Dunn tops TOMS thriller at Superbowl Speedway
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August 23, 2014

GREENVILLE, Texas -- Clyde Dunn Jr. passed Billy Brierton with three laps to go, and then went on to capture Saturday night's Texas Outlaw Modified Series main event at the Superbowl Speedway in Greenville, Texas,

Charlie Smith led the first three laps before Brierton took over on lap 4. Seven laps later, Cody Smith snuck into the lead but Bierton fought back and regained control on lap 15.

The next seven laps saw Brierton setting the pace while Dunn slowly worked his way into position to strike. With three to gom Dunn droive past Bierton and led him to the checkered flag to collect the $1,500 winner's share of the prize money.

Charlie Smith held on for third, Josh Landers came home in fourth and Troy Taylor rounded out the top five finsihers.

Bobby Malchus earned the Hard Charger Award by advancing nine positions in the 25-lapper.

Special thanks to James and Becky Bryant and their staff at the Superbowl Speedway, and to the fine TOMS sponsors: Cam Chassis, Sustaire Plumping, Elite Plumbing, Day Motor Sports, Five 1 Seven Design, Dirt Defender, Fritz Foto, Modified Madness, Plumbing Solutions, Loves Graphics and Fanning Plating.

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Texas Outlaw Modified Series
Superbowl Speedway, Greenville, Texas
Saturday, Aug. 23, 2014


Heat #1: 1. Clyde Dunn Jr., 2. Sean Jones, 3. Charlie Smith, 4. Colby Smith, 5. Kyle Sweeney, 6. Dustin Hyde, 7. Gene Keel.

Heat #2: 1. Wesley Veal, 2. Kevin Sustaire, 3. Josh Landers, 4. Troy Taylor, 5. Danny Veal, DNS - Bobby Malchus.

Heat #3: 1. Cody Smith, 2. Billy Brierton, 3. Mike Dillard, 4. Manual Williams, 5. Manual Williams II, 6. Bryan Gunwall.

A-Main: 1. Clyde Dunn Jr., 2. Billy Brierton, 3. Charlie Smith, 4. Josh Landers, 5. Troy Taylor, 6. Danny Veal, 7. Wesley Veal, 8. Kevin Sustaire, 9. Dustin Hyde, 10. Bobby Malchus, 11. Kyle Sweeney, 12. Colby Smith, 13. Sean Jones, 14. Cody Smith, 15. Gene Keel, 16. Manual Williams II, 17. Bryan Gunwall, 18. Manual Williams, 19. Mike Dillard.

Lap Leaders: Charlie Smith 1-3, Brierton 4-11, Cody Smith 12-14, Brierton 15-22, Dunn 23-25.

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