Davis, Kath cash in on Thursay night at Chateau Raceway
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July 3, 2014  |  by Todd Narveson

LANSING, Minn. -- S&S Auto Salvage & Repair and State Farm Insurance presented a special Thursday night show to kick off the Fourth of July weekend at the Chateau Raceway with a season-high 100 cars and drivers checked in for racing action.

A big field of 27-L&D Ag USRA B-Mods were whittled down to a 20-car field for their 18-lap feature. Unfortunately this race deteriorated quickly as the yellow flag got a workout. Jerry Young took off from row one with Kylie Kath in hot pursuit throughout the race. A nine car pileup on lap two put a halt to the action.

Young and Kath continued to pull away from the pack when on lap 13 Jesse Baer got turned sideways in turn two and his car snapped over on its roof. Baer crawled from the machine uninjured and the red flag was displayed. From that point on it was one of the most bizarre finishes to a race that some thought would never end.

The race came down to a green, white, checkered finish. There were four attempts to end the race under that situation. Kath made a big charge to the bottom and slid in front of Young to steal the lead on the third attempt. The race lasted almost 41-minutes and when the checkered flag finally flew it was Kath in victory lane for his first win of the season. Young was second with Kadden Kath, Josh Mattick and Justin McMahan in the top five with only eight cars left on the track at the end.

Jason Cummins and Damon Haslip led the 17-car French’s Repair & Fabrication USRA Modified feature to the green flag. A broken tie rod sent Cummins up and off the track in turn one on the first lap. Greg Jensen would lead until Damon Haslip stole it on lap four. Jensen returned the favor in turn four and was back up front. Keith Foss then got to second with Haslip and Brandon Davis close behind. A yellow for a run over cone came out on lap six.

Davis drove to second on the restart and Tommy Myer came along to third. Davis then slipped past Jensen for the lead on lap eight and it was over from there. Davis wheeled to his fourth win of the season with Myer second. Jensen had a great run in third while Josh Angst passed Foss for the fourth spot on the final lap.

Next week is the annual fireworks show along with the racing program. Justin Allgaier’s Brant Professional Agriculture #51 NASCAR Sprint Cup show car will also be on display. For more information please visit www.chateauraceway.net

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Chateau Raceway, Lansing, Minn.
Thursday, July 3, 2014


Heat #1: Mark Wytaske, Clement, Kylie Kath, Sorensen, Steinberg, A. Johnston, Boge Jr.

Heat #2: Zvorak, Michael Wytaske, Heim, Chisholm, T. Johnston, Schrage, Minske.

Heat #3: Baer, Ausrud, Koster, Mattick, Ovrebo, Stebbins, Schubbe.

Heat #4: Kadden Kath, Young, McMahan, Arndt, Breitung, Lammers.

"B" Feature: Breitung, Lammers, Steinberg, Boge, Jr., Brad Minske, A.J. Johnston, Morgan Schrage, Alex Schubbe, Tanner Johnston, Ryan Stebbins, Taylor Ovrebo.

"A" Feature: Kylie Kath, Jerry Young, Kadden Kath, Josh Mattick, Justin McMahan, Michael Wytaske, Charlie Steinberg, Kenny Boge Jr., Taylor Ausrud, Tucker Breitung, Mark Wytaske, Blake Arndt, Mike Chisholm, Jack Koster, Jesse Baer, Dagan Heim, Dustin Sorensen, A.J. Zvorak. Derek Clement, Beau Lammers.


Heat #1: Dahle, T. Scharkey, Cummins, Jensen, Karau, Clark, Dennis Hillson, Parker, Steinberg.

Heat #2: Myer, Davis, Angst, Foss, Haslip, Horgdal, Doug Hillson, L. Scharkey.

Feature: Brandon Davis, Tommy Myer, Greg Jensen, Josh Angst, Keith Foss, Jacob Dahle, Todd Scharkey, Tyler Clark, Darwyn Karau, Damon Haslip, Joe Horgdal, Dennis Hillson, Doug Hillson, Billy Steinberg, James Parker, Leroy Scharkey, Jason Cummins.

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