Elliott, Roberts, Ainsworth top Platte Valley Bank Night at I-35 Speedway
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June 14, 2014  |  by Rick & Alan Staley

WINSTON, Mo. -- The USRA B-Mods would put on a feature to remember as three of the best in the racing world would battle it out lap after lap for the top spot. When the smoke had cleared from the hard fought battle Randy Ainsworth #57 would stand victorious in McCarthy Auto-Group winner circle. Chad Clancy #21c would search high and low, using every angle of the race track, however could not find a way around the fast Ainsworth and finish the feature in second. Waiting for one mistake by either driver in the top two positions was Jim Cameron #96c, making it three wide for the lead at times Cameron would end the race in third position. Ronnie Miller #76 would impress all those in attendance with a solid fourth place run, with rookie contender Danan Knott #18k rounding out the features top five. Heat race winners included Randy Ainsworth, Chad Clancy, and Richard Biggs #52r.

USRA Stock Cars continue their impressive ways as they would go green, white to checkered once again. Heat race winners Jeff Dixon #88 and Thomas Roberts #65x would battle side by side early and late with Roberts gaining the advantage to pick up win number 73 in his illustrious career. Dixon would give a valiant effort only to come up half a car short and place second. Heat race troubles would put Dean Wray #77 starting in the rear of the field for the feature and see him race his way to finish third. Darrel Whitt #4 and John Crews #12c would battle throughout the race with Whitt gaining the late advantage to finish fourth, leaving Crews to fifth.

In a race to the finish fans were held on the edge of their seats until the checkers fell for the USRA Modified division. Jim Hopkins #71 would set the pace early and hold off all challenges until Dennis Elliott #29 would use a low side line to pass Hopkins and claim win number four on the 2014 season. Hopkins would challenge Elliott after the pass only to come home second. Bud Wilson #75 would mount a gallant charge to the front and place third, with pole sitter Zach Sanders #69 slipping to fourth. Shane Bailey #5d was the hard charger of the evening coming from a seventh row outside starting position to end the night in fifth. Heat race winners were Jim Hopkins, Darren Shaw #11, and Zach Sanders.

Some of the most impressive racing of the night was witnessed during Intermission activities, as the kids would race their bikes down the front straight with all those competing declared the winners. Trophies were awarded to all competitors with great family fun continuing to be the theme at I-35 Speedway. Winner of the girl’s bike donated by Reaper Chassis was Karsley Booher of Albany MO, with Caydin Clark of Maysville MO the winner of the boy’s bike donated by Mike Nelson.

Join us next week for one of the biggest races of the year as we have “Racin’ for Rian” night at the Speedway. On this special night of racing USRA Modified will pay $1000 to win the feature, USRA Stock Car feature will pay $550 to the winner, and USRA B-Mod feature winner will receive $500. During Intermission activities we will have Hula-Hoops and Nascar Trivia; we will also be giving away two more kids bikes for ages six and under donated by Rick Staley and Wilson/Murphy Racing.

Due to a scheduling conflict the Non-Wing Sprint special has been moved to June 28, 2014. Therefore “Racin’ for Rian” night will be regular admission prices. Hope to see everyone back next week for more “Dirt Trackin at its Best.”

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
I-35 Speedway, Winston, Mo.
Saturday, June 14, 2014


1. 57 Randy Ainsworth (heat winner)
2. 21c Chad Clancy (heat winner)
3. 96c Jim Cameron
4. 76 Ronnie Miller
5. 18k Danan Knott
6. 52m Dustin Miller
7. 52r Richard Biggs (heat winner)
8. 95 Mike Nelson
9. 54 Lynn Starry
10. 22b Mitch Booher
11. 16 Blake Pierce
12. 17h Ramon Ortega
13. 3x Tony Manley
14. 125 Luke Maddox
15. 7 Bobby Russell
16. 52j Josh Barnes
17. 15b Wes Bestgen
18. 7k Doug Keller
19. 11d Caleb Dennis


1. 65x Thomas Roberts (heat winner)
2. 88 Jeff Dixon (heat winner)
3. 77 Dean Wray
4. 4 Darrel Whitt
5. 12c John Crews
6. 86c Jake Cameron
7. 18 Richard Moulton
8. 21h Billie Hoover
9. 83 Gary Ainsworth
10. 36s Holden Schultz
11. 7k Randy Smith Sr.
12. 34 Mich Ross


1. 29 Dennis Elliott
2. 71 Jim Hopkins (heat winner)
3. 75 Bud Wilson
4. 69 Zach Sanders (heat winner)
5. 5d Shane Bailey
6. 67d Issac Dotson
7. 12p Perry Milbourn Jr.
8. 0 Richard Layne
9. 41 Shane Florence
10. 26 Randy Smith
11. 78 Derrick Hicks
12. 56 Jeff Marriott
13. 17$ Shane Lawson
14. 2h John Hanson
15. 11 Darren Shaw (heat winner)
16. 98 Austin Johnson

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