Davis, Roberts, Clancy top Racing for Rian features at I-35 Speedway
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June 21, 2014  |  by Rick & Alan Staley

WINSTON, Mo. -- With a special tribute to a fallen friend, the USRA B-Mods tackled the I-35 speedway Saturday night. The familiar face of Chad Clancy battled side by side with Clint Baker for several laps until lapped traffic separated the two and Clancy pulled off the win. Baker never gave up the chase and raced his way to an impressive second-place finish. Doug Keller continued to notch top-five finishes with a solid third-place run. Ronnie Miller, for two weeks in a row, made his mark with a fourth-place finish. Recovering from heat race issues, Ben Stockton raced his way to round out the night’s top five.

Hard Charger of the USRA B-Mod feature, after transferring from the "B" main, was Tony Manley racing his way up to sixth from the back of the pack. Heat race winners included Clancy, Keller, Monty Cook, Jim Cameron and Truman Asher. "B" main winner transferring to the "A" main was Danan Knott.

With first and third in USRA Stock Car national points in attendance, racing between the two would impress all spectators. USRA Stock Car national points leader Brett Heeter challenged third-ranked Thomas Roberts every lap from start to finish as Roberts’ black Monte Carlo once again found victory lane for the 74th time of his great career. Heeter tried high and low to get by Roberts while holding off the hard charge of Dean Wray.

Heeter finished second as Wray finished third. New father Jeff Dixon recovered from an early race miscue in turn 4 to place fourth. Newcomer to the track Trent Jeanes made his presence felt as he claimed the feature’s fifth spot. The Hard Charger was awarded to John Crews. Heat race winners included Roberts, Heeter and Cameron.

With the big money on the line, USRA Modifieds, after a great tribute on Racing for Rian night, took to the track and witnessed a new face in victory lane. Kerry Davis used a front row starting spot and jumped to the early lead using a low line to his advantage leading every circuit of the 25-lap feature to claim the checkers and the $1,000 payday. Davis celebrated in victory lane adding another victory taking his overall total career wins to 226.

Issac Dotson searched high and low challenging Davis lap after lap with good clean side by side action as Dotson placed second. Mark Schafman impressed the crowd racing his way to a third-place finish. One and two in the I-35 points battle went side by side to the checkers with Dennis Elliott fourth and Zach Sanders fifth. The Hard Charger Award went to Steven Glenn. Heat race winners weres Elliott, Darren Shaw and Dotson.

Racing for Rian is a special night for a great cause as I-35 Speedway is proud to be a part of this annual event. Bicycles were given away during Intermission activities, gift bags were handed out to kids in attendance, hula-hoop fun was had with trophies given to all participants, all helping to make this a great event. Heartwarming tributes were given in both B-Mod and Modified features adding to the night’s great racing action. We would like to sincerely thank fans and drivers alike that make I-35 Speedway a premier race track. We welcome everyone back next week for more “Dirt Trackin at its Best.”

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
I-35 Speedway, Winston, Mo.
Saturday, June 21, 2014


1. 21c Chad Clancy (heat winner)
2. 17x Clint Baker
3. 7k Doug Keller (heat winner)
4. 76 Ronnie Miller
5. 33s Ben Stockton
6. 3x Tony Manley
7. 22b Mitch Booher
8. 7 Bobby Russell
9. 54 Lynn Starry
10. 31 David Coates
11. 96c Jim Cameron (heat winner)
12. 16 Blake Pierce
13. 18k Danan Knott
14. 95 Mike Nelson
15. 52j Josh Barnes
16. 27d Chris Dishong
17. 57 Randy Ainsworth
18. 9h Nic Hanes
19. 319 Daniel Harris
20. 7m Monty Cook (heat winner)
21. 11d Caleb Dennis
22. 73 Truman Asher (heat winner)
23. 52r Richard Biggs
24. 17h Ramon Ortega
25.  3d Matt Dorssom
26. 8 Coleman Browning
27. 247 Charly Brown
28. 4 Chad Walker
29. 75 Brandon Bouzek
30. 21w Alex Weimer


1. 65x Thomas Roberts (heat winner)
2. 05 Brett Heeter (heat winner)
3. 77 Dean Wray
4. 88 Jeff Dixon
5. 77t Trent Jeanes
6. 12c John Crews
7. 86c Jake Cameron (heat winner)
8. 8 Dean Hensler
9. 33p Phil Snodgrass
10. 21h Billie Hoover
11. 75 Tracy Summers
12. 36s Holden Schultz
13. 34 Mich Ross
14. 83 Gary Ainsworth
15. 7t Tyler Clark
16. 4 Darrell Whitt


1. 68 Kerry Davis
2. 67d Issac Dotson (heat winner)
3. 34 Mark Schafman
4. 29 Dennis Elliott (heat winner)
5. 69 Zach Sanders
6. 75 Bud Wilson
7. 42 Sam Florence
8. 5d Shane Bailey
9. 26s Steven Glenn
10. 4d Shawn Lee
11. 2h John Hanson
12. 41 Shane Florence
13. 92 Tyler Grooms
14. 55d Michael Dotson
15. 86 Ian Richardson
16. 26 Randy Smith
17. 12p Perry Milbourn Jr.
18. 11 Darren Shaw (heat winner)
19. 59 Jared Steins

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