Crapser scores 200th career win at Chateau Raceway
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June 13, 2014  |  by Todd Narveson

LANSING, Minn. -- The sun shone brightly over the Chateau Raceway this week and another good field of cars put on a great show once again. Several drivers added to their win totals, and one drove to a career milestone. It was French’s Repair & Fabrication along with Fastenal Night with bike giveaways and the Gold Rush for the kids.

A big crash on lap 2 halted the L&D Ag USRA B-Mod feature with a red flag due to a blocked track. Seven cars were involved and that included Tanner Johnston whose car go up on two wheels and almost tipped over. Kylie Kath, Josh Mattick and Cory Crapser had a tremendous race for the lead through several caution flags.

On a lap-6 restart, Crapser picked off Mattick for second and was right on the leader Kath. Crapser applied heavy pressure on Kath as they ran an extreme high line on the track. Two more yellows slowed the pace on lap 10 and that would put the five-caution rule into effect to set up a green-white-checkered dash to the finish.

Crapser got a good start and dove low in turn 1 and then slid to the lead in front of Kath. Kath returned the favor with a slide job of his own in turn 4. The white flag came out and going into turn 1 Crapser went low and again slid up in front of Kath to steal the lead again. Kath gave it a valiant effort in turns 3-4, but Crapser drove under the checkered flag first.

It was Crapser’s second win of the season while Kath was a very close second. Mattick finished third with Kadden Kath in fourth and Mark Wytaske in fifth.

The final race of the night was the 25-lap French’s Repair & Fabrication USRA Modified feature. Darwyn Karau and Dwaine Hanson led the field to the green flag. Karau would jump to the lead and drive away from the field during the first half of the event.

Hanson and Jacob Dahle had a good race going for second as Todd Scharkey came along to fourth. Those three ran close and Scharkey stole third from Hanson on lap 10. Karau still led, but Dahle and Scharkey were narrowing the gap while the duked it out for second. Scharkey got by Dahle for second on lap 14 and then set his sights on Karau.

Scharkey caught Karau on lap 17 and the race was on for the lead. Karau ran the top of the track so Scharkey dove low on lap 19. Karau ran a high line the entire race and almost clipped the wall in turn four on lap 19. Scharkey darted to the low side and pulled alongside Karau for the lead. Scharkey and Karau made contact with Scharkey jumping over Karau’s left front.

Scharkey took the lead as Karau tried to keep pace with the new leader. Karau would get into turn one too strong on lap 23 and slipped over the banking to allow most of the pack to charge past. Scharkey would take his second win of the season with Dahle second and Hanson third. Joel Alberts and Doug Hillson would finish out the top five.

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Chateau Raceway, Lansing, Minn.
Friday, June 13, 2014


Feature: Cory Crapser, Kylie Kath, Josh Mattick, Kadden Kath, Mark Wytaske, Dagan Heim, Jesse Baer, Justin McMahan, Taylor Ausrud, Michael Wytaske, Phillip Dunbar, A.J. Zvorak, Kyle Brown, Anthony Condit, Brad Minske, A.J. Johnston, Jack Koster, David Henderson, Tanner Johnston, Blake Arndt.

Heat #1: Arndt, Condit, Ausrud, McMahan, Minske, Henderson, T. Johnston.

Heat #2: Michael Wytaske, Crapser, Mattick, Kadden Kath, Baer, Koster, A. Johnston.

Heat #3: Mark Wytaske, Zvorak, Kylie Kath, Heim, Dunbar, Brown.


Feature: Todd Scharkey, Jacob Dahle, Dwaine Hanson, Joel Alberts, Doug Hillson, Craig Shaw, Greg Jensen, Darwyn Karau, Joe Horgdal, Michael Wytaske, Dennis Hillson.

Heat #1: Dahle, Scharkey, Alberts, Wytaske, Hanson, Horgdal.

Heat #2: Karau, Jensen, Doug Hillson, Shaw, Dennis Hillson.

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