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September 30, 2014

Mother Nature might try to spoil our party this week at the USRA National Championships and we want each and every driver to know what the plans are if we happen to lose one or two nights to rain. As of now, the contingency plans are the following:

If we lose one night of racing we will cut out all extra payoffs for the A-Main Qualifiers each night. That is the money that was to be paid to the 30 drivers each night that qualified for the A-Main each night. Instead of cutting 25% of the Saturday purse, this will make it easier on everyone. We will leave all Saturday purse money the exact same and will lock in more cars on Saturday night from the B-Mains. The Race of Champions races will be adjusted accordingly if we lose one night. If you have any problems with this, you need to talk with Todd Staley before you race. If you want your entry and pit pass money refunded instead, you can do that. Once you go on the track, you have accepted these terms.

If we lose two days of qualifying action Wednesday and Thursday. We will run two complete shows on Friday night with pay and Saturday night with pay. If time permits we will still try to run an abbreviated Race of Champions with the purse being adjusted accordingly. This total purse is based on four days of racing and has to be adjusted if we lose multiple nights. We will start 24 cars if running a feature on Friday and 30 on Saturday. Payouts on Friday for Modifieds will be $700 to win and $150 to start, Stock Cars $500 to win and $100 to start and B-Mods $400 to win and $80 to start. Full payout will be listed on USMTS trailer when checking in. Saturday payouts will be Mods $2,500 to win and $200 to start, Stock Cars and B-Mods $1,500 to win and $150 to start.

We will not run the race on Sunday with the NASCAR event at Kansas Speedway. We regret having to make these contingency plans but we have learned over the years you cannot control Mother Nature and have to take what is handed to you. Hopefully this is all for naught and she lets us race all four days. Once again, thanks for being part of the Inaugural USRA National Championships presented by McCarthy Auto Group. We hope you enjoy yourself and come see us again next year.

-- Todd Staley

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