Bidinger, Wray, Clancy, Ross capitalize on McCarthy Auto Group Championship Night at I-35 Speedway
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September 27, 2014  |  by Rick & Alan Staley

WINSTON, Mo. -- It was McCarthy Auto Group Championship Night at the I-35 Speedway Saturday. Continuing the night’s great racing action would see a repeat track champion in victory lane as Mich Ross #34 would claim the night’s feature win as well as claiming the 2014 USRA Hobby Stock Point Championship at I-35 Speedway. Greg Gilbert #23g would run a near perfect race only to be held to finish second behind Ross. Heat race winner John Willard #1/2 would hold off the hard charge of the other heat race winner Conner Masoner #47x to place third. Conner Masoner would beat his younger brother Carson Masoner #13x to the checkers for fourth, with Carson fifth.

Showing how titles are claimed the USRA B-Mod points champion Chad Clancy #21c would once again visit victory lane this 2014 racing season. Clancy would not find the going easy as Ed Noll #15 would take the early lead and appear to be the car to beat in the feature. Noll would slip one time off turn two allowing Clancy to capitalize. Noll would try gallantly to gain the lead back only to end the night by placing second. Randy Ainsworth #57 was the hard charger of the feature by working his way through the pack to finish third. Johnny McGinnis #10 and Jeremy Pittsenbarger #32p would use both high and low lines in a side by side battle to the line with McGinnis placing fourth and Pittsenbarger fifth. Heat race winners included Chad Clancy #21c, Ed Noll #15, Luke Maddox #125 and Johnny McGinnis #10.

Impressing all the USRA Stock Car class was the next to tackle the three eights mile of dirt. On a near perfect racing surface USRA Track Champion and heat race winner Dean Wray #77 would celebrate in the winner’s circle. Chris Reiff #52 was in the thick of racing action all feature coming home in a solid second place. Big mover of the feature was Jeff Dixon #88, moving from back to front by placing third. Billie Hoover #21h would take advantage of a late race bobble by I-35 Speedway track champion and other heat race winner Thomas Roberts #65x, Hoover would end the night in fourth with Roberts fifth.

As always those high-flying, fire-breathing, alcohol-drinking USRA Modifieds would put on a show of epic proportions to end the nights racing action. Three wide racing for the top spot would see the lead change numerous times. Nic Bidinger #3b would lead early only to be passed by Jesse Sobbing #99. Sobbing would lead several laps to witness Dennis Elliott #29 take the top spot on the low side, with Sobbing gaining it back on the top. Just when all in attendance thought those two would be battling it out for the win Bidinger would find the extreme high side to his liking passing both cars in one move to pull away for the feature victory. Sobbing would try to mount a dramatic comeback but could not run down the speedy Bidinger and finish second. Elliott would try both high and low but could not pass the two leaders and would settle for third. With the battle of the 604 Crate motors Bud Wilson #75 would gain the upper hand over Clay Hale #22h by placing fourth with Hale fifth. Heat race winners were Dennis Elliott, Jesse Sobbing, and Nic Bidinger. USRA Track Champion was awarded to Zach Sanders #69.

I-35 Speedway would like to thank Mich Ross and DX Racing for their donations of the two remote controlled vehicles that were given away during Intermission activities. Congratulations to David Talbott and Eddy Noll, enjoy those remote-controlled trucks. Intermission entertainment would witness an elaborate engagement setup as Kayla Flick would be proposed to by B-Mod driver Daniel Harris (she said yes). A watermelon eating contest by four willing fans was also held with all participants receiving a t-shirt for their efforts. I-35 Speedway would like to thank all of our great drivers and fans alike for a wonderful 2014 racing season. See you October 10th and 11th for the USOMA Nationals.

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
I-35 Speedway, Winston, Mo.
Saturday, September 27, 2014


1. 34 Mich Ross
2. 23g Greg Gilbert
3. ½ John Willard (heat winner)
4. 47x Conner Masoner (heat winner)
5. 13x Carson Masoner
6. 17t Thomas Odom
7. 20c Chris Onstot
8. 7t Tyler Clark
9. 77L Bruce Lewis Jr.
10. 7k Larry Lewis


1. 21c Chad Clancy (heat winner)
2. 15 Ed Noll (heat winner)
3. 57 Randy Ainsworth
4. 10 Johnny McGinnis (heat winner)
5. 32p Jeremy Pittsenbarger
6. 76 Ronnie Miller
7. 16 Blake Pierce
8. 98 Brett Shepard
9. 17x Clint Baker
10. 96c Jim Cameron
11. 125 Luke Maddox (heat winner)
12. 17h Ramon Ortega
13. 44 Gregg Truelove
14. 20j Jayden Bears
15. 319 Daniel Harris
16. 22b Mitch Booher
17. 95 Mike Nelson
18. 71 Travis Walker
19. 75 Dave Bouzek
20. 60m Donnie Miller
21. 8 Coleman Browning
22. 52r Richard Biggs
23. 80 Brandon Bush


1. 77 Dean Wray (heat winner)
2. 52 Chris Reiff
3. 88 Jeff Dixon
4. 21h Billie Hoover
5. 65x Thomas Roberts (heat winner)
6. 86c Jake Cameron
7. 75 Tracy Summers
8. ½ James Mathews
9. 4 Darrel Whitt


1. 3b Nic Bidinger (heat winner)
2. 99 Jesse Sobbing (heat winner)
3. 29 Dennis Elliott (heat winner)
4. 75 Bud Wilson
5. 22h Clay Hale
6. 90 Terry Schultz
7. 5d Shayne Bailey
8. 13 Mason Daughters
9. 0 Richard Layne
10. 98 Austin Johnson
11. 2h John Hanson
12. 38 Anthony Logston
13. 26 Randy Smith
14. 55d Michael Dotson
15. 71 Jim Hopkins
16. 92 Tyler Grooms
17. 17$ Shane Lawson

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