Cummins, Mattick get out the brooms at Chateau Raceway
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August 22, 2014  |  by Todd Narveson

Jason Cummins won the USRA Modified main event on Friday, Aug. 22, at the Chateau Raceway in Lansing, Minn.

LANSING, Minn. -- Friday was the final night of track points for the USRA Modifieds at the Chateau Raceway. The racing action was wild, to say the least, and several drivers scored clean sweeps. This week’s program was presented by Power 96.1 FM and Smitty’s Tavern of Austin.

The L&D Ag USRA B-Mod main event looked like a leftover from a county fair demolition derby. Only seven of the 17 starters were on the track at the checkered flag. A couple of multi-car accidents and several spin outs slowed this race down. The race fell under the five-caution-flag rule and five laps were chopped off the race which set up a green-white-checkered finish with 11 laps in.

Josh Mattick led from the start but A.J. Zvorak moved to second and they raced for the lead from there. Mattick was able to fend off Zvorak for his second win of the season and he also got the sweep as he won a heat race earlier in the night. Zvorak finished second with Jerry Young third. Ryan Stebbins and Raey Hastings IV rounded out the top five.

Jason Cummins absolutely destroyed the French’s Repair & Fabrication USRA Modified field. Thirteen cars took the green flag and Cummins stormed to the lead off of row 1. Cummins ran away for his second win of the season and he also swept the action. Tommy Myer got to second on lap 3 with Darwyn Karau, Todd Scharkey and Jacob Dahle in the top five.

Scharkey was crowned track champion for his second track title at the Chateau Raceway, His first came in 2005.

Next Friday the The Hunt for the USMTS Casey's Cup will be in action with 35-40 Modifieds expected to be on hand. The Wissota Midwest Mods, USRA B-Mods, Wissota Street Stocks and Pure Stocks will also be in action for their final night of track points. Race time is 7 p.m. Visit for more information.

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Chateau Raceway, Lansing, Minn.
Friday, Aug. 22, 2014


Feature: Josh Mattick, A.J. Zvorak, Jerry Young, Ryan Stebbins, Raey Hastings IV, Morgan Schrage, David Henderson, A.J. Johnston, Mark Wytaske, Taylor Ausrud, Jayden Larson, Charlie Steinberg, Tanner Johnston, Taylor Ovrebo, Jesse Baer, Anthony Condit, Josh Ihlenfeld.

Heat #1: Mattick, Condit, T. Johnston, Ovrebo, Baer, A. Johnston, Ihlenfeld, Ausrud, Young.

Heat #2: Wytaske, Zvorak, Stebbins, Schrage, Steinberg, Hastings IV, Henderson, Larson.


Feature: Jason Cummins, Tommy Myer, Darwyn Karau, Todd Scharkey, Jacob Dahle, Damon Haslip, Joe Ludemann, Greg Jensen, Doug Hillson, Dennis Hillson, Todd Stinehart, Joe Horgdal, Kenny Wytaske.

Heat #1: Cummins, Scharkey, Ludemann, Jensen, Dennis Hillson, Doug Hillson, Wytaske.

Heat #2: Dahle, Myer, Karau, Haslip, Horgdal, Stinehart.

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