Hopkins, Wilson claim USRA Modified wins at I-35 Speedway
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July 26, 2014  |  by Rick & Alan Staley

WINSTON, Mo. -- USRA Modified make up feature from July 12 would kick off a great night of racing action at I-35 Speedway. Derrick Hicks would lead every lap only to be denied the victory when dealing with lap traffic and damage to the rear fender would cripple his chances for the win. Metal would fly loose from the #78 of Hicks and snatch the victory away on the final lap as Jim Hopkins would claim the victory. Hopkins was a tight second place the entire race and the beneficiary of Hicks’ misfortune as the he would hold off all challengers on a green white checkered finish. Shane Bailey would drive his way to second with Bud Wilson third. John Hanson would finish fourth and the one-time leader Derrick Hicks, in two laps, would come from last to place fifth.

USRA Hobby Stocks were next to tackle the three-eighths mile of dirt with Greg Gilbert visiting victory lane for the first time this 2014 racing season at I-35 Speedway. Mich Ross in his own back-up car race his way to second, with USRA National Point Leader and heat race winner Gary Ainsworth , also in a back-up car, placing third. Bradley Sheetz in his first time out this season would end the feature in fourth.

In a locked and loaded field of USRA B-Mods Chad Clancy and Randy Ainsworth would duke it out to the bitter end. When the checkers were shown Chad Clancy would emerge victorious with Ainsworth a very close second. Early race leader Doug Keller would slip late only to recover and place third. Jason Billups would finish fourth, with Sam Schuler Jr. rounding out the top five. Heat race winners included Jim Cameron, Richard Biggs and Nic Hanes.

As always the USRA Stock Car feature would have all in attendance on the edge of their seats for the entirety of the race. Breaking out the new colors of the Mopar powered #77, Dean Wray would win back to back at I-35 Speedway. Thomas Roberts would race his way through the pack passing both high and low on his way to an impressive second place finish. Back in the familiar yellow colors Jeff Dixon #88 would battle for the lead the entire race only to slip to third in the latter stages. Kevin Anderson and Eddie Ingram would battle side by side to the flag stand with Anderson’s #417 fourth, and Ingram’s #54 fifth. Heat race winners were Roberts and Anderson.

In their second feature of the evening, the USRA Modifieds were high in both quality and quantity. Bud Wilson would pilot his 604 Crate Motor to victory lane for the first time this season. Dennis Elliott as usual was a top contender, battling for the lead only to come up just a little short and place second. Kyle Covert in only his second appearance at I-35 Speedway would impress those in attendance with a solid third place run. Hopkins would find the high line to his liking moving from the back of the pack to finish fourth. Steven Glenn would start shotgun on the field and was the hard charger of the feature, racing all the way to the fifth position. Heat race winners were Hopkins, Elliott and Wilson.

I-35 Speedway would like to congratulate our two bike winners Laynee Hites and Sy Wilkinson, enjoy those new bikes. We would like to thank Buz and Becky Kaster and Allie Mulich Racing for donating the bicycles. We would also like to thank all those in attendance for braving the hot weather and enjoying a night of great racing action. We would like to thank the entire Kaster family for allowing us to be a part of Kaster Celebration Night at the Races. Please join us next week as the Non-wing Sprint Cars and Midwest Outlaw Vintage Racers will make their return to I-35 Speedway on Walker Excavating Night at the Races. It will also be Kids Night at the Races with backpacks filled with school supplies to be given out during the night. See you next week for more “Dirt Trackin at its Best”.

See you there!

Race results for I-35 Speedway 7/26/2014

USRA Modified Feature 1
1. 71 Jim Hopkins
2. 5d Shane Bailey
3. 75 Bud Wilson
4. 2h John Hanson
5. 78 Derrick Hicks
6. 38 Anthony Logston
7. 55d Michael Dotson
8. 41 Shane Florence
9. 69 Zach Sanders
10. 68 Kerry Davis
11. 67d Issac Dotson
12. 13 Mason Daughters
13. 21d Larry Clawson
14. 12p Perry Milbourn Jr

USRA Hobby Stock:
1. 23g Greg Gilbert
2. 34x Mich Ross
3. 83 Gary Ainsworth (Heat Race Winner)
4. 27 Bradley Sheetz

1. 21c Chad Clancy
2. 57 Randy Ainsworth
3. 7k Doug Keller
4. 33j Jason Billups
5. 44 Sam Schuler Jr
6. 22b Mitch Booher
7. 95 Mike Nelson
8. 96c Jim Cameron (Heat Race Winner)
9. 9h Nic Hanes (Heat Race Winner)
10. 52r Richard Biggs (Heat Race Winner)
11. 17h Ramon Ortega
12. 319 Daniel Harris
13. 15 John Anderson
14. 247 Charly Brown
15. 8 Coleman Browning
16. 7 Bobby Russell
17. 76 Ronnie Miller

USRA Stock Car:
1. 77 Dean Wray
2. 65x Thomas Roberts (Heat Race Winner)
3. 88 Jeff Dixon
4. 417 Kevin Anderson (Heat Race Winner)
5. 54 Eddie Ingram
6. 18 Richard Moulton
7. 14x John Boller Jr
8. 1 Christopher Smith
9. 86c Jake Cameron
10. 21h Billie Hoover
11. 75 Tracy Summers
12. 80 Ron Callahan
13. 44f Bruce Fair

USRA Modified Feature 2:
1. 75 Bud Wilson (Heat Race Winner)
2. 29 Dennis Elliott (Heat Race Winner)
3. 7d7 Kyle Covert
4. 71 Jim Hopkins (Heat Race Winner)
5. 26s Steven Glenn
6. 78 Derrick Hicks
7. 2h John Hanson
8. 0 Richard Layne
9. 42 Sam Florence
10. 41 Shane Florence
11. 26 Randy Smith
12. 07j Scott Herrick
13. 38 Anthony Logston
14. 55d Michael Dotson
15. 98 Austin Johnson
16. 5d Shane Bailey
17. 69 Zach Sanders

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