73j Jason Thompson, Concordia
5. 96 Chad Lyle, Oak Grove
6. 68 Dean Wille, Warrensburg
7. 77 Steven Bowers Jr., Topeka, KS

Heat Race #3:
1. 00 Jim Moody, Odessa
2. 88D Matt Dotson, Hallsville
3. 66T Tyler Schmidt, Easton, KS
4. 03 Jason Bodenhamer, Centerview
5. 90 Terry Schultz, Sedalia
6. 56 Brian Troxel, Centralia
7. 85s Tyler Shaw, Mexico

1. 00 Jim Moody, Odessa
2. 14s Jon Sheets, Nevada
3. 73j Jason Thompson, Concordia
4. 69 Zach Sanders, Kearney
5. 73B Shad Badder, Oak Grove
6. 1k Tim Karrick, Basehor, KS
7. 03 Jason Bodenhamer, Centerview
8. 66T Tyler Schmidt, Easton, KS
9. 99H Trevor Hunt, Kearney
10. 90 Terry Schultz, Sedalia
11. 3 Lewis Jackson, Wellsville
12. 56 Brian Troxel, Centralia
13. 67D Isaac Dotson, Lathrope
14. 32p Nick Pence, Raymore
15. 85s Tyler Shaw, Mexico
16. 14w Dustin Walker, Peculiar
17. 88D Matt Dotson, Hallsville
18. 96 Chad Lyle, Oak Grove
19. 68 Dean Wille, Warrensburg
DNS - 77 Steven Bowers Jr., Topeka, KS
DNS - 34A Aaron Marrant, Orrick

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